Yesto Tomatoes Review


For a little while now I have been contemplating trying another moisturiser. Now, if you are like me and have problematic skin (I have oily, acne prone skin…but the principle is still the same with other skin issues too) then the mere notion of venturing away from a product, or products, that you know work with your skin can be a rather daunting thing.

I used to be in the belief that my skin didn’t need a moisturiser or would get worse if I used a moisturiser because my skin was oily. To me, moisture was the last thing my skin needed and would sure make me more oily than ever before if I was to start using a moisturiser. So for many years I held off using a moisturiser in my skin care routine, firmly believing that I was doing the right thing for my skin. Wrong!! Infact, using a moisturiser should be part of your skin care routine regardless of what skin type you have (excluding medical related skin issues, I cant comment on this aspect and you should ask a professional about this matter if it relates to you).

One of the issues I found I was having was that I assumed that all moisturisers were the same and any that I had briefly used before hadn’t helped my skin and so therefore I shouldn’t be using them. It was only after I done some research into how to manage/treat oily skin I found that there are moisturisers out there for such skin types and after further research into oily skin specific moisturisers I decided to try the Clinique ‘Dramatically different moisturising GEL’. There is a lotion version of this product for those who don’t have oily skin. The gel version is better for those with oily skin as it is oil free and light weight. As a side note, its important to note that not every oil is bad for the skin, even if you have oily skin. For example- tea tree oil. This is an oil which is beneficial to problematic skin. So please don’t automatically assume that you should always opt for or use ‘oil free’ products. A little research into product ingredients should offer you some guidance also.

So, as mentioned above I opted for the Clinique ‘Dramatically different moisturising gel’ as my first ever moisturiser geared towards using with oily skin. Since I started using it a couple years ago I have been scared to venture elsewhere incase other products don’t work or make my skin worse. But as time has gone by I cant help feel that while the product works well for oily skin and I would highly recommend it to those suffering from oily skin that it’s a little pricey. But in my mind I was best to stick with it because it worked and surely I couldn’t find another product that would work if it was cheap. The age old saying of ‘if its too good to be true then it probably is’ kept popping into my mind when I would come across an ‘oily skin’ moisturiser at a cheery price. So I stayed away and stuck with what I knew worked.

Then I stumbled across Yesto and I was immediately taken with it all. The look, the claims, the products themselves, the price….everything. But of course lets not forget ‘if its too good to be true then it probably is’……so I decided once again to stick with Clinique. Several months past and every time it came to repurchase the moisturiser I was always tempted to try the Yesto products, specifically the ‘Yesto tomatoes’ range as that is the range geared towards problematic skin (acne/oily). And this most recent time as I was nearing the end of my Clinique moisturiser I decided ‘what the heck, just go for it’. I was more ‘brave’ in making the decision to try another moisturiser as I have just recently decided to try a different micellar water after having the same situation- not wanting to venture elsewhere when I know what I’m using works for my skin- but decided to ‘go for it’ also. FYI- I was using the Bioderma micellar water for oily skin but have been using the Garnier micellar pure active water for combination skin and so far I wont be switching back to the Bioderma one as I can honestly say I cant tell/feel any difference and the Garnier one is much cheaper and you get almost double the amount.

Yesto do have their own website, here, but I couldn’t purchase for some reason so I purchased mine from here.

The Ranges

There are a variety of ranges that Yesto offer. These are carrots, cucumbers, coconut, grapefruit, blueberries and tomatoes.

For my skin type its beneficial for me to use the ‘Yesto tomatoes’ range.

WHY TOMATOES? Filled with Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant, this fruit (not veggie!) defends against factors that cause breakouts while balancing oil production.

You can read in more detail about how tomatoes are beneficial to your skin by clicking here and you can also find out about each range and its ingredients by clicking here.

What I got

I purchased the Daily balancing moisturiser and the Clearing facial mask both are from the Yesto tomatoes range and both are 50ml (1.7 fl oz) and as I type this both are priced at £11.99 each.


First Impressions

My initial impression from these items is that I LOVE the packaging. The colouring and design (of all the ranges actually) is pleasing on the eye. Its simple, clean and reflects what the product and brand is about.

Another aspect of the packaging which I like is that there is the added addition of short sayings, which for me, brought a little smile to my face. I found that it added character and personality to the brand.

Using the products

The daily moisturiser- When I first used this I used waaaay too much. Using the amount that I would use if using the Clinique moisturiser (maybe a 20p size). So I now only use a little over a 1p size amount, if that, and I find this works well for me.


The clearing facial mask- This stuff dries fairly quickly, you only have a short amount of time to get the mask on before it starts to come off again if you mask over the top of it. You do however only need a thin layer so its not too hard to work fast. You leave it on for 5 minutes and then remove with warm water. As it dries it tightens, but not to a level of discomfort. You can still talk and move your face relatively easily, but for a 5 minute mask its very much a comfortable experience.


The smell of both of the products is not what I was expecting at all!!! I prepared myself for tomato overload. However there is no detection of tomato scent anywhere. I would liken the fragrance to a rather masculine aftershave type scent. But not at all overpowering or unpleasant. I have very sensitive skin and the scent doesn’t aggravate it in any way (including when used near the eyes), in addition the fragrance doesn’t last long too.

Does it work?

While I have only been using the products for a short time I have to say that I am so far happy to remain a Yesto user. Based off the product performance i feel relatively confident in that i will continue to repurchase and use Yesto products, specifically the tomato range. This means that unless something occurs somewhere along the line (within the next few weeks after my skin has got accustomed to the new products) then ill be bumping up Yesto as my primary skin care products and pushing the Clinique ‘Dramatically different moisturising gel’ to the sidelines.

Makeup and Moisturiser

Here are some photos of my face (apologies haha) which show what my make up looks like after i have used the Yesto Daily Moisturiser underneath. Its probably worthwhile pointing out that i rarely use a primer. So the photos that you see will show how the moisturiser performs with make up after initial application and then how the makeup looks at the end of the day (after around 9 or so hours wear, with NO touch ups).

And here is a collage photo of my face/skin at the end of the day. Remember there have been no makeup touch ups at all during the approx. 9 hours since initial make up application. (please excuse the photo/lighting quality)


Despite the general ‘wear’ of the make up i think that my oily skin has held up an absolute dream. There is a small amount of oil showing/coming through on my forehead, nose and chin (I’m not sure how well you can see it on the photos). My main areas of oil issues is the T-Zone.

So based off the ‘newly applied’ and ‘lived in’ photo comparisons i think, and hope, that you can see that my skin/oil hasn’t proved to be much of a problem at all.

Final thoughts

My final thoughts on the Yesto tomatoes products i have tried is a big fat YES! i am a yesto convert. i am a yesto fan. And i thoroughly encourage all my fellow oily skinned folks to give them a whirl too, especially before splashing out your hard earned money on the ‘luxury’ brands when quite frankly theres no need to.

I was very hesitant to try something new for my skin. But sometimes it pays off to just ‘give it a go’. If it doesn’t work you can always go back. I’m not by any means suggesting that the Clinique ‘dramatically different moisturising gel’ is awful, as its not. Infact its amazing. It works. But so does Yesto and for me i don’t see the need to pay more for a product when i can get an equally great product for less money. In some aspects i would even say that Yesto is better than the Clinique moisturiser. Price, for one. But i know that this Yesto will last me longer because i don’t need to use as much as i do when i use the Clinique moisturiser. I also think that while other products you use alongside another product can give different results (for example, if i was to use a different foundation with the moisturiser, or a different highlighter etc) that based off how my makeup/skin has performed since using this Yesto daily moisturiser that its controlled the oil a lot better than the Clinique one did. Again, this aspect will probably vary depending upon what products you use etc.

I have no doubt that i will have oil control issues in the future, regardless of if i use Yesto or not. That’s just how skin is, it changes, especially problematic skin. But for the most part i feel having a set skin care routine in place, with set products in your skin care routine will be beneficial to you and your skin as opposed to changing it up all the time. Clinique worked and still works for me. But i knew i wanted to try something else since i had only ever used Clinique. My suggestion, is to do a little research before you buy the products you want to try and see if you feel it will work for you. But as of now, i cant recommend Yesto tomatoes enough.

If you have any suggetions or tips and advice about problematic skin then leave a comment.



Lupin Loves- Taste Testing & Review


Its been one heck of a yummy week for Bane and Rusev! Receiving not one but TWO scrumptious parcels filled with treats to get their chops around. The second parcel came from a place called Lupin Loves and just like the one that came from Dizzy Dog Bakery it had both Bane and Rusevs name on the parcel….I found this to be just as enchanting second time around as it was the first. I wonder if other pet businesses do this? Ive not encountered it before and needless to say this little detail gets a huge thumbs up from me.

Lupin Loves has a website which you can find here. The website offers a variety of sections to browse spanning across a number of topics, such as health and behaviour. Of course they also have their shop located there too for you to purchase your pooch some treats.

They also have an Instagram and twitter too, should that be your preference, be sure to stop by and give them a follow.

In a statement by Lupin Loves they say

‘Lupin Loves’ dog treats are a healthy, wholesome way to reward your dog. Made with high quality, fresh ingredients these treats provide a tasty, healthy snack suitable for even the sensitive of stomachs’

In addition, its also important to note that Lupin Loves’ treats are lovingly handmade, have a gluten free option, have no additives, preservatives or other nasties. And Lupin Loves welcomes custom orders too.

Before getting into the taste testing I would like to point out a little about the packaging  side of things. Below is a photo of what the treats (or at least the ones that bane and rusev received) are packaged like. As you can see these are well presented, clearly labelled and the plastic packaging itself is completely sealed to retain freshness and have a washi tape decorative accent. The ingredients of each item is located on the reverse of the packaging too.A couple things to note is that once these are opened then they cant be resealed, so an air tight container would be preferred to store them in after opening and there is no ‘use by’ guidance that I could see.



Lupin Loves offers a variety of options for you to choose from when purchasing treats. You have control over ‘biscuit size’, ‘gluten free’ and ‘pack size’. Naturally the prices vary depending upon what you select but at the time of writing this blog the prices start from £1.50 and go to £5.75 on all the ‘standard’ website items. Custom orders may vary.

I do adore that the website offers so many choices for their items. It allows for customers to try taster size packs before committing to a full size purchase. This is something that I haven’t came across before on such a website. For that I applaud Lupin Loves for catering to MANY different aspects. If you have a teeny tiny dog, don’t worry Lupin Loves has you covered, simply opt for a small size biscuit. Your dog has a sensitive tummy I hear you say?, ahhh don’t stress, Lupin Loves has your furry friends best interest at heart..simply opt for a gluten free treat. For the snobby fussy pooches out there or for us humans who need to watch our purse strings, fear not, opt for the taster pack size.

Its clear from all the options and choices that customers have that Lupin Loves has put a lot of thought into more than just what flavour items they offer.

A selection of what Bane and Rusev received


Taste testers at the ready (don’t forget to check the end of the blog for blooper style photos)

CHEESY BONES-Cheese, Chicken stock, Egg, Flour (gluten free)


SUNDAY LUNCH BISCUITS-Chicken, Broccoli, Carrot, Egg, Flour (gluten free)


PEANUT BUTTER DOGGIEOREOS– Peanut Butter, Egg, Flour (gluten free)


TURKEY & CRANBERRY BONES- Turkey, cranberry, chicken stock, egg, flour (gluten free)




Here are some additional photos of the Lupin Loves treats that Bane and Rusev received.


As I’m sure you seen from the videos both Bane and Rusev enjoyed all the treats that they were sent. As was the case with the last taste test I feel that I am able to give a good assumption on which they liked since I am ‘the hand that feeds’.

I can say with a good degree of confidence that Bane preferred the cheesy bones while Rusev was an avid lover of the peanut butter doggioreos, licking his lips for many minutes afterwards.

Bane struggled a little on the consistency of the Sunday Lunch bites and the Peanut butter doggioreos especially, as they were on the hard side. He managed of course but it did take him a little longer…much to Rusevs distain as he was left watching and waiting with hope that he would get to swoop on in and hoover up the remainder. Unfortunately for him Bane is as much of a foodie as he is and seldom leaves much more than a crumb. Another interesting fact was that Bane demolished the ‘Turkey & cranberry bones’, I have tried him with other cranberry treats before and he has had none of it! Turning his nose up and huffing in protest. As soon as I seen the word cranberry I immediately said ‘Bane wont eat those’ and what do you know, he proved me wrong. You can always count on animals to make liars out of you huh?

Overall I would happily and comfortably say that Bane and Rusev give Lupin Loves a big thumbs up. The biscuit sizes (of the ones I received) are very very reasonable, infact I could half some of them and it still be a good treat size for each dog.

Would I return to Lupin Loves? YES!

Would I recommend Lupin Loves? ABSOLUTLEY!

Infact, if you want to go ahead and try some Lupin Loves for your own barking buddy then be sure to enter the code LUPIN10 at checkout and get 10% off your order and be sure to say Bane & Rusev sent you.


A collection of behind the scenes photos, showcasing the good, the bad,the ugly and darn right funny

As always, be sure to check out Bane and Rusev on Instagram.

Until next time. Toodles.


Dizzy Dog Bakery- Taste Testing


A short time ago Bane and Rusev were chosen by Nic (and mungo) at Dizzy Dog Bakery to be ‘Taste Testers’ for her brand spanking new business specifically catering for our pooches. And today saw the arrival of a very exciting and scrumptious parcel for them in the post, which was personally addressed to them both too, a rather sweet touch.

Its important to point out now that as I write this post Nic is in the final stages of finalising a few things for her business. This includes which products will be amongst the ones which make it to the website/store. As such please bear in mind that some I may mention here may not be available to purchase when Dizzy Dog Bakery opens its ‘doors’. But I hope to, via both my own views and the expert feedback from Bane and Rusev, be able to provide you with a good insight as to what you can expect from Dizzy Dogs Bakery.

You can view the Dizzy Dog Bakery here. There is also an Instagram page here and facebook page here. Please do stop by and give a follow or a like.

On a human side of things I utterly adore the theme of the business. From the retro pastel colour theme to the quirky cartoon logos and the inclusion of comedic wording throughout the website makes for pleasant viewing.

Another aspect which I, as a dog owner, like very much about Dizzy Dog Bakery items are the ingredients. Based off the products that Bane and Rusev got sent the items are very much designed and baked with nutrition AND portion size in mind. This is something very appealing to me and is ultimately of value to the dogs.


Testers at the ready with their treats laid out infront of them, complete with tablecloth, how posh.


BACON & APPLE BITES-Organic wholemeal, Organic bacon, unsweetened apple sauce, Baking powder, Skimmed Milk. (approx. 10 per bag)


PEANUT BUTTER ON RYE- Peanut butter with no adder no added sugar, Rye flour, baking powder, skimmed milk. (approx. 10 per bag)


FISH SUPPER- Organic oats, fish stock, Organic wholemeal flour, Organic unsalted butter, Organic cheese, polenta, Free range eggs, Parsley. (approx. 10 per bag)


MINI BLUEBERRY MUFFINS- Organic oat flour, Organic wholemeal flour, Organic blueberries, Honey, Free range eggs, Baking powder, vegetable oil. (3 per bag)





I think Bane and Rusev are firm fans of Dizzy Dog Bakery items. And from being ‘the hand that fed’ them I can tell that they both loved the mini blueberry muffins the best out of all the items, though they did thoroughly enjoy all of them. Bane surprised me with how much he enjoyed the ‘fish supper’ because out of the two of them he is the most fussy eater and I expected him to not eat this one.Im sure you heard him ‘crying’ for more in the peanut butter on rye videos too, this is a good indicator that he really likes something too (he does this when we eat toast). Another aspect which was evident when doing the taste test was that Rusev actually chewed his treats, usually things have a tendancy to go down whole or in a matter of seconds but I think the consistency of the hard treats made him chew up the treats, which is a good thing. The muffins went down relatively whole, though they were soft and I only gave half a muffin to each dog….since theyd already had a ‘tough time’ with all the other treats I was aware I was pushing it with the amount theyd already had.

I know ill be back for items from Dizzy Dog Bakery once its up and running. Unfortunately I cant give out or comment on any pricing etc as that is yet to be revealed upon the website opening.

All in all I would HIGHLY recommend you try Dizzy Dog Bakery for your pooches. The quality is amazing and from the reactions of both my dogs theyre yummy too! Infact theres nothing nasty in them so I suppose you could give them a try for yourself…..if you really wanted to. I’m not sure your dog/s would like you much for it though!!

I truly wish the very best for Nic (and mungo), she really has put a lot of thought, work, time and I’m sure money into creating Dizzy Dog Bakery. You can tell there is a genuine passion there and I’m hopeful she will succeed.


Because with animals, things don’t always go to plan.


Come follow Bane and Rusev on Instagram and say hi!


Coconut Water (by OGX beauty) hair products review

In today’s day and age there are more hair tools and hair products than ever before.

With each claiming to be as great or better than all the others out there. And in reality how often is this proclamation true? Unfortunately,  more often than not its been a case of strategic marketing with promises of having silky smooth locks, defined tangle free curls or a new lease of life for those whose hair needs a kick in the rear! All of which has led us to be convinced that what we’re buying IS THEE THING to have/use.

Don’t get me wrong there are products out there that do live up to their declarations and promises. And just like with most things, what works for one may not work for another.

I was recently sent a shampoo and conditioner set to try and to review. I’m always excited to try new hair products because my hair isn’t desirable  (to me). Between the many many years of colouring an array of colours, from blonde, green, pink, black, red, brown and probably some other I’ve forgotten, as you can see my hair has taken a fair amount of damage!

As a result my hair is now a little….lack lustre shall we say. I try my best to look after it as best I can with the most recent decision to stop dying it, getting the dead ends cut off  (around 6″ in total) and just letting it grow out to natural hair. I seldom use hair tools, opting for the natural dry method most times and I only wash my hair once sometimes twice a week.

After speaking with a lovely lady called Jessica at OGX she made a decision based off my hair type and sent me some shampoo and conditioner to try.

I described my hair as damaged and lifeless. Thinking back I could have and should have included a lot more such as it falls out, it breaks and that it’s quite frizzy. But I forgot!

Anyways, Jessica sent me a ‘coconut water’ shampoo and conditioner set to try and today I used it for the first time, find out my thoughts etc below.

'Coconut Water' shampoo & conditioner by OGX Beauty

The price range of these products start at £2.49 for a travel size bottle, which at nearly 90ml per bottle is a very generous size. For the larger bottles the price starts at £6.99 and the size of those are just under 400ml, so again, a very generous size.

To browse all the OGX collections just click here there are 19 different hair type products and treatments so I’m positive there will be something for everyone.


Upon using the shampoo I did find that it was a little difficult to get a good lather on the first wash, but this isn’t exactly unusual for my hair. I always shampoo twice anyways (as the first time is to loosen the dirt and the second time is to wash it away) and the lather on the second go was considerably better.

The scent of the ‘coconut water’ is very weak. I don’t think I expected a strong scent but the scent that I did get wasn’t what I had assumed it would be either. I had already prepared myself for a dominant coconut scent but in reality it didn’t smell anything like coconut….and thinking about it, why would it? It’s not coconut, it’s coconut water, which for me personally I wasn’t massively keen on. I wasn’t offended and nor will it put me off using it again but it’s not a favourite scent of mine.


I will say that I did LOVE the conditioner. Usually when I use a conditioner my hair is really really knotty when I comb it through  (while i have the conditioner in) and clumps  (literally) come out. But I found that when I used this conditioner hardly any hair came out! RESULT!


I usually let my hair dry naturally. It’s relatively straight with a slight wave. I don’t comb it or brush it after its washed either, unless I’m using hot tools, which is usually only when I feel I want to ‘be more glam’ or if there’s a special occasion. I usually ‘hand comb’ my hair as it’s drying and normally I have to pull knotted and tangled hair that’s wrapped around my fingers afterwards but after using OGX I’ve not had half as much of that.

Now that my hair is nearly fully dry there is no scent from the shampoo or conditioner whatsoever. I’m not majorly fussed about that aspect but I know some people do like a lingering hair scent. For times when I want that I usually spray a hair perfume.


I’d definitely go back and try other products they have as based off the ‘coconut water’ products I’ve tried i feel OGX Beauty can be trusted to provide a product of high quality at an affordable price.

You can find/follow OGX Beauty on instagram and Facebook so be sure to check them out!

In the words of OGX Beauty, ‘find your hair happy’

10% off at Olu


With spring/summer now in our lives its time to get fashion ready for when its time to strip down! Not entirely of course, but the amazing folks at Olu want you to FREE YOURSELF so much that they have gave me a personalised discount code to pass on to my glorious readers.

Shop their website here and have a browse of all their stunning swimwear!

Their simplistic designs are coupled with bold and beautiful colours, making these ideal for the fashion conscious. Furthermore you can even mix and match the tops with the bottoms…in effect getting more for your money, WIN!

And just to make you fall in love with them even more, heres a statement from their website..

‘Inspiring. Empathetic. Only OLU.At the heart of our brand beats a real and relatable reason to exist. Its you.We all have goals and each is as individual as you are but for all the differences that come with setting them, all goals share a common trait- effort!. Whether your goals take seconds off your lap, kilos from the scales or simply removes stress from your day, the effort you apply deserves recognition and more than that, it deserves to be rewarded. Look your best in your own skin, be unapologetic about it and feel great for it. Here, our mission is simple: ‘to reward the pursuit of individual greatness with confidence, comfort and innovative design’

Use the code ‘An1tasWorld10‘ at checkout on the Olu website and get yourself a 10% discount!



Dream Dots Review


I am no stranger to troublesome skin. Infact as I have gotten older my skin seems to have gotten significantly worse! But that doesn’t mean that that’s how it is for everyone. Some people are fortunate enough to seldom have a blemish….ahhhh, how amazing that must be.

Having said that, I don’t think I overly…or should I say ‘to conciously’ help myself any. Although in some aspects I have actually bettered by health over time compared to how I used to be when I didn’t have as problematic skin…..go figure.

Don’t get my wrong, i look after my skin as best i can….or as best as i THINK I’m doing. I don’t sleep in my make up. I always use a toner and a moisturiser, which are both tailored towards my skin type (oily and acne prone). Where i lack majorly, it seems, from doing research, is the water intake aspect. I very rarely drink water on its own. I just don’t like it. Despite it supposedly being majorly important and good for the skin i just cant bring myself to drink it…certainly not at the amount youre supposed to anyways. Sometimes i will drink strawberry flavoured water but even then, that’s few and far between. I almost always drink raspberry & cranberry drench.

Now, before i go on please be aware that i will be posting photos of my skin in its natural state. No make up, nothing. Freshly cleaned so its slightly redder than normal but youll get the idea. It takes ALOT to bare all, especially online and to strangers. I know i am opening myself up to what could potentially be a sea of negative comments and/or mocking. But for the most part i still feel that there are a lot of good people out there who will understand the vulnerability which i am exposing and appreciate and understand the difficulty.

Furthermore, for anyone who DOES have anything negative to say i can assure you that no matter what you may think/say about my skin i already know…i know it looks awful.

I recently got the opportunity to try a product called Dream Dots. They are overnight treatment patches for spots. I feel i am an ideal candidate to try this since i have spot prone skin. I hope that my review can help you in some way in your quest for flawless skin.

You can choose between 3 different quantites of boxes/treatments.

1 month treatment (24 patches)- Price 15 euro

2 month treatment pack (48 patches)- Price 28 euro

4 month treatment pack (96 patches)- in this option you only pay for 3 boxes as the 4th is free.- Price 45 euro

The box comes with instructions on how to apply the dream dot aswell as giving information on how a spot is made up and how the dream dot works to combat the spot.

Using the dream dot


The dream dots come in sheets of 6, with perforated edges.


I had a small amount of trouble trying to get the backing off the dream dot in order to apply it to my skin. I first tried picking at the perforated section that runs down the middle of each dream dot, but this didn’t work. I then thought I was being too light handed so I decided to just go for it, this resulted in a tear occurring in the wrong area of the backing and not allowing me to get the dream dot free to put on my skin. I then tried to do a ‘tearing paper’ motion, this proved to be effective and allowed me to remove half the backing and apply the dream dot to my skin, as shown below.

Dream dots are very discreet. I have two full dream dots on my skin in this photo.

I probably could have used all the dream dots that came in the box to be honest, yes my skin is that bad. But I decided to just use one sheet and see how I got on.

Here is a photo of my face with all 6 dream dots on.


I expected to be able to feel the dream dots on my face, but honestly they are super comfortable. You don’t even notice them.

I left them on overnight (as recommended) and took them off in the morning.

One thing I will say is that they did hurt to remove, similar to when you pull a peel off face mask off and it stings. I also found that I had little circle sticky areas where the dream dots had been, even after I had used my usual toner water to try rid the stickiness. In the end I just ignored it and put my make up on as normal. There were no issues with the make up clinging to where the dream dots had been, which was a bonus as I expected my makeup to stick to it and get all cakey looking.

The Results

Did I see any results from using the dream dots? I only used them once, and its recommended to be used over 3-4 days. So I didn’t see any major improvement on the spots which I applied them on. One spot in particular seemed to respond rather well to the dream dot and had had all the badness drawn to the surface. The others also showed early signs of this happening also. Which to me, is good.

Here is a photo collage of before and after on each spot I applied the dream dots too. There is redness on the photos as I had just removed my make up on the ‘before’ and had just used a toner on the ‘after’ photos.

Can you see any difference?

12782038_1128665717145652_1151137139_nAs you can see there is a small difference after using Dream Dots, and I do think there would be further improvement if I continued to used them over the coming days as recommended. And I will do so.

I cant comment on if they are worth the money since I haven’t completed the recommended days of usage but for my skin type I think this would end up being a rather costly skin care product. I would also suspect that this isn’t supposed to be a treatment for severe skin issues like mine but perhaps more for the person who has the occasional break out.

Would I recommend these? I would, but I say that with slight hesitation and I cant quite put my finger on why I feel hesitant.

So, to sum things up. For me, dream dots is a good product idea…the effectiveness of it is yet to be fully determined by myself (over the coming days) but again, I feel this is perhaps more for the less severe skin issue sufferer as opposed to an acne prone person like myself. They are comfortable and VERY discreet which I adore. I also like that its an overnight treatment, meaning you can try to fix while you sleep.

For now, I think ill stick to my current skin care routine and try dream dots again (out of the pack I received, as I don’t think I would repurchase them myself) when I have a more severe spot and see how it performs.

I hope this review has helped you if you had heard of dream dots or not before. And if you’ve made it to the end then well done for getting past my bad skin photos! YOU ROCK!