Wuffitmix review


I was recently sent a product for Bane and Rusev to try from a family run business in the UK specialising in producing high quality food and treats for our four legged friends. That business is Wuffitmix. You can find out all the history of the business, when and where it started and how its grown over the years by clicking here. You can truly feel that they have a deep passion for the industry they are in which has continued to grow from the day it was just an idea.

Wuffitmix says ‘A range of nutritionally complete feeds for puppies, working, sporting or domestic dogs since the 1960’s’

What was sent?

Bane and Rusev were sent a ‘Lick N Mix’ to try and to review. These, in my opinion, are super amazing! I haven’t came across anything like this before and the whole idea and look of it is very appealing.

The ‘Lick N Mix’ is a large ‘milkshake cup’ style container whereby YOU choose which products you want in it. Think ‘pick n mix’ but for dogs…hence ‘lick n mix’. There is a VERY good variety of options of treats to choose from and honestly you get ALOT for your money. You can choose 5 out of a possible 12 products and each product has its own benefits which are listed along side each treat (for example- ‘Peppermint Bones’ these aid to freshen breath). So I’m sure you can agree there is plenty to choose from with options to choose both sweet and/or savoury items which again is a great idea since it further adds variety into the mix.

The price of the ‘Lick N Mix’ I’m not 100% sure about as the website states ‘50% off £3.99 free delivery’. I’m not sure if I’m being exceptionally blank with understanding this but I’m not sure if it means £3.99 is the price WITH the 50% off or if you get 50% off the £3.99 price. I’m also not sure if the free delivery is always offered on this particular product. Their normal delivery/postage is calculated based off weight so I’m not sure the free delivery is always offered on the ‘Lick N Mix’ item. Meaning that as I type this I would rush on over there after you’ve finished reading this and grab one for your own pooches before the deal is finished.

The website says ‘The Lick N Mix range consists of soft treats, biscuits, training aids and dental sticks which all have their own purpose in the life of a happy healthy dog. The unique and fun pick n mix concept allows you to choose only the treats most suitable for your dog and their needs.’



What I got in Bane and Rusevs

In Bane and Rusevs ‘Lick N Mix’ they got ‘Doggy Mixtures’, ‘Puppy Love Hearts’, ‘Fishy Favourites’, ‘Swirlers’, ‘Poultry poppers’ topped with ‘Cookie Crunch’. (And I would like to point out I haven’t gotten to the bottom yet so there may be others in the mix that I haven’t mentioned…I say this as I was unaware until I got further down in the mix that there were some ‘Swirlers’ in there!)

Bane & Rusev Food Tasting….

Have a watch of Bane and Rusev tasting the Wuffitmix for the very first time. And then continue to have a read of the blog for a written evaluation aswell as staying to the very end and looking and laughing at the blooper photos.


As I’m sure you can see from the video they both enjoyed the ‘Lick N Mix’. Depite poor Bane taking a few seconds to realise there were treats on the floor to be had. Rusev, as you can see inhaled the Cookie Crunch treats first….are we to assume he has a sweet tooth? I think so! Don’t worry though, Bane did get more than the 1 cookie crunch that you seen him get in the video…they’ve both had more since this video and they both thoroughly love them and all the other treats in the Lick N Mix cup.

Watching and Waiting for the go ahead to start gobbling…


Its no shock that these two are little piggies when it comes to food. BUT I have to say that while they do generally eat almost everything and anything that they have no problems turning their nose up at something if they don’t like it….especially Bane.

I truly do love ALL aspects of the Wuffitmix ‘Lick N Mix’ cup. I haven’t came across anything like it before and I think its a rather fun and unique way for dog treats to be bought. I like that you can choose your treats, I like that you get your monies worth, I love that the dogs love them and I adore the nutritional factors. All in all this is, for me, a spectacular product which has thoroughly been thought out by wuffitmix to bring people and more importantly their dogs a versatile product which can cater to all types of dogs. I cant recommend it high enough. I had a teeny tiny concern…or more curiosity I would say as to how they would post such a thing and it not spill out everywhere but rest assured it comes VERY secure! (the two images shown below are how they come posted/packaged)

Extra photos

Here are some extra photos (not the blooper ones) for you to have a look at.


Because nothing with animals every goes as planned…. (I did have a video of bane crying at the Lick N Mix cup to have more but I seem to have lost it, BOO!)


I truly hope that this blog post has encouraged you to purchase your own ‘Lick N Mix’ cup because I really cant praise it highly enough.

Please do stop by Wuffitmix on their website, facebook, twitter and Instagram. As always, be sure to stop by Bane and Rusevs instgram too and also finally my own Instagram.

Toodles for now.


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