Mi Salon Series Hair Product Review


I TRY to look after my hair relatively well. I rarely use heat tools and I’m in the process of growing out all my dyed hair so that all I have left is my natural ‘virgin’ hair. I have done really well so far and I would estimate that I only have around 4″ or so on the ends that are ‘old’ dyed hair. Which means that the vast majority of my hair is all ‘fresh’.

I have noticed a visible difference in my hair quality and strength since I have decided not to overload it with dyes and/or scorch it with heat tools regularly. To keep ontop of my quest for healthier hair I do use coconut oil on it from time to time. I simply take raw pressed coconut oil and coat all my hair, wrap it in some cling film, then put a towel over the top of that and then leave it to do its thing. Its recommended to leave it on for atleast 1 hour for it to do some good to your hair but I tend to put it on in the evening and then sleep with it in and wash it out in a morning shower. If you haven’t tried coconut oil then you’re missing out. I wont go on about it here as this post is about Mi Salon Series but I did want to mention that I was keen to try their products since it claims to be more beneficial to the hair.

Mi Salon Series Products I received

Who Are Mi Salon Series?

Mi Salon Series are a business who specialise in designing and providing products for the hair with a focus on what’s beneficial to both the hair and the user, in terms of products type, how its used and the end results.

What did Mi Salon Series Send me?

I was very lucky and received several items from Mi Salon Series. I received 3 packs of their MiTis and one of their barrel brushes.

I received 3 packs of the MiTi hair ties. These are priced at £3.75p and come in a range of colour options. The colours I received are ‘Sweet Lavender’ (I believe, though it could be neon pink but it doesn’t seem to ‘Neon’ hence why I assume its lavender). The colours aren’t listed on the packaging so I am trying to match mine to the list on the website. I also received clear aswell as ocean teal which is a limited edition colour, at the bottom of the list of colours on the website it does state that limited edition colours are available.

The MitTi claims to

  • Give perfect hold
  • Be gentle on the hair
  • Be ideal for during sleep
  • Be suitable for all hair types
  • Not leave any indent in the hair
  • Reduce head stress

Now, let me go through these points individually to confirm or disagree with them. I have had approx. 3 weeks or so of using the MiTi so I feel I have good enough experience with them to be able to agree or disagree with the companies claims.

Before I start with my experience with them I would like to point out that my hair is medium thickness, about mid way down my back in length.

  • Give perfect hold- The first few uses of the MiTi do give quite good hold. I wrapped it around my hair (in a standard pony tail) 2 times, and it felt strudy. After using the MiTi less than a handful of times I noticed that it didn’t maintain its ability to keep good hold, as the tie had stretched with use. As a result I was having to do an additional tie around my hair, making it 3 times around, which would then give me sturdy hold.
  • Be gentle on the hair- Yes. I agree with this statement. When I use normal elasticated hair I find that my hair can often get wrapped up and/or pulled out. And over time I end up with a bit of hair build up around my hair tie. With the MiTi this was significantly reduced with only a handful or hairs, sometimes none at all, on the tie after removed from my hair. I showed my hairdresser friend the MiTi and she said that she was surprised at how little hair was wrapped around it (after seeing my previous hair ties and what they were like).
  • Ideal during sleep- Yes. Another point I agree with, to an extent. Whilst the MiTi has good elasticity its great for sleeping. But once it looses its strength then it almost becomes pointless to use while sleeping as it just gets very very loose, If not comes out altogether.
  • Suitable for all hair types- I can only speak for myself and my own hair type as to how good it is for all kinds of hair. I would class my hair very much on the normal scale. Nothing fancy about it, no curls, no extreme thickness/thinness etc. Although I will say I did notice Abby Branning on EastEnders wearing one too and she appears to have very thick hair and it held her hair in fine, it seemed.
  • Leaves no indent in the hair- This one I have to severely disagree with. I was super excited about this claim too. As I didn’t see how it was possible for it to not leave an indent in the hair. Sadly It didn’t live up to the claim, for me atleast. Refering back to when I showed my hairdresser friend the MiTi I said to her that its supposed to not leave any indents I your hair. I took out the MiTi and she immediately said ‘well that’s not true because it has’, which I knew anyways from having had indents in my hair every time I had used the MiTi.
  • Reduced head stress- Yes, again to a degree. Whilst the MiTi has its elasticity it does offer significant less stress on the head. But as it got more loose I had to wrap it around the hair additional times to make it more secure. This resulted I it becoming just as tight and pulling on the hair/head just as much as other hair ties.


My thoughts on the MiTi hair tie.

Initially, I was very impressed but then as I used them more and more I began to get less impressed with them. Primarily because, for me, you only get a VERY limited amount of use out of them and not all they claim is factual (in my case). I found that after only 3 days use of a new MiTi that the elasticity was gone so much that I had to use a new one. After a few days I checked back on the loose MiTi to see if it shrunk back into shape and regained its elasticity that it had in the beginning. While it did shrink back some, it didn’t go back to how it was and would be good for only another 2 or so uses.

I feel that the MiTi offers some benefits for both user and hair but that overall I’m not sure that the lack of longevity of the ties make them worthwhile.

The other item that Mi Salon Series sent me was a 33mm ceramic barrel brush. I don’t use my hairdryer very often on my hair and one thing I am…was…missing from my tools was a barrel brush.

Mi Salons website description of their brushes.

The Mi Salon Series Barrel Brushes come in a variety of sizes to suit the need of any professional stylist.

The 4Twist technology means the bristles will not unravel when used whilst styling with heat.

The Ceramic coating enables frictionless styling whilst helping maintain healthy manageable hair.

The Ceramic coating also enables heat syling to last by retaining heat for longer.

Rounded bristle edges help the brush hold onto hair without damage whilst being soft and kind to the scalp.”

Using the barrel brush I focused it primarily at the root to give some lift and volume. Having longer hair I often find can weigh it down and results in a rather ‘flat’ look at the root.

The brush is light, very light and comes with a little amber coloured  jewel in the handle which I found to be a nice finishing touch to the brush. Each brush also has the size and brush type on too, another aspect I found helpful and would imagine much more helpful to those who have lots of brushes or use different brushes regularly (at a salon perhaps).

Despite having a barking bulldog at my side whilst trying to dry/style my hair I did manage to get a relatively decent end result. My hair felt smoother and most notable was that it was definitely more lifted at the root (which was my main aim). I didn’t do any fancy styling, just a general blow dry. I feel that if I was to have purchased a brush for myself then I would have opted for a bigger barrel size.

Prices for the brushes start at £13.95. P&P varies depending on your location. But for a rough guide, I check out how much it would be to get one set of MiTis posted to my location and the cheapest option/price was £5.50P. Now if I was a customer then I wouldn’t pay this amount, when the price of the product is less than p&p. However, I’m sure it would be worthwhile if you were ordering several items at once.

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on Mi Salon Series and based off my experience with their products is that I don’t think I would recommend them to an individual. A business, maybe. As I feel their brushes are significantly better than their MiTis.

I am sad that Mi Salon Series fell a little flat on their hair ties as I think its a product that would be highly welcomed on the market. A hair tie that doesn’t pull out your hair, hurt your head or leave indents…it sounds like a dream. And sadly not all claims were factual (for me).

My experience with Mi Salon Series products may be amongst the few that haven’t had the best experience of the items. But that’s not to say that other people wouldn’t have great success with them (the MiTis).

Try Mi Salon Series for yourself

If you want to give Mi Salon series products a go for yourself then you can find them here. You can also find them on Instagram @MiSalonSeries


Bella Vida Lipstick Review


Autumn is here!!!! And with it comes the change of fashion and beauty…as with every season. From the bright and fresh trends of the Summer to the dark, warm and rich trends of Autumn. I know I, for one, am excited.

For many many many years lip colour of all kinds has always been a product that women consider an essential. It can often be the product that brings an entire look together. Making the difference between a good look and a great look. Take the classic pin up look, lets say Marilyn Monroe for example, without the bright red lip (which was actually many different shades of red and a variety of products used to create) it just wouldnt have been as finished….and certainly not as glamorous. Her iconic winged eye and bold red lip has lasted a time and will undoubtedly last for some time yet, if not eternity.

No matter your skin tone or personal preference there is always a lip product that is for you. You don’t have to smother your lip in a bold and daring colour….sometimes just a tint is more than enough. Its all about experimenting! And I’m excited to introduce to you a small handmade cosmetics company for you to try.

Who is Bella Vida Lipstick?

Bella Vida Lipstick is a company I came across on Instagram. As I believe is evident already I am a HUGE fan of small independent businesses . I personally feel that they provide a more personal and friendly service AND they ship internationally. Not to mention that any custom they get is HIGHLY appreciated, and with Bella Vida Lipstick there is no exception.

Specialising in handmade lip products Bella Vida should be a business and product that you take a look at.

In Bella Vidas own words, here is a statement from their website.

BellaVida Lipstick Company produces handmade vegan/cruelty free lip cosmetics that contain high quality, carefully selected ingredients. These lip products do not contain harsh additives/chemicals such as parabens, animal based products or any of the lake dyes (ie Red 30). All products are professionally handmade. 

Where to find Bella Vida Lipstick

You can find Bella Vida Lipstick on Instagram, on their website and also on facebook

As I type this blog there website doesn’t currently house any products for sale, this is due to the website being new and under construction. But please do keep an eye on it for future purchases. You can use the Instagram account to place your order in the meantime.

What I received

I was lucky enough to receive a colour which is highly suitable for Autumn. I’m not sure entirely of the shade as unfortunately it isn’t listed on the product packaging. I’m not sure if this is how all the lipsticks are or if it is/was just the one in which I received. Based off the shade and comparing to their Instagram photos I am going to assume that the shade is called ‘FORBIDDEN’.

‘BellaVida Lipstick in the shade Forbidden’ priced at $10.00


Product Review

The product arrived to me from the USA to the UK in under 2 weeks. This is around average shipping time for the distance.

It arrived in a jiffy bag and so had relatively good protection for the shipping journey.

When I opened the parcel i initially noticed the colour, as it is visible from the base via a clear section on the lipstick casing. This is something i like and prefer when dealing with lipsticks as you can see the exact shade the product is as opposed to there just being a name or a sticker printed in the ‘shade’ which the product is….which in most cases isn’t accurate. Bella Vidas choice to have a clear section to display the lipstick shade is a wise and welcomed decision in my opinion.

As mentioned earlier, sadly there isn’t any mention of the product shade/name. Whilst i can see the shade i would also like to know the name and have that on the packaging somewhere too.

Bella vida has a label with their logo stuck on the side of the lipstick. Using stickers in such a way is more than fine with me (i do it myself in my own business) however i did find that i had to really look to work out the logo and what it said due to the size and design of the logo. This isn’t a major issue for me, but like with the shade name being ommitted mentioned above i feel that it detracts away from the product as a whole.

‘Forbidden’ lipstick by Bella Vida Lipstick

Now, onto the lipstick itself.

Sadly when i opened mine the bullet fell out also, i guess it broke during transit. I’m not mentioning this to be negative as for me I’m not bothered that it happened and Bella Vida were more than happy to advise me on how to fix it (which i have tried but failed to do…im not confident i wont break it more trying to fix it). I had to mention it however as there is a photo later on which you can clearly see theres a breakage.

The shade ‘fobidden’ i LOVE. I don’t have a shade like it and i think its perfect for Autumn. I will say that i have very fair skin and so when i use this to its full opacity it can lean towards a more gothic type look. Which isn’t a problem for me but its something to bear in mind if your pale like me.

It can however be worn less intense by smudging the colour into your lips to mute it a bit. As you can see from the swatches below it makes a difference wearing it ‘full on’ or by sheering it out, which is a great aspect to this lipstick as it gives you multiple options on how intense you want the shade to be.

On the left is full opacity and on the right is smudged in.

The shade itself i would describe as a deep burgundy brown with an almost rich wine appearance.


The bullet tip is a straight edge (though mine has rounded out considerably due to me trying to fix it). And you can get a good crisp line if using this lipstick alone without a lipliner. In the photos you will see of me wearing it i didn’t use a lip liner or a lip brush. In actual fact i just used the bullet as is…and it was wobbly due to being broken in the packaging and i still managed to get a decent line! I can only imagine how much better it works when using a non broken one.

You get approx. 1 inch of lipstick in the tube. So you get a good amount.


There is little fragrance to this lipstick, just a general cosmetic smell. Nothing bad or offensive and for me undetectable when wearing or using.

The longevity of this lipstick is medium. I tend to bite my lips (tut tut) and i have really dry lips also, and i got a good amount of wearing out of this before needing to reapply. you cant eat and drink and the lipstick still be perfect, it will need touching up. Its not kiss proof or smudge proof either. So its definitely a product that you have to be mindful of when wearing, especially with it being such a noticeable colour.

The finish of this lipstick i would class as a satin. Its moisturising to wear and doesn’t feel heavy or sticky on the lips.

This colour will make a great colour to do an ombre lip with and I’m excited to use this throughout Autumn and Winter.



Wearing ‘Forbidden’

For me personally since i am so pale i cant get away with wearing a heavy eye and dark lip unless i want to venture into the goth style….which I’m a little old for now, hehe. But that’s not to say you wont see that look on my Instagram one time. But for the majority of the time i wear a dark lip i keep the eyes relatively simple. Today i opted for a simple and subtle winged eyeliner, with accent dots (i don’t like to wear full water line eyeliner much) with ‘forbidden’ as the lip colour and i think it works gloriously.




Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the Bella Vida Lipstick shade ‘forbidden’ is that i love it. I love the colour, i like the product, i like how it feels on the lip and i adore that its a small business that’s created it and that its animal/cruelty free!

I feel that Bella Vida are still figuring things out (finishing touches wise). They have the product itself down. But there are other aspects which could be improved, but its nothing major and certainly wouldn’t deter me from recommending them to anyone else. Bella Vida is a new and upcoming business and like any and all businesses, there is a learning curve. Which I’m sure Bella Vida are well underway with figuring things out and perfecting things along the way.

As always, i wish bella vida the best of success and thank them for allowing me to review their product.



Chaaboo Handmade Tea Soap REVIEW

A true sign of an England dweller is their love of tea. We use the word ‘tea’ for a variety of things…such as; Cup of tea, Iced tea, tea cake, tea time…we have a biscuit called ‘rich tea’….im sure you get the idea. US BRITS LOVE TEA!

Now, as Chaaboo rightly point out on their website ‘tea is not just for drinking’ .One thing which tea is possibly less known for but chances are youll have atleast heard of before is that tea has health properties. Tea can be used in beauty products in a variety of ways to offer different things. For example, it may be used for natural colouring, it may be used as an exfoliant etc. I am no soap maker, but I can only assume that the process of using tea in soap isn’t as simple as cutting open a tea bag and pouring it into a soap mixture. Much rather that it involves a process of grinding up the raw tea leaves and then drying it out .

When I came across a lovely handmade soap business called Chaaboo and seen that they specialise in tea infused soap I was immediately heart eyed and intrigued as I have honestly never used a tea soap before.

Who is Chaaboo?

I found Chaaboo on Instagram but you can also check out their website and facebook page.

Founded in 2012 and based in Herefordshire, England Siri uses the traditional cold process method of soap making and combines all natural ingredients to produce a product that will moisturise and nourish the skin. And to further add stars to this business all their products are palm oil free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans and not tested on animals! YIPPEE!!!

The Product

This review is for the best selling soap that Chaaboo make. The ‘Lemon & Lemongrass Tea Soap’

Lemon & Lemongrass Tea Soap £4.50


This soap contains: Olive oil, Coconut oil, Rice bran oil, Shea butter, Tea water & tea leaves, Fragrance oil 

Size/Weight: 85g

Fragrance Description: This beautiful fruity tea soap is an absolute classic, and currently our bestselling soap. Lemon & Lemongrass Tea Soap offers a combination of a crisp. sparkling, herbaceous lemon fragrance with a clear, bright citrus scent.


The Review


As far as my personal review goes I can only comment on the soap that I have used and the service that I have received from Siri. But I will expand more on Chaaboo as a whole in my ‘conclusion’ below.

Ill start off by talking about the fragrance as quite honestly more often than not when we purchase products that are fragrance based ie- perfume, body lotion, soaps and even things such as washing up liquid or fabric softener the fragrance has the majority deciding factor on if we buy it or not. And for the soap that I tried ‘lemon & lemongrass tea soap’ the scent is very much (for me) a winner. There is nothing hidden about it, theres nothing ‘just not right’ about it, it is very much what you want and would expect from a natural ingredient lemon & lemongrass soap. The citrus aspect of it isn’t overpowering one bit, some lemon (or other citrus fragrances) can be too much and border on the ‘floor cleaner’ scent type. But Chaaboo have got it just right. Its a lemon that’s very much present but almost smooth to inhale. It leaves you skin smelling clean and fresh for sure!

The packaging of Chaaboo soap is simplistic. Colourful tissue wrapped and adorned with the company logo and clear to read ingredients on the reverse. What I am about to say I say in a positive aspect. You can tell that the focus is on the product and not the packaging. Let me expand to explain. Sometimes you can purchase something and when it arrives it has oodles of fancy packaging and you can be left a bit let down by the actual product, and in a sense feel like you’ve paid more for the packaging than the product itself. With Chaboo you can see and feel that their priority is the product, which is reassuring as a consumer.

The appearance of the soap is natural with the tea elements being visible and an indented Chaaboo logo in the centre.

When I used the soap I noticed 2 things almost instantaneously. 1) that the size and shape of the bar was comfortable to use. Some handmade soaps, especially ones which have been cut into random shapes and have a more rustic type feel can often be too large and awkward to hold and use. And 2) the lather. Which produced within seconds of being used. Which I love given that it doesn’t contain any Sodium Lauryl Sulphate which more larger companies and well known brands use in their soaps as it causes the soap to lather more, thus using up the product more quickly which will inturn mean you have to repurchase sooner, ultimately meaning that you have to spend your money more often with them.

The tea. I thought I would be able to feel the tea on my skin, I expected it to be rough, almost scratchy. But it wasn’t. I didn’t feel a thing! The Lemon & Lemongrass fragrance further enhanced as I was using the soap and the lather was very generous. My skin whilst using the soap felt instantly softer once my skin was dry it remained just as soft! The lemon & lemongrass fragrance lingered on the skin a short time but may have been longer had I not have used perfume over top (my bad).


My final conclusion on Chaaboo soap both as a product and as a business is a very positive one.

Chaaboo specialise in making natural tea infused soaps and gosh do they have a lot!! 16 full size soaps to be exact and a variety of fragrances too. From ‘unscented’ to the more traditional ‘rose’ with a few adventurous ones like ‘chocolate’ or ‘apple and walnut’ thrown in there too. So there is sure to be something for everyone. They also offer hampers, gift sets, minis and more and all have the chaaboo charm and style.

I feel that Chaaboo/Siri offers an excellent quality product which you can use with confidence that your skin is going to gain from beneficially. The use of tea in their soap is an ideal way to incorporate something which some people may not have thought about being suitable but actually provides a use.

When speaking with Siri I got a vibe that she was friendly, approachable and had a genuine care and passion for what she does.

I would highly highly recommend Chaaboo to you and everyone else. If you haven’t tried a tea beauty product then give these a go and see what you think. With Christmas coming up why not include some as stocking fillers (actually, I might do that myself!) or go all out and get a hamper!

I’m excited for Chaaboo’s future and hope with all my heart that they gain great success.

One thing I have a passion for, and I think that’s evident by my reviews, is I adore handmade businesses (having one myself) and I can truly appreciate such businesses and feel that the time for handcrafters to gain power over the mass chain stores is nearing closer and closer and we should all support as best we can as you can be guaranteed that your custom will be more appreciated than could ever be described.

Thank you Chaaboo for allowing me to review your soap. I’m sure ill be back!!! Until then, keep up the fabulous work.


Woof Gorgeous Dog Soap review


If youre not already familiar with my blog then first let me put it out there that I’m a crazy pug and English bulldog mum and I know I’m not the only fur baby parent out there that loves to indulge their ‘children’ and so hopefully there is someone out there that will be interested in this blog post/review.

What is it?

In plain and simple terms its soap. For dogs. But its an all natural and handmade in the EU soap. All the ingredients are carefully selected and combined together to produce a soap bar which benefits our four legged friends skin and coat.

Where can I get it?

I came across this product on Instagram but the packaging shows a website address of www.thegoodmoodcosmetics.com but when I accessed that website address it just offered me links to places where I can purchase the many products that the company (the good mood cosmetics company) offers. I did however see that there is an Etsy shop which when I looked shows that ‘woof gorgeous’ is a side line of products for our dogs. So if your wanting something for yourself too then they cater for that and have many items. ‘Woof Gorgeous’ has its own specific Instagram page aswell as its own facebook page .

A direct link to the product on Etsy is here

About Woof Gorgeous

Here is what ‘The Good Mood Cosmetics’ company says about themselves

‘Hi there,

we are young, happy company who love all beautiful things, cool designs, exploring, adventures, music, dancing, photography, good food, friends, yoga, laughing, hiking, animals, mountains, woods, letters, black&white and the most important – we are always in a Good Mood 😉 We also love everything comes from nature, therefore, we started to produce our own natural cosmetics for you and also for your dogs. Each product is formulated especially for a particular purpose and for different skin type and every ingredient is there for a specific reason. All of our products are made in a small batches in our little workshop, here in Slovenia. We don’t use nothing artificial, no synthetic colors, dyes, perfumes, preservatives…. no chemicals added. All of our formulas are tested by us and also security rated in lab. We believe that skin deserves the best and that we all need our little home spa every often. So put your Good Mood ON and enjoy :)’

The Product

The soap bar weighs 100g (3.5 oz) and is square in size with a cute addition of a paw print in the soap bar. The colour of the soap is the colour created naturally from all the ingredients and is a pale yellow/cream colour. The company is a Slovenian based company so it took a few weeks (approx. 2-3) to arrive to me (UK) and was very cutely addressed to Bane and Rusev.

The outer packaging of the product is clean and modern with all the information about the product and the company printed on the box. There is handwritten best before and ‘lot number’ (I assume this to be what I would refer to as a ‘batch’ number) on the exterior of the box also which further instills that this product comes from a small company, which I love and love to support.

The ingredients of the soap is as follows (taken from the exterior of the packaging)

Sodium olivate, aqua, sodium cocoate, sodium sunflowerseedate, sodium sheabutterate, glycerine, butyrospermum parkii butter unsaponifiables, Rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil, citrus lemon peel oil, clay, citral, geraniol, linalool, citronellol, limonene.


I wanted to pay particular attention to how quickly to soap lathered up. As I know for my own dogs…especially Rusev (the bulldog) he doesn’t like bath time so much as so I need to process to be as smooth and quick as possible for him and if I had to spend a considerable amount of time trying to get the soap to foam up then it would just cause him more stress as it would prolong the bath for him.

As you can see on the first photo (I used Bane the pug, as he just stands still in the bath) this is the point where I had literally just put the soap on his fur to start the ‘scrubbing’ process. The second photo was taken within seconds of the first one (and you can tell this as the bubbles are only on the one place that I set off with the soap). The fact that this soap produces lather within seconds of it being used is great news and I’m sure many other dogs would appreciate this quick acting soap.

The scent of this soap is definitely reflective of the fact that its a natural soap. Of course the scent would therefore be one that is natural. It has an earthy/herby fragrance to it which is very fragrant during the washing process. This scent, to me, once the dogs have been towel dried isn’t that nice. Its not disgusting but its not as nice as when the soap bar is being used. I did notice though that the scent didn’t linger much once the dogs had fully dried off. And a day later the scent is fully gone. Which for me, is a good thing. Would the scent put me off using the soap again, or recommending it? Not at all. And ill tell you why next.

During the bathing process I felt the soap was soft and smooth to use and I felt like the dogs were getting a good clean from it as their fur felt almost instantly more sleek which I just assumed was down to the fact there was a lot of bubbles from the soap. However, once the dogs had fully dried their fur was still soft and fluffy, especially on Bane (the pug). Rusev (the bulldog) has slightly more wirey fur but even his was noticeably more softer then usual.

A day later and their fur is still soft and smooth and they neither of them have shown any signs that the soap has irritated their skin in any way. I have used some on them in the past and they’ve been irritated by them and so had to have another bath to help.

I ADORE that this is in bar form. It makes storage and usage a lot more pleasing. With bottled shampoos I find that while I am squeezing the shampoo out onto my hand is the time that the dog attempts to get out the bath, causing a wave of water over the sides and a mess to contend with after wards. I have also found that when using the bar of soap it allows me to have one hand on the dog at all times which not only keeps them from jumping out the bath but I find helps calm them also. Making bath time more relaxing for them than normal.

The price of the bar of soap is £8.28 (exc shipping) which I believe is very good value for what you get when taking all aspects into account, furthermore you help support  small business! Which can only be a good thing.

I hope that this review has been of use to you in some way and that you decide to give Woof Gorgeous dog soap a go, aswell as treating yourself too to some of their products.

Until next time


Skin Food- Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder Review


Finishing powders.

Are they worthwhile or pointless?  Should you be using them?

For many many years I didn’t use a finishing powder. In all honesty I didn’t fully know what the purpose of them was and because most finishing powders are ‘translucent’ I was a bit hesitant to pay out for something that ‘couldn’t be seen’.

I had assumed that a finishing powder was a slightly more fancy foundation and that one of its purposes was to help cover imperfections and blemishes etc. In short, I was wrong. This isn’t what a finishing powder is or what one should be used for as youll be left unhappy with the results.

So, what is a finishing powder?

A finishing powder is the last of the base products you should use on your face. Using a primer will further enhance your make up  but you don’t necessarily HAVE to use a primer if using a finishing powder (I don’t always use one, hardly ever infact). So after your primer, if you use one, your liquid/cream/powder foundation, concealer, contouring,  blush, bronzer, highlighter has all been done THIS is the point where you would apply your finishing powder. What it will do is it will ‘set’ everything in place and add additional longevity to your makeup.

How does finishing powder work?

Finishing powders work by adding a layer which ‘sets’ all your make up in place. A finishing powder will absorb any excess oils which are left over by your foundation or other liquid/cream products which may leave oily residue on the skin. It will also work throughout the day to absord any oils from your face and help prevent your make up ‘sweating off’ and will almost certainly give longevity to your makeup.

Worthwhile or Pointless?

In my opinion a finishing powder is definitely worthwhile, for the right skin type. I personally don’t think that every person NEEDS or should be using a finishing powder. Why? because there is no point using a skin product just because you can…..unless you want to of course, as that’s up to you. But for me, if I didn’t have problematic skin and the use of a finishing powder didn’t offer me great benefits then I probably wouldn’t use one. However, since I do have problematic skin I find that a finishing powder certainly helps me. If you have dry skin I wouldn’t recommend you using a finishing powder as it will end up looking ‘cakey’. If however you have oily skin then I would highly recommend that you try a finishing powder and see if it helps your make up last longer.

Skin Food Peach Sake Silky Finishing Powder

I purchased Skin Food Peach Sake Silky Finishing Powder from Amazon.co.uk for approx. £15


My previous finishing powder that I used (NYC Loose setting powder) has since been removed from the shelves it seems (if anyone knows where I can get some then do let me know!). I also use Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder  which I LOVE and would highly recommend but after watching Emma Pickles (from youtube) monthly favourites video she mentioned about this Skin Food finishing powder and since she was the one who recommended the NYC loose setting powder too I thought I would give it a go also.

I did find it rather hard to come by in the UK other than on 2 websites (this may have increased by the time I write this blog). I opted to purchase mine from Amazon.co.uk, more specifically here . It cost me around £15.00 including p&p (give or take a couple pence/pound) for 15g of product. For me, I wouldn’t class it as a cheap product. Not when the NYC was around £3 and was fantastic. I was hesitant to splurge out on the Skin Food finishing powder but after some umming and ahhing I decided to just go for it.

It didn’t take too long for it to arrive at my door, maybe slightly over standard 3-5 days. It was parcelled in with another item I ordered from amazon so I cant comment on how well it is packaged when its posted solo.

The first thing I noticed was the packaging. I loved how oriental it was. Given Skin Food is Asian created I adored that they had incorporated this into their product design with a ‘wood/bamboo’ type package. The Eastern part of the world excels in skin care products! They are renowned globally for this. Likewise they are also avid believers in natural remedies. Skin Food have combined the two to develop products.

Once I opened the actual container which housed the powder I had to have a sniff to see what it smelled like. Sake? Peach?…..it cant be that nice surely. WRONG! The overall fragrance is that of peach. Its not overwhelming or sickly but it is present and makes using the product a delight to use.

It comes with a powder puff which I use to dot the product on my face but I would suggest using a fan brush as this will make sure the product applies more evenly. The only reason I remain using the powder puff is because I don’t like that the ‘sieve’ part of the container doesn’t have an open or close mechanism to it. So in effect its constantly open and unless the container remains upright at all times (and in my make up bag it wont) then the powder inside will just sieve out though the holes and cause a big mess. Especially because the upper lip also has a slight hole in it too (you can see the hole at the bottom of the lid on the first photo) which means that the powder would fully escape the entire container.

The powder itself is ultra-fine micro silica powder which will keep your skin soft.


As you can see from the photo above the dot areas are where the powder is. I simply put the powder puff ontop of the holes on the container and tipped it up. This is how I apply the powder daily. But again,  a brush would give better final results I feel.

Did it work for me and would I recommend it to others?

Comparing the Skin Food to that of other finishing powders that I have used I’m not sure I would recommend it over those. While the scent of this one is delightful I’m not convinced that it works better than others that I have tried.

If you don’t have problematic skin but want to try a finishing powder then I would recommend this one as I do believe that it does offer benefits to your skin due to the ingredients. And since you wont have problematic areas to contend with you may enjoy this product more.

If you do have problematic skin (oily, acne prone) then I would advise to try the Vichy dermablend setting powder. If I cant find the NYC loose setting powder again then I will continue on in using the Vichy dermablend setting powder instead of repurchasing the Skin Food peach sake silky finishing powder.

I truly wanted this to work for me, but unfortunately It just want meant to be. Ill continue using it until its ran out but sadly I do find that I reach to use it more for the scent than anything else.

If you use finishing powders then which do you use?

Island Kiss Lip Tint Review


With Summer right in full swing the opportunity to use and review these lip tints from Island Kiss couldn’t have came at a better time!

I don’t know about you, but for me, when the weather is hot sometimes one of the last things I want is a face full of make-up. But as I’m sure we all know that ‘no make up make up look’ often requires more make up than you would think; and so we need to be making sure that the products that we do use are beneficial to our skin. We don’t want them just sitting there getting baked into the skin in the heat. We want them to not only look and feel good but to provide us with a ‘service’. And in todays blog, I hope to bring you a lip product that does just that and is ideal not only for all year round but for Summer especially.

Who are Island Kiss?

Here is a delightful and informative statement from the website

“Island Kiss is a Lip Care  Brand inspired by Tropical Beaches across the world, fragrant coasts, salty air and lush notes of fruit and flower. Backed by Global Fund Solutions, Island kiss plans on a systematic product growth plan across the year 2016-2017.

Island kiss intends to house a range of 20 products within the lip care category, across colours and flavours. To start this venture with an impactful bang, Island kiss intends to launch It’s first High-End Product- the ‘Tropical Lip Moisturiser,’ or as they’d say in French- Tropique Pomades’ in smashing flavours. At Island Kiss we are a little obsessed with fun, organic freshness—and natural decadence. The collection is crafted in artisan-size batches using essential oils, active plant botanicals, and rich exotic butters. Because it’s non-toxic and safe and edible. 

 Recently, there have been fears about lead and other heavy metals in lipstick.  The numbers sound staggering. Imagine what 7 pounds of lead filled lipstick looks like! This had to stop, and we hope to play a part in our journey as ‘responsible expressers’. Upon accepting the harsh reality-that chemical filled product that call themselves natural), involved in 80% of the beauty products offered to us, we refused to accept this fate upon ourselves. We set about creating a product that is Pure, Raw, Healing, Vegan, Organic, Non-toxic, Edible, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Shea Free.

 We also live in a country stricken by child labour and other illegal practices,so we chose to ensure that we do not test upon animals, we practice Fair trade and Beyond, we  remain recyclable from packaging to raw material and Transparent. This is the first step we could take towards practicing ‘responsible expression’ ourselves. We’ve taken the best that the Tropics have to offer! Fresh, Creamy mix of Kokum, Avocado and Mango Butter make for a Tropical Lip Moisturiser, that Hydrates, Moisturises and Soften one’s lips.  Add to this a grounding drop of deep, heart-opening Tropical Essential Oil from across famous Islands of the world that take the tension of your lips, allowing a radiant and confidant smile.

 We have also come up with two tints that add smashing natural colour to your lips! Oh wait I almost forgot it tastes as good as it looks, I hope we don’t mistake it for ice-scream and there’s nothing artificial about it. A 100% natural & Non-toxic!”

As I’m sure you can agree Island Kiss is a company inspired and driven by making a change. Something which I adore in a business.

Island Kiss’ Website can be found here. I believe it is an Indian based company, however my parcel came from within the UK. The website features currency in RS (indian rupees) but I have used a currency convertor to get the GBP rate (which may differ daily).

Island Kiss can be found on Facebook, Instagram and twitter

The Products

Island Kiss were exceptionally generous with me and sent me all three of their lip tints.

Each Lip Tint is 14g, Organic, 100% cruelty free and not tested on animals.


Cherry Blossom Flores– Creamy like cherry petals and dewy like water droplets on the first blossoms of the orchard, the floral facet of cherry blossoms creates a luxurious, PicsArt_06-07-03.42.36sensuous, composition of soft pink island lips. Its organic SPF nourishment enhances lip soaking in the sun and snow.

Colour- Bunny Pink Tint

My Thoughts– I LOVE the scent of this one. Its not like any other lip product scent I have smelled before. Its a delicate, floral yet clean scent which I would love to capture and transform into a perfume! The feeling of this on the lips is VERY moisturising and not sticky at all, ideal for summer/hot weather. I have dry lips almost constantly but the moment I put this on i feel my lips loving the benefit of the moisturising treatment they’re getting. It applies glossy but as the lip soaks in all the goodness the overall look results in a slight sheen and the feel remains one of your lips being moisturised. The glossy aspect, for me, didn’t last long…presumably because my lips are so dry that they soak in any moisture that touches it very rapidly. However, i prefer a less glossy look/lip anyways (i don’t like that my hair sticks to it and how messy it can be and the longevity of gloss isn’t that long and its something which you have to be mindful off and have to reapply more often…again, something in Summer/hot weather you don’t want to be bothered with). The tint colour itself is named ‘Bunny Pink’…but its more of a coral tint which when you apply goes almost non visible (on my natural lip colour). This one produces almost an exact result to that which Alma Vanilla & Ignes Lavender- Birth Suit Nude gives (see below).

Alma Vanilla & Inges Lavender– The heart warming, luxurious pairing of vanilla and lavender aims to intoxicate your senses, relax your lips and calm your mind, conjuring an atmosphere of island excess and feverish soothing. Its organic SPF nourishment enhances lip soaking in the sun while you are carried far away by the scent of warm vanilla sugar. PicsArt_06-07-03.41.27

Colour- Birth Suit Nude Tint

My Thoughts– I was truly intrigued by the name of this one as i have never came across a Vanilla and Lavender lip product before. My initial thought when i used this lip tint was that it was almost exactly like Cherry Blossom Flores- Bunny Pink Tint (See above); in that the overall tint result was ‘clear’. Again, my lips felt amazing using this product and the moisturising effect was amazing….and welcomed! The glossy appearance faded quickly as my lips soaked in the product, leaving me with soft and well moisturised lips, and dare i say….craving for more still!…yes my lips really are THAT dry! The scent of this one is divine! The Vanilla and Lavender balance is perfect. The sweet, warm and cozy vanilla coupled with the relaxing lavender is truly a wonder to me. Since i get the same final ‘tint’ colour result from this and Cherry Blossom Flores- Bunny Pink Tint i would have to opt for this one over that one; purley for the scent. But make no mistake, both products work equally as well and are both fantastic.

Puerto Berry Blush– Your lips are tart, a bit stained- if you apply it several times- and fresh as if you’ve brushed your cheeks against a shrub. It is zippy, flirty and will satisfy lovers of colour.PicsArt_06-07-03.42.00

Colour- Berry Cheeky Tint

My Thoughts– The tint on this one is gorgeous! And it lasts a good while. After using the other two tints i didn’t expect such a present colour to be in this one, but boy was i wrong! Like the name ‘Berry Cheeky’ suggests it is just that, a beautiful red berry colour with a pink undertone. More on the blue side this one also makes your teeth appear whiter. Again, just like the other two the moisturising aspect of this one is just as good. However, the scent, for me, is my least favourite. Its a rather weak berry scent with an almost medicinal tone to it…but that may just be me. It doesn’t however put me off using it as the results of this one, tint wise, is my favourite. Like the others, it applies glossy..and for me, mattes down as my lips soak in the amazingness, leaving me with a stunning berry pink/red colour. The tint lasted surprisingly well…a good few hours (around 4 or so). For a tint product, not a stain product, i think is exceptionally well.

Swatches and Try on

Here are some photos of each tint swatched on my arm and also on my lips. As you can see ‘Bunny Pink’ and ‘Birth Suit Nude’ there is the smallest of difference in tint. FYI have a couple darker areas on my lips (which you can see) these are scars from when i was younger and had a little accident.



Additional Information about the products

The packaging. With a running ‘pin up/tropical’ theme i find this just enchanting.  The exterior of the boxes are adorned with information about that particular scent/flavour; inspirations and such.

The ‘shelf life’ of each lip tint is 36 months, so youll have plenty of time to use all the product.

Amazing shipping prices. Shipping is around 60p (i believe, based off the currency convertor) but if you spend over £12 you qualify for free shipping.

Overall thoughts


Overall i am thrilled to have been able to try the Island Kiss lip tints. My lips are being treat very well by these and I’m more than happy to continue using them on a daily basis, especially during the summer months.

Id happily return to Island Kiss to purchase ‘Birth Suit Nude’ and ‘Berry Cheeky’ again. I don’t think i would bother to get ‘Bunny Pink’ just because for me it would be pointless since i get the exact same result from ‘Birth Suit Nude’ and prefer the scent of that one.

My recommendation for you to try Island Kiss products is exceptionally high. I don’t think you will be disappointed. Its an easy to use product that you can pop in your bag and give your lips some TLC while looking fresh and finished. Sometimes a look looks unfinished without anything on the lip, and so these are a lovely item to do that with and tie everything together.

One aspect to be mindful of, and its not solely an Island Kiss product thing as i have seen it in other products too. Is that you may want to squeeze/shake the tube prior to using to mix all the product together as it does have a tendency to separate and so when the time comes to use it you may find, if you don’t shake/squeeze the tube before using, that you get an oil out of the tube before the tint product comes through. This isn’t anything to be concerned with as its a naturally occurring thing. But it will save on wastage or spillage.

Island Kiss have definitely got a thumbs up from me. Their ethos and their product are something to get behind and support. I hope Island Kiss bring additional lip tints out as i for one would be interested in adding them to my collection of their products. Its evident that a lot of care and attention has gone into their lip tints and that they have produced something which not only looks good but actually does what it claims to do. Yey for my dry lips getting some much needed care!

I hope that you have found this blog post interesting and useful.

Have a lovely Summer!





Tillyanna Product Review


Today I received a lovely surprise item in the mail from a company called Tillyanna.

Founded by Helen Parker and located in the Welsh Hills Tillyanna is business which is highly driven by ethical beliefs. All their products are made to a strict fair trading policy. This is an aspect of Tillyanna that i admire, respect and believe they will gain a lot of success for. Tillyanna can be found here.

Tillyanna personalised pouch, (currently priced at £18)

I was lucky enough to receive a personalised pouch with the words ‘Anitas travel essentials’ on it in a simple, clean yet rustic design. The pouch itself is 100% cotton canvas (100% fairtrade) and is exceptionally large in size, given its called a ‘pouch’, this is a great thing as it allows to be used for multiple purposes. The overall size of the ‘pouch'(by my measurements) is approx. 13″ wide by just under 9.5″ high with a base depth of just over 4″.


The design on the pouch I received is personalised to me, and you can also have yours personalised too. This pouch isn’t the only design available, there are many different ones to choose between…..im glad mine was a surprise because I don’t think I would have been able to choose so easily between all the magnificent designs that Tillyanna offer.

One thing which was very obvious to me about ALL the Tillyanna products was how simple yet stylish they are. To me, this means that they will suit a lot of different peoples personal taste and style. Whether this is to be a gift you give or simply purchasing for yourself, youre sure to find something that you like the look of.


As mentioned earlier you can, if you wish, use the pouch for whatever purpose you wish. I will be using mine to house all my skin care products (moisturisers, cotton pads, micellar water etc). And I have ALOT of skin care products as I have problematic skin. So I have a lot of different products that I use on a daily basis to help manage my skin issues (acne and oily skin).

Above is a photo of the Tillyanna ‘pouch’ holding most of my skin care products. I was and am astounded at how much these things hold!!!! Usually I have to have multiple bags to hold all my skin care items but with this one I can fit them all in one place and STILL have plenty room for a lot more, which will be handy for it I travel as I can also include my toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant etc in there too.

So you can get a good idea of all the things that I had in the bag in the photo above here is a photo.

All the items I put in my bag and it STILL wasn’t full!


For the purposes of you being able to get an even clearer idea of how big these pouches are and how much they hold I will list the items that I had In the bag.

1 x pack of 50 cotton pads, 1 x pack of 25 skin therapy wipes (I don’t usually use these daily but I do take some when I travel), 1 x 400ml bottle garnier micellar water, 1 x 250g lush tea tree water, 1 x 45g lush grease lightning spot treatment, 1 x carmex lip balm pot, 1 x 250ml victorias secret body mist and 1 x 50ml yesto tomatoes skin moisturiser.

A couple of the items I put in there (namely the body mist and the face wipes) aren’t something I use on a daily basis but I did want to put them in there as they are something that I would pack if I was travelling and they were on hand so I threw them in there to TRY to fill up the bag.


Overall I LOVE Tillyanna. Both the product I received and the business. I only recently came across it and I’m super glad I did! I know this is a product review but I feel that the business side of things also needs a ‘high five’ and a mention.

With regards to the product I got……I am truly appreciative of mine. I can now fit all the items i need to, and more if necessary, all in one place. Not only that but its a very sturdy bag with a zip to match (not one of those feeble ones that will break at the drop of a hat). I know that im going to get alot of use out of mine and i believe most other people would too if they had one of their own. At £18 I think this is, taking all things into account, a really fair price. I didnt realise just how much I needed one of these bags until i seen this one and put all my items in there. Let me know which bag you would choose….GO GRAB YOURSELVES ONE!!! You can get your very own like mine by clicking here or you can browse all the Tillyanna products by clicking here.

Thank you Tillyanna for creating such lovely items and coming to my rescue with this pouch!!

Toodles. x




Wellybix Review




Bane and Rusev have been VERY lucky boys lately with getting to try lots of lovely yummy goodies from kind people with amazing businesses dedicated to providing great quality treats for dogs and Wellybix is no exception.

Wellybix state on their website

“WELLYBIX are healthy dog treats hand-made with LOVE in picturesque Teesdale (North East England)  They are full of natural, wholesome goodness and packed with my own garden herbs.  Unlike most commercial dog treats, all the ingredients are of human grade quality and have been tested and approved by WELLY, the Jack Russell!

They have NO artifical preservatives, colours, artificial flavour enhancers, added sugar or salt and are analytically tested and approved by a veterinary laboratory.”

Heres a little extra about Wellbix as a business, how it formed and its owner…

“After giving up my job as a pastry chef, initially to become a carer for my mother, I am now the proud owner of Wellybix, a thriving cottage industry making dog treats!  I hadn’t anticipated doing this at all, it just happened over night!

My business had its grounding  Christmas 2012 when I decided to bake some biscuits for my Jack Russell, Welly.  It wasn’t long before I began supplying the local hotel and holiday cottages with biscuits to give to clients who brought their pets on holiday.

Spurred on by the initial success, I set about formalising my business, coming up with the name Wellybix after my Jack Russell Welly-Bob and sending the biscuits off to a veterinary laboratory for complete nutritional analysis.

Two-year-old Welly does his bit by ensuring baking standards are met – he is my chief tester. He waits for each batch to come out of the oven and makes sure they are up to scratch!

Wellybix now supplies Pet Shops and Farm Shops in County Durham, Cumbria, North and West Yorkshire, Gloucestershie and further afield”

As you can see from the above statements Wellybix are committed to providing the best in dog treats as they can. I adore that I am increasingly coming across small businesses with such dedication to the wellbeing of our pets. I have said it before and I will continue to say it, I would much rather shop small, support the genuine passion of a person/people who are going above and beyond to ensure that their products are the best they can be for our pets and if this means paying more as a consumer then I am more than happy to do so. The larger businesses out there seem (to me) to lack a severe interest in what is and isn’t beneficial, nutritionally speaking, to our dogs. I know of a few big named brands out there that make sales from their name alone yet if you do some research into their products you will find that they provide minimal benefits to your dog, furthermore in some cases the price is on the larger side too, essentially people are paying for the name and its sad because there are so much more better businesses out there, and more often than not theyre the small businesses, the handmade dog treat businesses, the family run businesses…it just takes a little time into researching and youll come across some lovely treasures of businesses. Such as Wellybix!

What did Wellybix send for review?

Wellybix were super generous and sent bane and rusev 3 bags of their treats to review. You can find the full range to purchase but clicking here.

A little information about the products Bane and Rusev received.

The flavours that were sent were Beef with fresh parsley, Chicken with fresh thyme and Lamb with fresh rosemary. How snazzy do they sound?

Each bag weighs 110g and has a price of £3.25p each and there are currently 7 different flavours to choose from and I’m sure Wellybix will add more in the future as their business grows. The additional flavours are Peanut butter and spelt flour, Chocolate with carob, Carrot with fresh parlsey and Apple with fresh mint.

The Review

I know this isn’t taste related but its something which I seem to have a slight preference for is packaging. And Wellybix have opted for a rather rustic look to their packaging with the bag being of a kraft bag type with window to see contents and the simple placement of the flavour label which has the ingredients and best before date on the reverse is ideal and for me the overall ‘theme’ if you will is pleasing.

One aspect of the bags which I haven’t seen anywhere else before and utterly LOVED! is the way in which they are re-sealable.

The two tabs which are used to both open and secure the close of the bag is located on the rear of the bag. All you have to do is simply pull open each tab on either side and twist up in an action like turning a key. And the same for when you want to re-seal the bag you simple turn down and push back the tabs on the bag. I found this ingenious and I thoroughly applaud Wellybix on this little aspect as it makes a lovely feature. I say this with such gusto as we travelled with the treats and there was zero spillage of crumbs. (See a blooper video of this bag opening process in action at the end of the blog post….rusev makes an appearance)

The shape of the biscuit treat is bone shaped. The size is amazing! (roughly 6cm) so much so that each bone treat can be broken in half and still be a luxury sized treat as individual pieces.


The biscuits (not all) are on firm/very firm side (a couple I couldn’t snap in half) but for my dogs this is a good aspect as it forces them to chew up as opposed to immediately swallow. Being a pug and an English bulldog theyre rather ‘hoover like’ when it comes to food so I like it when I can give them something that I know they’ll chew up. They have a good crunch to them (from the sounds of it haha, I haven’t personally tried them!) and the dogs thoroughly love them (I got one out of the bag a moment ago to measure the size of it and Rusev came running over salivating! needless to say he and bane both got a half of the treat that was out, much to their delight).

Taste Test

Now for the juicy bit and Bane and Rusevs favourite bit….taste test time!

(please excuse the video editing skills, I’m not brilliant at it at all so please forgive me)

As you can see from the video the treat went down a hit! and I’m almost positive that since they got sight and smell of the bags that the treats were in that since then as soon as they see that bag out of the treat jar they get excited! (youll see what I mean when you watch the blooper video as Rusev immediately comes over as soon as I touch the treat bag)


Wellybix is, for me, and 100% the dogs a big fat success in ALL aspects. As a business and product. Furthermore they also offer other items on their website too….including packs to make your own treats at home! Aswell as also offering recipes to try too. Wellybix is very clearly a well thought out and perfectly formed business. I’m excited for Wellybix’ future and I hope that more people find it and give their products a whirl, whether that be treat based or not (as they also offer bathtime items too!!!!). I would and will 100% be back to Wellybix and im sure ill have nothing but encouragement from bane and rusev to do so too.

All factors taken into account I cant recommend Wellybix enough and again, I’m excited for their future. THANK YOU WELLYBIX!

Additional Photos


Here are some blooper photos and a video too. Enjoy

In the video food was being cooked in the background (hence all the noise) and I thought I would try to do a quick video of how the opening and closing function on the wellybix bags works incase I couldn’t describe it well in writing here on the blog…..as soon as I get going Rusev notices and comes over to get himself a treat…and that’s when there food being cooked in the kitchen, that’s how much he loves Wellybix treats, he left the kitchen area to come get a Wellybix treat.


Until next time, toodles


The Rustic Stamp Review


This blog post is somewhat of a rather semi-personal one to me for which ill explain along the way as to why.

I was recently given the absolute pleasure of being graced with receiving a beautiful item from a lovely small business called The Rustic Stamp. The Rustic Stamp is an Etsy based business and can be found here. The owner and creator of items at The Rustic Stamp is a very friendly woman called Melissa. Located in California, a long way away from me here in the UK, i was thoroughly surprised and shocked at just how quickly the item got to me from all the way across the pond. From the date of posting i received it exactly 7 days later, including weekend days.

After already having a discussion with Melissa previously about her items i already knew what i was going to be receiving but what i didn’t expect was just how much i would actually like it. I mean, i knew i would like it but for a few reasons (and this is where the personal part comes in) i liked it more than i initially thought i would.

Let me explain (ill try keep it short and brief). I suffer from anxiety….on a relatively bad scale. It originates from my emetophobia and the two go hand in hand…much to my distain! Anyways, for some reason….and I’m not sure if its anxiety related or not but i seem to have a ‘thing’ for forming a ‘bond’ with something inanimate. It doesn’t happen regularly but from time to time it presents itself and in most cases the reasoning behind the ‘bond’ is an anxiety related one. For example, i have a Christmas decoration which i keep up all year round. Its nothing big, just a handcrafted santa claus made from glass. This remains hung on the wall 365 days a year. Why? Because one time when i was exceptionally anxious and was having trouble getting to sleep from having waves of panic attacks i lay there and focused on the Santa Claus decoration which i had put on the wall (for safe keeping until the tree was due to go up, but in the end the santa claus never left that place on the wall and remains there to this day). I focused on his bright yellow belt buckle and his cheery face. This enabled me to distract my mind and focus on calming myself down. And for that reason, i have a little ‘bond’ with that santa claus decoration.

Here are some photos of the stamped spoon which i received from The Rustic Stamp.

As you can see it carries the words ‘Be Kind’ on the face of the spoon. I opted for these words because i planned (and as you can see from the photos) to make a wall art piece from the spoon to always remind me to ‘Be Kind’. Not only to other people but also to myself. I often have a knack of ‘beating myself up’ about things….even the smallest of things. And i believe this to primarily be down to my anxiety. Which i always work on to try to manage it efficiently. Some days are good, some are bad….and i think i need to remind myself more often to ‘Be Kind’ to myself.

Enough about my anxiety and back to the item and review.

The item i got is a teaspoon with handstamped lettering. Melissa has ALOT of items to choose from, not only teaspoons but other items too…such as keyrings, forks, garden markers and more. Melissa sources and uses vintage items so its important to note that your stamped item may have marks on it other than the stamped lettering. This just adds character and adds to the rustic feel. If you like the item i received then you can purchase your very own by clicking here. The cost of the item i got is £8.70p (at the time of typing this). And i think it is truly worth the money.

The Rustic Stamp offers a large variety of items (as i type this there are 200 in the etsy shop!) with different stamped wording on. Whether you want a cute loving saying for your partner, a funny remark for a friend, a personalised item for that special gift or like me a little something for yourself then The Rustic Stamp can cater. And IF you aren’t able to find something that’s suitable, then there is the option for a custom item to be made. I’m sure Melissa would be happy to help create the right item for you.

As mentioned earlier, i decided to turn my spoon into wall art. This didn’t take much doing and the overall finished result is rather effective and i love it. I used hessian as the background and finished off tying a natural coloured bow around the ‘shoulders’ of the spoon. You could of course do as you wish with your own or look online for inspiration. But for me i decided to stick with the rustic feel of the spoon itself and keep the overall layout rather simple so that i didn’t detract away from it.

Be sure to follow The Rustic Stamp on their Instagram by clicking here. And also their facebook page here.

If you do decide to get your very own hand stamped piece by The Rustic Stamp then please do let me know what you get and how you decide to display yours by commenting below.

Until next time, toodles.



Simply Scented Devon Wax Melt Review


I, have a HUGE passion for wax melts and anything that scents your home gloriously. And without taking away the focus from this blog post I would like to point out that I have my very own small business and within that business is an area of ‘home fragrancing’, including the making and selling of wax melts, but to name a few. I wont name my business in this blog post as like I said, I don’t want to take away focus from the business being blogged about here or their products. Plus, i do blogging and reviewing as an entirely separate entity from my business and so want to keep them unlinked as much as possible. So, while i have a very good understanding of the home fragrance ‘world’, what is required and/or expected etc I’m still only going to be reviewing the products i try from a consumer view point only…so the ‘business brain’ of me with it will be switched off.

With that being said lets get into the review…

I was lucky enough to have been sent some wax melts to review from a small business called Simply Scented Devon. Gail, the owner was very kind and generous with me and sent me a good selection of wax melts to try.

Sample pack size wax melts from Simply Scented Devon.

From the day i was notified by Gail that my parcel had been posted it only took a couple days for me to receive. The posting packaging was a standard envelope with the inner packaging being a turquoise and white polka dot paper bag with a ‘thank you’ sticker to seal the wax melts inside.

The wax melts themselves were encased in their own clear plastic packaging which i think had been ‘heat sealed’ (I’m not sure of the correct term) and finished off with the wax melt scent written on washi tape and attached accordingly.

The shape and size of the melts i received are on the small side. However, i would like to point out that this may be due to them being ‘sample’ sizes. The shapes varied from hearts to flowers and the colours were varied also, making for a very colourful little package. On the melts i received there were little imperfections, aesthetically speaking (chips, dents)…but honestly i think most people would be hard pushed to have wax (a soft substance) travel in the mail and not have any marks/dents on them. For me, its not an issue as i acknowledge this aspect and think it adds to the fact that its a handmade item…something which i passionately support. It doesn’t deter away from the product performance any but it may be worthwhile mentioning to Gail if you require more pristine melts, as i know she does wedding favours too….and so perhaps for this you may wish for more protection in the packaging area. But for the everyday use/user…its not a big deal at all.

Despite the size of the melts being small i would like to say that these pack a punch with the scent!!! As soon as i opened the parcel i could instantly smell them…in particular one came through more prominent than the others and i believe it to be the ‘Raspberry Vanilla’.

I had an internal battle with myself as to which to use first as honestly they ALL smell divine!!! There are a couple which remind me of some sort of sweet, or drink or ice lolly that i have had but i cant quite place what. But i can assure you its utterly mouthwatering and a nasal sensation!

I will do a brief explanation of each scent individually according to my scent perception.

Jamaica Me Crazy– This is sensational! I have this on as i type this blog and its one of the ones that reminds me of a sweet, drink or ice lolly. The scent, for me, has prominent pineapple and a sweet strawberry tones with hints or watermelon and orange. This one is ideal for imagining its summer but its also one to make you want to have a very refreshing fruit drink!!

Raspberry Vanilla– This one is the one that i could smell immediately when i opened the parcel. This one reminds me of a blackcurrent sweet that i had when i was younger..i want to say blackcurrent chewits. I don’t really get the vanilla through it but again, each persons scent perceprion varies.

Monkey Farts– I LOVE MONKEY FARTS! haha. While I’m confident that monkeys farts don’t actually smell like this I wouldn’t like to physically find out. So I’m happy living in the belief that this is what they smell like. This has banana tones running throughout the fragrance with additional fruit tones too….im not 100% sure what other ‘fruits’ i can smell but i want to say a pineapple almost.

Freesia– Now, i know i said i wasn’t going to do this blog with my ‘business brain’ but for the purposes of this particular scent i am. Freesia, for me, is a very special scent. It reminds me of my great grandma and my grandma. I often find freesia scents to be very difficult to ‘get a good one’. I have personally used a freesia scent within my own business and i hated it! It didn’t smell anything like freesia. So when i saw freesia in my parcel from Gail i was nervous…..i needent have been, because shes got a nice one!!! I haven’t used it yet but i can already tell that I’m going to like it when i do use it because its the best freesia scent ive came across yet in ANY home fragrancing item.

As mentioned earlier, the size of the melts i got sent are small in size. The nerd i am timed how long it took for them to melt in my electric burner. And it took almost seconds for the scent to start being emitted into the air and overall around 7 minutes for both of the melts the melt completely. It has been around 30 minutes now and the scent is still going strong and i am loving it. Gail has done an amazing job at fragrancing these melts and based off the ones ive been given I’m confident all her products are equally impressive in scent throw.

Simply Scented Devon is an Etsy based business and can also be found on facebook and Instagram too.

The price range for Simply Scented Devons products ranges from £0.25p-£10.00+. There is a mixture of product types to choose from (such as pick n mix, seasonal and shape specific) so I’m sure you will see something suitable for you.

There is a good variety of fragrances for you to choose from for your items, but from what i can tell its focused around fruity, floral and designer copies.

The p&p cost is £2.85 second class (at the time of typing this) but she does state that she can ship internationally too and to contact her for shipping quotes if you require international shipping.


All in all i think Simply Scented Devon is a delightful business that produces great quality home fragrance items and certainly shouldn’t be underestimated just because some of them may be smaller in size. I can confidently say that i have tried other melts from big chain brands that while may be double or even triple the size of Simply Scented Devon melts dont come close on the scent throw aspect. If you like your home smelling amazing then definitely give Simply Scented Devon a go.

Until next time, toodles.