Dizzy Dog Bakery- Taste Testing


A short time ago Bane and Rusev were chosen by Nic (and mungo) at Dizzy Dog Bakery to be ‘Taste Testers’ for her brand spanking new business specifically catering for our pooches. And today saw the arrival of a very exciting and scrumptious parcel for them in the post, which was personally addressed to them both too, a rather sweet touch.

Its important to point out now that as I write this post Nic is in the final stages of finalising a few things for her business. This includes which products will be amongst the ones which make it to the website/store. As such please bear in mind that some I may mention here may not be available to purchase when Dizzy Dog Bakery opens its ‘doors’. But I hope to, via both my own views and the expert feedback from Bane and Rusev, be able to provide you with a good insight as to what you can expect from Dizzy Dogs Bakery.

You can view the Dizzy Dog Bakery here. There is also an Instagram page here and facebook page here. Please do stop by and give a follow or a like.

On a human side of things I utterly adore the theme of the business. From the retro pastel colour theme to the quirky cartoon logos and the inclusion of comedic wording throughout the website makes for pleasant viewing.

Another aspect which I, as a dog owner, like very much about Dizzy Dog Bakery items are the ingredients. Based off the products that Bane and Rusev got sent the items are very much designed and baked with nutrition AND portion size in mind. This is something very appealing to me and is ultimately of value to the dogs.


Testers at the ready with their treats laid out infront of them, complete with tablecloth, how posh.


BACON & APPLE BITES-Organic wholemeal, Organic bacon, unsweetened apple sauce, Baking powder, Skimmed Milk. (approx. 10 per bag)


PEANUT BUTTER ON RYE- Peanut butter with no adder no added sugar, Rye flour, baking powder, skimmed milk. (approx. 10 per bag)


FISH SUPPER- Organic oats, fish stock, Organic wholemeal flour, Organic unsalted butter, Organic cheese, polenta, Free range eggs, Parsley. (approx. 10 per bag)


MINI BLUEBERRY MUFFINS- Organic oat flour, Organic wholemeal flour, Organic blueberries, Honey, Free range eggs, Baking powder, vegetable oil. (3 per bag)





I think Bane and Rusev are firm fans of Dizzy Dog Bakery items. And from being ‘the hand that fed’ them I can tell that they both loved the mini blueberry muffins the best out of all the items, though they did thoroughly enjoy all of them. Bane surprised me with how much he enjoyed the ‘fish supper’ because out of the two of them he is the most fussy eater and I expected him to not eat this one.Im sure you heard him ‘crying’ for more in the peanut butter on rye videos too, this is a good indicator that he really likes something too (he does this when we eat toast). Another aspect which was evident when doing the taste test was that Rusev actually chewed his treats, usually things have a tendancy to go down whole or in a matter of seconds but I think the consistency of the hard treats made him chew up the treats, which is a good thing. The muffins went down relatively whole, though they were soft and I only gave half a muffin to each dog….since theyd already had a ‘tough time’ with all the other treats I was aware I was pushing it with the amount theyd already had.

I know ill be back for items from Dizzy Dog Bakery once its up and running. Unfortunately I cant give out or comment on any pricing etc as that is yet to be revealed upon the website opening.

All in all I would HIGHLY recommend you try Dizzy Dog Bakery for your pooches. The quality is amazing and from the reactions of both my dogs theyre yummy too! Infact theres nothing nasty in them so I suppose you could give them a try for yourself…..if you really wanted to. I’m not sure your dog/s would like you much for it though!!

I truly wish the very best for Nic (and mungo), she really has put a lot of thought, work, time and I’m sure money into creating Dizzy Dog Bakery. You can tell there is a genuine passion there and I’m hopeful she will succeed.


Because with animals, things don’t always go to plan.


Come follow Bane and Rusev on Instagram and say hi!



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