Wunderbrow2 review

We all want eyebrows that are ‘on fleek’. And for those of us (including myself) who aren’t brave enough to venture down the path of semi-permanent make up or for those of us (again, myself included) who don’t visit a beauty salon to get our brows ‘tamed’ and ‘tended to’ professionally, the ‘Wunderbrow’ product should be the perfect thing….but is it?

I was given this product by my mother-in-law, whom due to over plucking in the 60’s now has exceptionally thin eyebrows which no longer grow. Unfortunatley my mother-in-law didn’t like ‘Wunderbrow’ at all, claiming that it was ‘awful’, ‘hard to use’ and that she ended up looking like she had ‘two caterpillars for eyebrows’. After having a slight chuckle and expressing how I had wished I had seen her with her ‘caterpillar brows’ I thought to myself that she cant be right and that she must have done something wrong somewhere. Nevertheless I was eager to give it a go for myself.

Now, not too far from my mother-in-laws eyebrow problems I too also have the same issue (sparse brows due to over plucking). Except I’m lucky enough to have slightly more eyebrow hair than she does. But I’m also past the stage of them growing back in to a thickness where I can shape them and then tend to them with minimal make up. I always have to put some ‘work’ in when doing my brows, I cant just ‘brush and go’. So when my mother-in-law presented me with ‘Wunderbrow’ I was excited to give it a go!


‘Wunderbrow2’ can be purchased here for £19.95

The shade of the one I used is ‘Black/Brown’. There are 4 shades in total and had I have purchased it for myself then I would have selected a different shade (brown).

Box Contents- 1 x spooly brush and 1 x Wunderbrow gel

This product is supposed to give results that are natural and last for days. It does state that this product will also give perfectly shaped eyebrows but I think that claim cant be made since it is the user which determines the shape of the brow. But I digress.

The first thing I noticed about this product was that there is no eyebrow brush included, and this is where the issue (I believe) lay with my mother-in-laws experience of and using this product is one of not being impressed.


In order to get the best results from this product I HIGHLY recommend using an eyebrow brush to apply it because applying it directly from the wand will be near impossible to get the result you want.

The tip of the wand is a brush style tip (think lipgloss brush) and as you know these can and generally do collect a lot of product. But even if the amount of product wasn’t an issue the shape of the wand tip is hideous for eyebrows as its too big and ‘clumsy’.


As you can see from the photo above this isn’t something you want to be trying to get a delicate, defined and crisp shape using. I done a swatch to show you the colour on the skin (and I’m super super pale) and I removed some of the product from the wand and only lightly touched my skin with it and you can still see how much product comes off….IMG_3146.JPG

I decided to ignore the wand altogether, as though it doesn’t exist! I used an eyebrow brush to use this product with and I suggest you do the same.

I applied this as I would if I was using an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder. Rather oddly I didn’t take photos of my brows before or after using this product (but I will and I will post it to my Instagram at some point). The first thing I noticed was the texture as it dries, it almost has a tightening type feel to it and my existing eyebrow hairs got stuck down with the product as it dried. I think this is where the purpose of the spooly comes into play as I used this to ‘free’ the stuck hairs and comb my eyebrows through. I did find that I was a little hesitant and maybe rather light handed when using this product for the first time as I was worried if I went wrong that I would be stuck with terrible eyebrows for days! So when I use it in the future then I will be a bit more liberal and confident using it now that I have a good idea of how it ‘plays’. I did find that the end result didn’t differ too much to that which I normally end up with when using other eyebrow products so I do feel that you pay primarily for the longevity of this product as opposed to how it will look once applied as the end result isn’t too dissimilar to that I get with a pencil or powder.

Speaking of longevity of this product, it claims to last for days or until you decide to take it off. Now, I do have an issue with this aspect of the product because while after I had applied the product and test rubbed it with my fingers and nothing came off I didn’t expect to remove my make up at the end of the day and have the brows ‘come off’ also!! Is the claim that it lasts for days only valid if you don’t take your make up off at the end of the day? or if you wipe around your brows to remove all other make up BUT your eyebrows? From my own personal view I am not happy or comfortable at not having a thoroughly clean face at the end of the day. I like to make sure I remove as much daily dirt as I can. Having problematic skin I’m not in a position to sleep with make up on or to not clean my skin properly. I use micellar water (for oily skin) to remove all my make up and then I use a tea tree toner and then finish with a spot treatment. And when I took my make up off I never expected my eyebrows to ‘come off’ the same day I used the product. I don’t scrub excessively and the wunderbrow came off in only a couple swipes with a cotton pad!!

Have I used the product since? no.

Will I use the product again? yes, only because I have it.

Would I purchase the product again? no.

Would I recommend it to family/friends? Probably not, not at the price its at! As I do believe (from my experience) that its not worth the money.

Overall I feel that ‘Wunderbrow2’ has a good concept with wanting to bring such a product to the market. There is definitely a calling for it. But I do feel that its overpriced and makes big claims which unfortunately for me, it didn’t live up to, which is a shame.

The search continues….



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