SheaPlus Lip Balm Review

sheaplus lip balm reveiw 2

As an overall general ‘rule’ lip balm is just lip balm. Its purpose is to nourish and moisturise lips.

I’m sure I cant be the only body on the planet whereby I am constantly battling dry lips. I seldom get sore chapped lips, even in winter. But I seem to have an all year round lip dryness going on.

I have tried exfoliating daily, I have tried this using my toothbrush and lip scrubs and while they do work, at the time, it only takes a few short hours for my lips to be dry again. And so I have kind of gave up hope of finding a product/technique that truly works and will get me the moisturised lips I long for.

For a short time now I have been using an intensive lip balm daily. I have been using the carmex lipbalm. And I find this to be rather amazing and keeping my lips moisturised for longer, though towards the end of the day or unless I keep reapplying (and I sometimes do) then the dryness comes back into my lips.

So, based off my personal lip ‘condition’ and the things I have tried in the past I already knew before trying these lip balms that the chances of them solving my issue were rather slim. However, that doesn’t mean that while they may not have got me smooth lips that they therefore ‘don’t work’. As I truly believe that they WILL have helped and will continue to help, even though they wont ‘cure’ my issue. As I said, I am on the more very dry end of the scale.

About Sheaplus

Sheaplus is a small businesses specialising in handmade lip balms. A variety of lip products are available for purchase including seasonal and personalisation products.

Sheaplus states on their facebook page ‘100% natural & organic ingredients free from parabens, SLS and harmful petrochemicals. We do not test on animals, suitable for vegetarians.’

You can browse and purchase their items via their facebook page by clicking here

You can also find them on Instagram by clicking here

What I received

I recently got sent a couple lip balms from Sheaplus to try. I got the scent/flavours ‘Mojito’ and ‘bubblegum’. Both smell and taste delicious!!! I was sceptical of the mojito one but in a shocking turn of events its actually my favourite of the two.

sheaplus lip balm review
I received 2 10g tins of lip balm. These are priced at £2.85* (exc p&p)


The MojitoAuthentic Cuban Mojito Cocktail inspired Lip Balm, beautifully moist Natural Lip Balm with the right long-lasting consistency. A combination of sweetness, refreshing lime and a mixture fresh mints. This balm has a good lime-y, minty refreshing aroma, it is sure to delight Mojito lovers and those who appreciate great natural ingredients… So fresh and uplifting.

Bubblegum– A traditional sweet bubblegum and a nostalgia inducing scent/flavour.

*I must point out that I’m not 100% certain on the pricing as the facebook page only shows ‘personalised’ pricing and not ‘standard’ pricing. I don’t know if this means that there is no price difference or if the personalised pricing is the only pricing available.

How does Shea butter help?


Shea Butter is processed from the nuts gathered from the Karite Tree, meaning the “Tree of Life,” and indigenous to Africa. This tree takes 20 years or more to produce its invaluable fruit, the Shea nut. The ripened nuts, regarded to as “women’s gold.” The concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids in Shea butter makes it incredibly nourishing and moisturising for skin and aids in the skin’s natural collagen production.


In Lip Balms sheaplus only use Organic unrefined Virgin Shea Butter – Certified Organic and Fair Trade (Butyrospermum Parkii) Premium (A) grade, 100% Unrefined, as raw, natural and as beautiful as you can get it. It retains all its natural content (vitamins A, E, F, minerals, proteins and a fatty acid profile) to ensure that it is suitable for a variety of skin types and that it will help your skin retain its brilliance and elasticity, it helps promote youthful skin, reduce fine lines and dryness.

Shea butter gets to work deep in the skin and leaves it feeling soft, smooth and refreshed. It is known to contain a number of ingredients with biological activity that includes moisturising and healing skin afflictions.

● Vitamin A – Necessary for healthy skin function, prevents scarring, anti-aging.
● Vitamin E – acts as an anti-free radical agent with anti-aging benefits, increases micro-circulation of the skin, repairs cellular degeneration, moisturises skin.
● Essential Fatty Acids – building blocks for the collagen in our skin, promotes tissue repair, prevents scar tissue formation and is anti-aging.
● Vitamin F – protects the skin, particularly from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Superbly moisturising and healing for the skin, also rich in Oleic, Stearic and Linoleic acids that help protect, nourish and keep the skin beautifully soft and moisturised, nutritious as well as replenishing and protected.

Because of an abundance of healing ingredients and its superior moisturising activity, Shea Butter is in a unique class as a stand-alone personal care product. Its vitamin rich micro-structure allows your skin to retain moisture, regain its elasticity and repair cellular degeneration.

Product Performance

What did I make of Sheaplus Lipbalms? Ill break it down into packaging and then performance.

Packaging– The 10g tin is a packaging that I like and prefer over stick lipbalms. There is the option for either or on the facebook page so for those that prefer the stick option then Sheaplus has your covered. The tins that Sheaplus use are screw top tins, YEY! Theres nothing worse than hunting around in your bag or pocket for your lip balm tin only to be met with an abundance of oily gloop because the lid has came off. The screw top lid will ensure this doesn’t happen.

The labelling on the packaging is a bit ‘indecisive’ I feel. The two I received have two completely different label styles and I would never, if presented with them unknowing they were from the same business, guess that they would be produced from the same place. I prefer the look of the mojito lip balm label as opposed to the bubblegum one as it looks more sleek and stylish. With that being said, its nothing major but from my own personal perspective I feel products within a business should ‘flow’.

The postage packaging was a padded envelope. The products were wrapped in pink tissue paper and a small paperslip with Sheaplus information was included also.

A side note about the shipping. I’m a little confused, and its nothing major but on the back of the products the business information states ‘Hampshire, England’ yet when I received the parcel it had a French postage on it, and took just over 2 and a half weeks to get here… I’m not sure of that aspect. Nothing too negative just more confusing and perhaps something to be aware of if you want to order and it hasn’t arrived in a few days. UPDATE– after writing this review sheaplus informed me that she had to spend time in france.

Product– I have used both lip balms since receiving them. They are very firm in consistency but as soon as you put your finger onto the product it starts to melt very easily, which allows for a quick and smooth application. The scent and flavour of the lip balms is very present when you apply it but it does of course weaken over time, as do most. The mojito scent is very lime prominent to me, which I love! It makes for a nice change from the traditional ‘strawberry’ or ‘mint’. The bubblegum is very much as you would expect in scent, though not as powerful as most lipbalms which I have tried which have bubblegum scent/flavour. This is not necessarily a good or a bad thing, just something I noticed.

When the product is on my lips it doesn’t feel as oily as some that I have used. Its not tacky either, which is amazing! The only perhaps possible downside to the lip balms to me, and it may not even be a down side entirely is that the longevity of the product on my lips isn’t very long at all….I would say within a half hour that there is little to no product left on my lips and so I’m needing to reapply. I say that I’m not sure that its a bad thing because I want to believe that its due to the fact that my lips are so dry and needing the moisture that theyre absorbing the product like theres no tomorrow. After the product has soaked into my lips, after about 30 minutes, my lips feel very soft but slightly tight on the dry/drying areas and its a feeling which doesn’t really go unless I put more lip balm on, which every 30 minutes is going to be a bit annoying. I find that the bubblegum is less lasting than the mojito, I’m not sure why.

Comparing the Sheaplus to carmex (since that’s what ive been using) the longevity differs immensely. Carmex can last me hours. But I do love the mojito scent/flavour a lot more than carmex. I can also find carmex to be a little more excessive in how oily it feels on the lips. But carmex is designed for a more intensive treatment. Perhaps sheaplus could develop an intensive treatment lip balm? This would be PERFECT!

With all that being said I don’t want anyone to think that this is a negative review. As its not. I like Sheaplus and the lipbalms that were sent to me. I reviewed these from the standpoint that not everyone has excessively dry lips like me and so for the majority of people these will be more than sufficient and do a fantastic job. But for me, while I will continue to use them I feel that they may have to be a lip balm that I use primarily for the scent/flavour as opposed to the job that they do on MY lips. I think I will put them ontop of my carmex one so that I can get the longevity of the carmex and the scent/flavour and shea butter benefits from the sheaplus ones.

If anyone has any tips/tricks or product suggestions for excessively dry lips then leave a comment below.



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