Dream Dots Review


I am no stranger to troublesome skin. Infact as I have gotten older my skin seems to have gotten significantly worse! But that doesn’t mean that that’s how it is for everyone. Some people are fortunate enough to seldom have a blemish….ahhhh, how amazing that must be.

Having said that, I don’t think I overly…or should I say ‘to conciously’ help myself any. Although in some aspects I have actually bettered by health over time compared to how I used to be when I didn’t have as problematic skin…..go figure.

Don’t get my wrong, i look after my skin as best i can….or as best as i THINK I’m doing. I don’t sleep in my make up. I always use a toner and a moisturiser, which are both tailored towards my skin type (oily and acne prone). Where i lack majorly, it seems, from doing research, is the water intake aspect. I very rarely drink water on its own. I just don’t like it. Despite it supposedly being majorly important and good for the skin i just cant bring myself to drink it…certainly not at the amount youre supposed to anyways. Sometimes i will drink strawberry flavoured water but even then, that’s few and far between. I almost always drink raspberry & cranberry drench.

Now, before i go on please be aware that i will be posting photos of my skin in its natural state. No make up, nothing. Freshly cleaned so its slightly redder than normal but youll get the idea. It takes ALOT to bare all, especially online and to strangers. I know i am opening myself up to what could potentially be a sea of negative comments and/or mocking. But for the most part i still feel that there are a lot of good people out there who will understand the vulnerability which i am exposing and appreciate and understand the difficulty.

Furthermore, for anyone who DOES have anything negative to say i can assure you that no matter what you may think/say about my skin i already know…i know it looks awful.

I recently got the opportunity to try a product called Dream Dots. They are overnight treatment patches for spots. I feel i am an ideal candidate to try this since i have spot prone skin. I hope that my review can help you in some way in your quest for flawless skin.

You can choose between 3 different quantites of boxes/treatments.

1 month treatment (24 patches)- Price 15 euro

2 month treatment pack (48 patches)- Price 28 euro

4 month treatment pack (96 patches)- in this option you only pay for 3 boxes as the 4th is free.- Price 45 euro

The box comes with instructions on how to apply the dream dot aswell as giving information on how a spot is made up and how the dream dot works to combat the spot.

Using the dream dot


The dream dots come in sheets of 6, with perforated edges.


I had a small amount of trouble trying to get the backing off the dream dot in order to apply it to my skin. I first tried picking at the perforated section that runs down the middle of each dream dot, but this didn’t work. I then thought I was being too light handed so I decided to just go for it, this resulted in a tear occurring in the wrong area of the backing and not allowing me to get the dream dot free to put on my skin. I then tried to do a ‘tearing paper’ motion, this proved to be effective and allowed me to remove half the backing and apply the dream dot to my skin, as shown below.

Dream dots are very discreet. I have two full dream dots on my skin in this photo.

I probably could have used all the dream dots that came in the box to be honest, yes my skin is that bad. But I decided to just use one sheet and see how I got on.

Here is a photo of my face with all 6 dream dots on.


I expected to be able to feel the dream dots on my face, but honestly they are super comfortable. You don’t even notice them.

I left them on overnight (as recommended) and took them off in the morning.

One thing I will say is that they did hurt to remove, similar to when you pull a peel off face mask off and it stings. I also found that I had little circle sticky areas where the dream dots had been, even after I had used my usual toner water to try rid the stickiness. In the end I just ignored it and put my make up on as normal. There were no issues with the make up clinging to where the dream dots had been, which was a bonus as I expected my makeup to stick to it and get all cakey looking.

The Results

Did I see any results from using the dream dots? I only used them once, and its recommended to be used over 3-4 days. So I didn’t see any major improvement on the spots which I applied them on. One spot in particular seemed to respond rather well to the dream dot and had had all the badness drawn to the surface. The others also showed early signs of this happening also. Which to me, is good.

Here is a photo collage of before and after on each spot I applied the dream dots too. There is redness on the photos as I had just removed my make up on the ‘before’ and had just used a toner on the ‘after’ photos.

Can you see any difference?

12782038_1128665717145652_1151137139_nAs you can see there is a small difference after using Dream Dots, and I do think there would be further improvement if I continued to used them over the coming days as recommended. And I will do so.

I cant comment on if they are worth the money since I haven’t completed the recommended days of usage but for my skin type I think this would end up being a rather costly skin care product. I would also suspect that this isn’t supposed to be a treatment for severe skin issues like mine but perhaps more for the person who has the occasional break out.

Would I recommend these? I would, but I say that with slight hesitation and I cant quite put my finger on why I feel hesitant.

So, to sum things up. For me, dream dots is a good product idea…the effectiveness of it is yet to be fully determined by myself (over the coming days) but again, I feel this is perhaps more for the less severe skin issue sufferer as opposed to an acne prone person like myself. They are comfortable and VERY discreet which I adore. I also like that its an overnight treatment, meaning you can try to fix while you sleep.

For now, I think ill stick to my current skin care routine and try dream dots again (out of the pack I received, as I don’t think I would repurchase them myself) when I have a more severe spot and see how it performs.

I hope this review has helped you if you had heard of dream dots or not before. And if you’ve made it to the end then well done for getting past my bad skin photos! YOU ROCK!


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