DukeLovesFergie review


Hi all,

I recently got sent some dog collars from a business called DukeLovesFergie to review. The kind folks at DukeLovesFergie generously sent items for both Bane and Rusev, which I thought was super generous!!!

The following is a statement which I have copied from their website

 ‘Duke loves Fergie  is a luxury pet brand offering stylish apparel for the urban dog.

Our products are handmade from genuine leather, built to the highest standards, enabling you to represent your best friend the way you represent yourself. We draw our inspiration from the sights and culture of the best city in the world, London, as well as our furry fans we meet in this amazing city. 

We love what we do, and our dedicated team of dog loving people are constantly striving to create more unique, stylish and trendy pieces – so keep an eye on our website as we add more essentials for the urban pooch…

Now, lets take a look at the collars.

IMG_3220.JPGBoth collars (and extra tags too) came in a thick drawstring bag bearing the DukeLovesFergie logo.

The collars which I received are from ‘The City’ collar collection. I got a ‘Rose gold & tan’ one and a ‘Midnight Blue’ one. The prices of these collars are £10.00 each and come in 3 sizes, ‘small’, ‘medium’ and ‘large’.

The first thing I noticed about these collars was the quality. For the price they truly are a fantastic collar!! I would easily have estimated the price of these collars upwards of £15 (had I not known the price already that is).So if you know of anyone with a pooch or two of their own then these would make perfect inexpensive yet high quality gifts which I promise look and feel luxurious, and you wont break the bank in getting them either.

(Top collar is ‘Rose gold & tan’ and bottom collar is ‘Midnight blue’)

The hardware on the each of the two collars differ to each other. The tan collar features rose gold hardware and mirror effect tag, which bears the DukeLovesFergie logo. I haven’t came across a collar with rose gold before and I was taken with it as soon as I seen it. The tan and rose gold compliment each other perfectly. Furthermore, despite the rose gold being somewhat of a feminine colour/tone I don’t feel that this collar is only suitable for female dogs as the tan and overall leather feel brings masculinity back into the piece creating a perfect balance and making the piece unisex. Much to mine and my husbands delight….and no doubt the dogs if they understood, the fact that they retain their masculinity and ‘street cred’ while wearing something which has a feminine aspect to it is one which is welcomed.


The ‘Midnight Blue’ collar is an almost black looking collar. Which, like the rose gold and tan features its own stunning hardware, however in a different effect. Almost like a brushed metal and my own personal favourite out of the two (though I do LOVE the rose gold colour, if you could get a rose gold brushed metal effect then WOW!). The ‘midnight blue’ collar has a more ‘classic’ feel to it due to its deep near black appearance and will suit dogs of all colours/markings.


The underside of the collars are soft and free from any harsh edges which may rub and/or irritate the neck. The collars aren’t stiff like some leather items you come across and so are great to put on immediately without any softening up or ‘breaking in’. Theyre literally good to go. As was the case with my two! On they went and off they went looking dapper.

The underside of the collar shown top, compared to the ‘top side’ of the collar, shown bottom.

Along side the collars I also received extra tags, so all in all I have 6 tags (including the 2 that came already attached to the collars). I got 2 extra in each metal effect and also 2 extra in each metal effect and smaller in size. So I can pick and choose which it best suited to my dog aswell as replace ones that may suffer damage over time (though I suspect this may be a while as they have a really good thickness- about the same as a £1 coin. I would also suspect that the rose gold would show any scratches or dents more due to the effect) The tags are all blank on the reverse so you could, if you wanted, get them engraved which is an additional bonus.



Each collar has 5 holes but there is a significant amount of space should you need to add additional holes. I had to add an extra hole for Rusev, but it was no problem and easily done and hasn’t ruined the look of the collar in any way. I personally find the fact there is extra space left on the collar to be a good aspect as I have in the past purchased collars which have needed a hole placed in an alternative position but I haven’t been able to due to there being insufficient space.

Now, lets take a look at the collars ‘in action’. Scroll to the very end to see some blooper style photos from our photoshoot. 🙂


I’m sure (or hope) youll agree that my boys look very dashing in their DukeLovesFergie collars. I don’t have the best camera (I just used my phone infact) so please forgive me if you think the photo quality isn’t up to scratch. But I do hope I have been able to provide you with enough information and photos for you to decide for yourself if DukeLovesFergie is going to get your support and/or custom. I know its a big thumbs up from me, and from Bane and Rusev too! I’m sure they adored having a photoshoot….afterall it involved LOTS of treats, whats not to love.

Overall- I would HIGHLY recommend DukeLovesFergie for your pet accessories. Whether it be for your own pets or for someone elses as a gift. They truly are amazing in all aspects of style, quality, price and service. I am exceptionally privileged to have been given this opportunity to review such amazing items and my dogs aren’t displeased in the slightest ether.

Now, for some blooper photos….as we all know, not everything goes as it should…but sharing those mishaps is all part of the fun too…



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