Tillyanna Product Review


Today I received a lovely surprise item in the mail from a company called Tillyanna.

Founded by Helen Parker and located in the Welsh Hills Tillyanna is business which is highly driven by ethical beliefs. All their products are made to a strict fair trading policy. This is an aspect of Tillyanna that i admire, respect and believe they will gain a lot of success for. Tillyanna can be found here.

Tillyanna personalised pouch, (currently priced at £18)

I was lucky enough to receive a personalised pouch with the words ‘Anitas travel essentials’ on it in a simple, clean yet rustic design. The pouch itself is 100% cotton canvas (100% fairtrade) and is exceptionally large in size, given its called a ‘pouch’, this is a great thing as it allows to be used for multiple purposes. The overall size of the ‘pouch'(by my measurements) is approx. 13″ wide by just under 9.5″ high with a base depth of just over 4″.


The design on the pouch I received is personalised to me, and you can also have yours personalised too. This pouch isn’t the only design available, there are many different ones to choose between…..im glad mine was a surprise because I don’t think I would have been able to choose so easily between all the magnificent designs that Tillyanna offer.

One thing which was very obvious to me about ALL the Tillyanna products was how simple yet stylish they are. To me, this means that they will suit a lot of different peoples personal taste and style. Whether this is to be a gift you give or simply purchasing for yourself, youre sure to find something that you like the look of.


As mentioned earlier you can, if you wish, use the pouch for whatever purpose you wish. I will be using mine to house all my skin care products (moisturisers, cotton pads, micellar water etc). And I have ALOT of skin care products as I have problematic skin. So I have a lot of different products that I use on a daily basis to help manage my skin issues (acne and oily skin).

Above is a photo of the Tillyanna ‘pouch’ holding most of my skin care products. I was and am astounded at how much these things hold!!!! Usually I have to have multiple bags to hold all my skin care items but with this one I can fit them all in one place and STILL have plenty room for a lot more, which will be handy for it I travel as I can also include my toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant etc in there too.

So you can get a good idea of all the things that I had in the bag in the photo above here is a photo.

All the items I put in my bag and it STILL wasn’t full!


For the purposes of you being able to get an even clearer idea of how big these pouches are and how much they hold I will list the items that I had In the bag.

1 x pack of 50 cotton pads, 1 x pack of 25 skin therapy wipes (I don’t usually use these daily but I do take some when I travel), 1 x 400ml bottle garnier micellar water, 1 x 250g lush tea tree water, 1 x 45g lush grease lightning spot treatment, 1 x carmex lip balm pot, 1 x 250ml victorias secret body mist and 1 x 50ml yesto tomatoes skin moisturiser.

A couple of the items I put in there (namely the body mist and the face wipes) aren’t something I use on a daily basis but I did want to put them in there as they are something that I would pack if I was travelling and they were on hand so I threw them in there to TRY to fill up the bag.


Overall I LOVE Tillyanna. Both the product I received and the business. I only recently came across it and I’m super glad I did! I know this is a product review but I feel that the business side of things also needs a ‘high five’ and a mention.

With regards to the product I got……I am truly appreciative of mine. I can now fit all the items i need to, and more if necessary, all in one place. Not only that but its a very sturdy bag with a zip to match (not one of those feeble ones that will break at the drop of a hat). I know that im going to get alot of use out of mine and i believe most other people would too if they had one of their own. At £18 I think this is, taking all things into account, a really fair price. I didnt realise just how much I needed one of these bags until i seen this one and put all my items in there. Let me know which bag you would choose….GO GRAB YOURSELVES ONE!!! You can get your very own like mine by clicking here or you can browse all the Tillyanna products by clicking here.

Thank you Tillyanna for creating such lovely items and coming to my rescue with this pouch!!

Toodles. x





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