The Rustic Stamp Review


This blog post is somewhat of a rather semi-personal one to me for which ill explain along the way as to why.

I was recently given the absolute pleasure of being graced with receiving a beautiful item from a lovely small business called The Rustic Stamp. The Rustic Stamp is an Etsy based business and can be found here. The owner and creator of items at The Rustic Stamp is a very friendly woman called Melissa. Located in California, a long way away from me here in the UK, i was thoroughly surprised and shocked at just how quickly the item got to me from all the way across the pond. From the date of posting i received it exactly 7 days later, including weekend days.

After already having a discussion with Melissa previously about her items i already knew what i was going to be receiving but what i didn’t expect was just how much i would actually like it. I mean, i knew i would like it but for a few reasons (and this is where the personal part comes in) i liked it more than i initially thought i would.

Let me explain (ill try keep it short and brief). I suffer from anxiety….on a relatively bad scale. It originates from my emetophobia and the two go hand in hand…much to my distain! Anyways, for some reason….and I’m not sure if its anxiety related or not but i seem to have a ‘thing’ for forming a ‘bond’ with something inanimate. It doesn’t happen regularly but from time to time it presents itself and in most cases the reasoning behind the ‘bond’ is an anxiety related one. For example, i have a Christmas decoration which i keep up all year round. Its nothing big, just a handcrafted santa claus made from glass. This remains hung on the wall 365 days a year. Why? Because one time when i was exceptionally anxious and was having trouble getting to sleep from having waves of panic attacks i lay there and focused on the Santa Claus decoration which i had put on the wall (for safe keeping until the tree was due to go up, but in the end the santa claus never left that place on the wall and remains there to this day). I focused on his bright yellow belt buckle and his cheery face. This enabled me to distract my mind and focus on calming myself down. And for that reason, i have a little ‘bond’ with that santa claus decoration.

Here are some photos of the stamped spoon which i received from The Rustic Stamp.

As you can see it carries the words ‘Be Kind’ on the face of the spoon. I opted for these words because i planned (and as you can see from the photos) to make a wall art piece from the spoon to always remind me to ‘Be Kind’. Not only to other people but also to myself. I often have a knack of ‘beating myself up’ about things….even the smallest of things. And i believe this to primarily be down to my anxiety. Which i always work on to try to manage it efficiently. Some days are good, some are bad….and i think i need to remind myself more often to ‘Be Kind’ to myself.

Enough about my anxiety and back to the item and review.

The item i got is a teaspoon with handstamped lettering. Melissa has ALOT of items to choose from, not only teaspoons but other items too…such as keyrings, forks, garden markers and more. Melissa sources and uses vintage items so its important to note that your stamped item may have marks on it other than the stamped lettering. This just adds character and adds to the rustic feel. If you like the item i received then you can purchase your very own by clicking here. The cost of the item i got is £8.70p (at the time of typing this). And i think it is truly worth the money.

The Rustic Stamp offers a large variety of items (as i type this there are 200 in the etsy shop!) with different stamped wording on. Whether you want a cute loving saying for your partner, a funny remark for a friend, a personalised item for that special gift or like me a little something for yourself then The Rustic Stamp can cater. And IF you aren’t able to find something that’s suitable, then there is the option for a custom item to be made. I’m sure Melissa would be happy to help create the right item for you.

As mentioned earlier, i decided to turn my spoon into wall art. This didn’t take much doing and the overall finished result is rather effective and i love it. I used hessian as the background and finished off tying a natural coloured bow around the ‘shoulders’ of the spoon. You could of course do as you wish with your own or look online for inspiration. But for me i decided to stick with the rustic feel of the spoon itself and keep the overall layout rather simple so that i didn’t detract away from it.

Be sure to follow The Rustic Stamp on their Instagram by clicking here. And also their facebook page here.

If you do decide to get your very own hand stamped piece by The Rustic Stamp then please do let me know what you get and how you decide to display yours by commenting below.

Until next time, toodles.




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