Island Kiss Lip Tint Review


With Summer right in full swing the opportunity to use and review these lip tints from Island Kiss couldn’t have came at a better time!

I don’t know about you, but for me, when the weather is hot sometimes one of the last things I want is a face full of make-up. But as I’m sure we all know that ‘no make up make up look’ often requires more make up than you would think; and so we need to be making sure that the products that we do use are beneficial to our skin. We don’t want them just sitting there getting baked into the skin in the heat. We want them to not only look and feel good but to provide us with a ‘service’. And in todays blog, I hope to bring you a lip product that does just that and is ideal not only for all year round but for Summer especially.

Who are Island Kiss?

Here is a delightful and informative statement from the website

“Island Kiss is a Lip Care  Brand inspired by Tropical Beaches across the world, fragrant coasts, salty air and lush notes of fruit and flower. Backed by Global Fund Solutions, Island kiss plans on a systematic product growth plan across the year 2016-2017.

Island kiss intends to house a range of 20 products within the lip care category, across colours and flavours. To start this venture with an impactful bang, Island kiss intends to launch It’s first High-End Product- the ‘Tropical Lip Moisturiser,’ or as they’d say in French- Tropique Pomades’ in smashing flavours. At Island Kiss we are a little obsessed with fun, organic freshness—and natural decadence. The collection is crafted in artisan-size batches using essential oils, active plant botanicals, and rich exotic butters. Because it’s non-toxic and safe and edible. 

 Recently, there have been fears about lead and other heavy metals in lipstick.  The numbers sound staggering. Imagine what 7 pounds of lead filled lipstick looks like! This had to stop, and we hope to play a part in our journey as ‘responsible expressers’. Upon accepting the harsh reality-that chemical filled product that call themselves natural), involved in 80% of the beauty products offered to us, we refused to accept this fate upon ourselves. We set about creating a product that is Pure, Raw, Healing, Vegan, Organic, Non-toxic, Edible, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Shea Free.

 We also live in a country stricken by child labour and other illegal practices,so we chose to ensure that we do not test upon animals, we practice Fair trade and Beyond, we  remain recyclable from packaging to raw material and Transparent. This is the first step we could take towards practicing ‘responsible expression’ ourselves. We’ve taken the best that the Tropics have to offer! Fresh, Creamy mix of Kokum, Avocado and Mango Butter make for a Tropical Lip Moisturiser, that Hydrates, Moisturises and Soften one’s lips.  Add to this a grounding drop of deep, heart-opening Tropical Essential Oil from across famous Islands of the world that take the tension of your lips, allowing a radiant and confidant smile.

 We have also come up with two tints that add smashing natural colour to your lips! Oh wait I almost forgot it tastes as good as it looks, I hope we don’t mistake it for ice-scream and there’s nothing artificial about it. A 100% natural & Non-toxic!”

As I’m sure you can agree Island Kiss is a company inspired and driven by making a change. Something which I adore in a business.

Island Kiss’ Website can be found here. I believe it is an Indian based company, however my parcel came from within the UK. The website features currency in RS (indian rupees) but I have used a currency convertor to get the GBP rate (which may differ daily).

Island Kiss can be found on Facebook, Instagram and twitter

The Products

Island Kiss were exceptionally generous with me and sent me all three of their lip tints.

Each Lip Tint is 14g, Organic, 100% cruelty free and not tested on animals.


Cherry Blossom Flores– Creamy like cherry petals and dewy like water droplets on the first blossoms of the orchard, the floral facet of cherry blossoms creates a luxurious, PicsArt_06-07-03.42.36sensuous, composition of soft pink island lips. Its organic SPF nourishment enhances lip soaking in the sun and snow.

Colour- Bunny Pink Tint

My Thoughts– I LOVE the scent of this one. Its not like any other lip product scent I have smelled before. Its a delicate, floral yet clean scent which I would love to capture and transform into a perfume! The feeling of this on the lips is VERY moisturising and not sticky at all, ideal for summer/hot weather. I have dry lips almost constantly but the moment I put this on i feel my lips loving the benefit of the moisturising treatment they’re getting. It applies glossy but as the lip soaks in all the goodness the overall look results in a slight sheen and the feel remains one of your lips being moisturised. The glossy aspect, for me, didn’t last long…presumably because my lips are so dry that they soak in any moisture that touches it very rapidly. However, i prefer a less glossy look/lip anyways (i don’t like that my hair sticks to it and how messy it can be and the longevity of gloss isn’t that long and its something which you have to be mindful off and have to reapply more often…again, something in Summer/hot weather you don’t want to be bothered with). The tint colour itself is named ‘Bunny Pink’…but its more of a coral tint which when you apply goes almost non visible (on my natural lip colour). This one produces almost an exact result to that which Alma Vanilla & Ignes Lavender- Birth Suit Nude gives (see below).

Alma Vanilla & Inges Lavender– The heart warming, luxurious pairing of vanilla and lavender aims to intoxicate your senses, relax your lips and calm your mind, conjuring an atmosphere of island excess and feverish soothing. Its organic SPF nourishment enhances lip soaking in the sun while you are carried far away by the scent of warm vanilla sugar. PicsArt_06-07-03.41.27

Colour- Birth Suit Nude Tint

My Thoughts– I was truly intrigued by the name of this one as i have never came across a Vanilla and Lavender lip product before. My initial thought when i used this lip tint was that it was almost exactly like Cherry Blossom Flores- Bunny Pink Tint (See above); in that the overall tint result was ‘clear’. Again, my lips felt amazing using this product and the moisturising effect was amazing….and welcomed! The glossy appearance faded quickly as my lips soaked in the product, leaving me with soft and well moisturised lips, and dare i say….craving for more still!…yes my lips really are THAT dry! The scent of this one is divine! The Vanilla and Lavender balance is perfect. The sweet, warm and cozy vanilla coupled with the relaxing lavender is truly a wonder to me. Since i get the same final ‘tint’ colour result from this and Cherry Blossom Flores- Bunny Pink Tint i would have to opt for this one over that one; purley for the scent. But make no mistake, both products work equally as well and are both fantastic.

Puerto Berry Blush– Your lips are tart, a bit stained- if you apply it several times- and fresh as if you’ve brushed your cheeks against a shrub. It is zippy, flirty and will satisfy lovers of colour.PicsArt_06-07-03.42.00

Colour- Berry Cheeky Tint

My Thoughts– The tint on this one is gorgeous! And it lasts a good while. After using the other two tints i didn’t expect such a present colour to be in this one, but boy was i wrong! Like the name ‘Berry Cheeky’ suggests it is just that, a beautiful red berry colour with a pink undertone. More on the blue side this one also makes your teeth appear whiter. Again, just like the other two the moisturising aspect of this one is just as good. However, the scent, for me, is my least favourite. Its a rather weak berry scent with an almost medicinal tone to it…but that may just be me. It doesn’t however put me off using it as the results of this one, tint wise, is my favourite. Like the others, it applies glossy..and for me, mattes down as my lips soak in the amazingness, leaving me with a stunning berry pink/red colour. The tint lasted surprisingly well…a good few hours (around 4 or so). For a tint product, not a stain product, i think is exceptionally well.

Swatches and Try on

Here are some photos of each tint swatched on my arm and also on my lips. As you can see ‘Bunny Pink’ and ‘Birth Suit Nude’ there is the smallest of difference in tint. FYI have a couple darker areas on my lips (which you can see) these are scars from when i was younger and had a little accident.



Additional Information about the products

The packaging. With a running ‘pin up/tropical’ theme i find this just enchanting.  The exterior of the boxes are adorned with information about that particular scent/flavour; inspirations and such.

The ‘shelf life’ of each lip tint is 36 months, so youll have plenty of time to use all the product.

Amazing shipping prices. Shipping is around 60p (i believe, based off the currency convertor) but if you spend over £12 you qualify for free shipping.

Overall thoughts


Overall i am thrilled to have been able to try the Island Kiss lip tints. My lips are being treat very well by these and I’m more than happy to continue using them on a daily basis, especially during the summer months.

Id happily return to Island Kiss to purchase ‘Birth Suit Nude’ and ‘Berry Cheeky’ again. I don’t think i would bother to get ‘Bunny Pink’ just because for me it would be pointless since i get the exact same result from ‘Birth Suit Nude’ and prefer the scent of that one.

My recommendation for you to try Island Kiss products is exceptionally high. I don’t think you will be disappointed. Its an easy to use product that you can pop in your bag and give your lips some TLC while looking fresh and finished. Sometimes a look looks unfinished without anything on the lip, and so these are a lovely item to do that with and tie everything together.

One aspect to be mindful of, and its not solely an Island Kiss product thing as i have seen it in other products too. Is that you may want to squeeze/shake the tube prior to using to mix all the product together as it does have a tendency to separate and so when the time comes to use it you may find, if you don’t shake/squeeze the tube before using, that you get an oil out of the tube before the tint product comes through. This isn’t anything to be concerned with as its a naturally occurring thing. But it will save on wastage or spillage.

Island Kiss have definitely got a thumbs up from me. Their ethos and their product are something to get behind and support. I hope Island Kiss bring additional lip tints out as i for one would be interested in adding them to my collection of their products. Its evident that a lot of care and attention has gone into their lip tints and that they have produced something which not only looks good but actually does what it claims to do. Yey for my dry lips getting some much needed care!

I hope that you have found this blog post interesting and useful.

Have a lovely Summer!






2 thoughts on “Island Kiss Lip Tint Review

  1. Amazing post! I have reviewed one of the variant of my blog too. Do check that out 😊
    Apart from that I love the images in this post. Very well shot! Keep it up girl! xo


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