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Bane and Rusev have been VERY lucky boys lately with getting to try lots of lovely yummy goodies from kind people with amazing businesses dedicated to providing great quality treats for dogs and Wellybix is no exception.

Wellybix state on their website

“WELLYBIX are healthy dog treats hand-made with LOVE in picturesque Teesdale (North East England)  They are full of natural, wholesome goodness and packed with my own garden herbs.  Unlike most commercial dog treats, all the ingredients are of human grade quality and have been tested and approved by WELLY, the Jack Russell!

They have NO artifical preservatives, colours, artificial flavour enhancers, added sugar or salt and are analytically tested and approved by a veterinary laboratory.”

Heres a little extra about Wellbix as a business, how it formed and its owner…

“After giving up my job as a pastry chef, initially to become a carer for my mother, I am now the proud owner of Wellybix, a thriving cottage industry making dog treats!  I hadn’t anticipated doing this at all, it just happened over night!

My business had its grounding  Christmas 2012 when I decided to bake some biscuits for my Jack Russell, Welly.  It wasn’t long before I began supplying the local hotel and holiday cottages with biscuits to give to clients who brought their pets on holiday.

Spurred on by the initial success, I set about formalising my business, coming up with the name Wellybix after my Jack Russell Welly-Bob and sending the biscuits off to a veterinary laboratory for complete nutritional analysis.

Two-year-old Welly does his bit by ensuring baking standards are met – he is my chief tester. He waits for each batch to come out of the oven and makes sure they are up to scratch!

Wellybix now supplies Pet Shops and Farm Shops in County Durham, Cumbria, North and West Yorkshire, Gloucestershie and further afield”

As you can see from the above statements Wellybix are committed to providing the best in dog treats as they can. I adore that I am increasingly coming across small businesses with such dedication to the wellbeing of our pets. I have said it before and I will continue to say it, I would much rather shop small, support the genuine passion of a person/people who are going above and beyond to ensure that their products are the best they can be for our pets and if this means paying more as a consumer then I am more than happy to do so. The larger businesses out there seem (to me) to lack a severe interest in what is and isn’t beneficial, nutritionally speaking, to our dogs. I know of a few big named brands out there that make sales from their name alone yet if you do some research into their products you will find that they provide minimal benefits to your dog, furthermore in some cases the price is on the larger side too, essentially people are paying for the name and its sad because there are so much more better businesses out there, and more often than not theyre the small businesses, the handmade dog treat businesses, the family run businesses…it just takes a little time into researching and youll come across some lovely treasures of businesses. Such as Wellybix!

What did Wellybix send for review?

Wellybix were super generous and sent bane and rusev 3 bags of their treats to review. You can find the full range to purchase but clicking here.

A little information about the products Bane and Rusev received.

The flavours that were sent were Beef with fresh parsley, Chicken with fresh thyme and Lamb with fresh rosemary. How snazzy do they sound?

Each bag weighs 110g and has a price of £3.25p each and there are currently 7 different flavours to choose from and I’m sure Wellybix will add more in the future as their business grows. The additional flavours are Peanut butter and spelt flour, Chocolate with carob, Carrot with fresh parlsey and Apple with fresh mint.

The Review

I know this isn’t taste related but its something which I seem to have a slight preference for is packaging. And Wellybix have opted for a rather rustic look to their packaging with the bag being of a kraft bag type with window to see contents and the simple placement of the flavour label which has the ingredients and best before date on the reverse is ideal and for me the overall ‘theme’ if you will is pleasing.

One aspect of the bags which I haven’t seen anywhere else before and utterly LOVED! is the way in which they are re-sealable.

The two tabs which are used to both open and secure the close of the bag is located on the rear of the bag. All you have to do is simply pull open each tab on either side and twist up in an action like turning a key. And the same for when you want to re-seal the bag you simple turn down and push back the tabs on the bag. I found this ingenious and I thoroughly applaud Wellybix on this little aspect as it makes a lovely feature. I say this with such gusto as we travelled with the treats and there was zero spillage of crumbs. (See a blooper video of this bag opening process in action at the end of the blog post….rusev makes an appearance)

The shape of the biscuit treat is bone shaped. The size is amazing! (roughly 6cm) so much so that each bone treat can be broken in half and still be a luxury sized treat as individual pieces.


The biscuits (not all) are on firm/very firm side (a couple I couldn’t snap in half) but for my dogs this is a good aspect as it forces them to chew up as opposed to immediately swallow. Being a pug and an English bulldog theyre rather ‘hoover like’ when it comes to food so I like it when I can give them something that I know they’ll chew up. They have a good crunch to them (from the sounds of it haha, I haven’t personally tried them!) and the dogs thoroughly love them (I got one out of the bag a moment ago to measure the size of it and Rusev came running over salivating! needless to say he and bane both got a half of the treat that was out, much to their delight).

Taste Test

Now for the juicy bit and Bane and Rusevs favourite bit….taste test time!

(please excuse the video editing skills, I’m not brilliant at it at all so please forgive me)

As you can see from the video the treat went down a hit! and I’m almost positive that since they got sight and smell of the bags that the treats were in that since then as soon as they see that bag out of the treat jar they get excited! (youll see what I mean when you watch the blooper video as Rusev immediately comes over as soon as I touch the treat bag)


Wellybix is, for me, and 100% the dogs a big fat success in ALL aspects. As a business and product. Furthermore they also offer other items on their website too….including packs to make your own treats at home! Aswell as also offering recipes to try too. Wellybix is very clearly a well thought out and perfectly formed business. I’m excited for Wellybix’ future and I hope that more people find it and give their products a whirl, whether that be treat based or not (as they also offer bathtime items too!!!!). I would and will 100% be back to Wellybix and im sure ill have nothing but encouragement from bane and rusev to do so too.

All factors taken into account I cant recommend Wellybix enough and again, I’m excited for their future. THANK YOU WELLYBIX!

Additional Photos


Here are some blooper photos and a video too. Enjoy

In the video food was being cooked in the background (hence all the noise) and I thought I would try to do a quick video of how the opening and closing function on the wellybix bags works incase I couldn’t describe it well in writing here on the blog…..as soon as I get going Rusev notices and comes over to get himself a treat…and that’s when there food being cooked in the kitchen, that’s how much he loves Wellybix treats, he left the kitchen area to come get a Wellybix treat.


Until next time, toodles



One thought on “Wellybix Review

  1. Thanks Anita, Bane and Rusev for such a Wooftastic Review. Great content and we love the live video clip. You are all Amazing…… Alison and Welly xx


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