Lupin Loves- Taste Testing & Review


Its been one heck of a yummy week for Bane and Rusev! Receiving not one but TWO scrumptious parcels filled with treats to get their chops around. The second parcel came from a place called Lupin Loves and just like the one that came from Dizzy Dog Bakery it had both Bane and Rusevs name on the parcel….I found this to be just as enchanting second time around as it was the first. I wonder if other pet businesses do this? Ive not encountered it before and needless to say this little detail gets a huge thumbs up from me.

Lupin Loves has a website which you can find here. The website offers a variety of sections to browse spanning across a number of topics, such as health and behaviour. Of course they also have their shop located there too for you to purchase your pooch some treats.

They also have an Instagram and twitter too, should that be your preference, be sure to stop by and give them a follow.

In a statement by Lupin Loves they say

‘Lupin Loves’ dog treats are a healthy, wholesome way to reward your dog. Made with high quality, fresh ingredients these treats provide a tasty, healthy snack suitable for even the sensitive of stomachs’

In addition, its also important to note that Lupin Loves’ treats are lovingly handmade, have a gluten free option, have no additives, preservatives or other nasties. And Lupin Loves welcomes custom orders too.

Before getting into the taste testing I would like to point out a little about the packaging  side of things. Below is a photo of what the treats (or at least the ones that bane and rusev received) are packaged like. As you can see these are well presented, clearly labelled and the plastic packaging itself is completely sealed to retain freshness and have a washi tape decorative accent. The ingredients of each item is located on the reverse of the packaging too.A couple things to note is that once these are opened then they cant be resealed, so an air tight container would be preferred to store them in after opening and there is no ‘use by’ guidance that I could see.



Lupin Loves offers a variety of options for you to choose from when purchasing treats. You have control over ‘biscuit size’, ‘gluten free’ and ‘pack size’. Naturally the prices vary depending upon what you select but at the time of writing this blog the prices start from £1.50 and go to £5.75 on all the ‘standard’ website items. Custom orders may vary.

I do adore that the website offers so many choices for their items. It allows for customers to try taster size packs before committing to a full size purchase. This is something that I haven’t came across before on such a website. For that I applaud Lupin Loves for catering to MANY different aspects. If you have a teeny tiny dog, don’t worry Lupin Loves has you covered, simply opt for a small size biscuit. Your dog has a sensitive tummy I hear you say?, ahhh don’t stress, Lupin Loves has your furry friends best interest at heart..simply opt for a gluten free treat. For the snobby fussy pooches out there or for us humans who need to watch our purse strings, fear not, opt for the taster pack size.

Its clear from all the options and choices that customers have that Lupin Loves has put a lot of thought into more than just what flavour items they offer.

A selection of what Bane and Rusev received


Taste testers at the ready (don’t forget to check the end of the blog for blooper style photos)

CHEESY BONES-Cheese, Chicken stock, Egg, Flour (gluten free)


SUNDAY LUNCH BISCUITS-Chicken, Broccoli, Carrot, Egg, Flour (gluten free)


PEANUT BUTTER DOGGIEOREOS– Peanut Butter, Egg, Flour (gluten free)


TURKEY & CRANBERRY BONES- Turkey, cranberry, chicken stock, egg, flour (gluten free)




Here are some additional photos of the Lupin Loves treats that Bane and Rusev received.


As I’m sure you seen from the videos both Bane and Rusev enjoyed all the treats that they were sent. As was the case with the last taste test I feel that I am able to give a good assumption on which they liked since I am ‘the hand that feeds’.

I can say with a good degree of confidence that Bane preferred the cheesy bones while Rusev was an avid lover of the peanut butter doggioreos, licking his lips for many minutes afterwards.

Bane struggled a little on the consistency of the Sunday Lunch bites and the Peanut butter doggioreos especially, as they were on the hard side. He managed of course but it did take him a little longer…much to Rusevs distain as he was left watching and waiting with hope that he would get to swoop on in and hoover up the remainder. Unfortunately for him Bane is as much of a foodie as he is and seldom leaves much more than a crumb. Another interesting fact was that Bane demolished the ‘Turkey & cranberry bones’, I have tried him with other cranberry treats before and he has had none of it! Turning his nose up and huffing in protest. As soon as I seen the word cranberry I immediately said ‘Bane wont eat those’ and what do you know, he proved me wrong. You can always count on animals to make liars out of you huh?

Overall I would happily and comfortably say that Bane and Rusev give Lupin Loves a big thumbs up. The biscuit sizes (of the ones I received) are very very reasonable, infact I could half some of them and it still be a good treat size for each dog.

Would I return to Lupin Loves? YES!

Would I recommend Lupin Loves? ABSOLUTLEY!

Infact, if you want to go ahead and try some Lupin Loves for your own barking buddy then be sure to enter the code LUPIN10 at checkout and get 10% off your order and be sure to say Bane & Rusev sent you.


A collection of behind the scenes photos, showcasing the good, the bad,the ugly and darn right funny

As always, be sure to check out Bane and Rusev on Instagram.

Until next time. Toodles.



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