Coconut Water (by OGX beauty) hair products review

In today’s day and age there are more hair tools and hair products than ever before.

With each claiming to be as great or better than all the others out there. And in reality how often is this proclamation true? Unfortunately,  more often than not its been a case of strategic marketing with promises of having silky smooth locks, defined tangle free curls or a new lease of life for those whose hair needs a kick in the rear! All of which has led us to be convinced that what we’re buying IS THEE THING to have/use.

Don’t get me wrong there are products out there that do live up to their declarations and promises. And just like with most things, what works for one may not work for another.

I was recently sent a shampoo and conditioner set to try and to review. I’m always excited to try new hair products because my hair isn’t desirable  (to me). Between the many many years of colouring an array of colours, from blonde, green, pink, black, red, brown and probably some other I’ve forgotten, as you can see my hair has taken a fair amount of damage!

As a result my hair is now a little….lack lustre shall we say. I try my best to look after it as best I can with the most recent decision to stop dying it, getting the dead ends cut off  (around 6″ in total) and just letting it grow out to natural hair. I seldom use hair tools, opting for the natural dry method most times and I only wash my hair once sometimes twice a week.

After speaking with a lovely lady called Jessica at OGX she made a decision based off my hair type and sent me some shampoo and conditioner to try.

I described my hair as damaged and lifeless. Thinking back I could have and should have included a lot more such as it falls out, it breaks and that it’s quite frizzy. But I forgot!

Anyways, Jessica sent me a ‘coconut water’ shampoo and conditioner set to try and today I used it for the first time, find out my thoughts etc below.

'Coconut Water' shampoo & conditioner by OGX Beauty

The price range of these products start at £2.49 for a travel size bottle, which at nearly 90ml per bottle is a very generous size. For the larger bottles the price starts at £6.99 and the size of those are just under 400ml, so again, a very generous size.

To browse all the OGX collections just click here there are 19 different hair type products and treatments so I’m positive there will be something for everyone.


Upon using the shampoo I did find that it was a little difficult to get a good lather on the first wash, but this isn’t exactly unusual for my hair. I always shampoo twice anyways (as the first time is to loosen the dirt and the second time is to wash it away) and the lather on the second go was considerably better.

The scent of the ‘coconut water’ is very weak. I don’t think I expected a strong scent but the scent that I did get wasn’t what I had assumed it would be either. I had already prepared myself for a dominant coconut scent but in reality it didn’t smell anything like coconut….and thinking about it, why would it? It’s not coconut, it’s coconut water, which for me personally I wasn’t massively keen on. I wasn’t offended and nor will it put me off using it again but it’s not a favourite scent of mine.


I will say that I did LOVE the conditioner. Usually when I use a conditioner my hair is really really knotty when I comb it through  (while i have the conditioner in) and clumps  (literally) come out. But I found that when I used this conditioner hardly any hair came out! RESULT!


I usually let my hair dry naturally. It’s relatively straight with a slight wave. I don’t comb it or brush it after its washed either, unless I’m using hot tools, which is usually only when I feel I want to ‘be more glam’ or if there’s a special occasion. I usually ‘hand comb’ my hair as it’s drying and normally I have to pull knotted and tangled hair that’s wrapped around my fingers afterwards but after using OGX I’ve not had half as much of that.

Now that my hair is nearly fully dry there is no scent from the shampoo or conditioner whatsoever. I’m not majorly fussed about that aspect but I know some people do like a lingering hair scent. For times when I want that I usually spray a hair perfume.


I’d definitely go back and try other products they have as based off the ‘coconut water’ products I’ve tried i feel OGX Beauty can be trusted to provide a product of high quality at an affordable price.

You can find/follow OGX Beauty on instagram and Facebook so be sure to check them out!

In the words of OGX Beauty, ‘find your hair happy’


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