Skin Food- Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder Review


Finishing powders.

Are they worthwhile or pointless?  Should you be using them?

For many many years I didn’t use a finishing powder. In all honesty I didn’t fully know what the purpose of them was and because most finishing powders are ‘translucent’ I was a bit hesitant to pay out for something that ‘couldn’t be seen’.

I had assumed that a finishing powder was a slightly more fancy foundation and that one of its purposes was to help cover imperfections and blemishes etc. In short, I was wrong. This isn’t what a finishing powder is or what one should be used for as youll be left unhappy with the results.

So, what is a finishing powder?

A finishing powder is the last of the base products you should use on your face. Using a primer will further enhance your make up  but you don’t necessarily HAVE to use a primer if using a finishing powder (I don’t always use one, hardly ever infact). So after your primer, if you use one, your liquid/cream/powder foundation, concealer, contouring,  blush, bronzer, highlighter has all been done THIS is the point where you would apply your finishing powder. What it will do is it will ‘set’ everything in place and add additional longevity to your makeup.

How does finishing powder work?

Finishing powders work by adding a layer which ‘sets’ all your make up in place. A finishing powder will absorb any excess oils which are left over by your foundation or other liquid/cream products which may leave oily residue on the skin. It will also work throughout the day to absord any oils from your face and help prevent your make up ‘sweating off’ and will almost certainly give longevity to your makeup.

Worthwhile or Pointless?

In my opinion a finishing powder is definitely worthwhile, for the right skin type. I personally don’t think that every person NEEDS or should be using a finishing powder. Why? because there is no point using a skin product just because you can…..unless you want to of course, as that’s up to you. But for me, if I didn’t have problematic skin and the use of a finishing powder didn’t offer me great benefits then I probably wouldn’t use one. However, since I do have problematic skin I find that a finishing powder certainly helps me. If you have dry skin I wouldn’t recommend you using a finishing powder as it will end up looking ‘cakey’. If however you have oily skin then I would highly recommend that you try a finishing powder and see if it helps your make up last longer.

Skin Food Peach Sake Silky Finishing Powder

I purchased Skin Food Peach Sake Silky Finishing Powder from for approx. £15


My previous finishing powder that I used (NYC Loose setting powder) has since been removed from the shelves it seems (if anyone knows where I can get some then do let me know!). I also use Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder  which I LOVE and would highly recommend but after watching Emma Pickles (from youtube) monthly favourites video she mentioned about this Skin Food finishing powder and since she was the one who recommended the NYC loose setting powder too I thought I would give it a go also.

I did find it rather hard to come by in the UK other than on 2 websites (this may have increased by the time I write this blog). I opted to purchase mine from, more specifically here . It cost me around £15.00 including p&p (give or take a couple pence/pound) for 15g of product. For me, I wouldn’t class it as a cheap product. Not when the NYC was around £3 and was fantastic. I was hesitant to splurge out on the Skin Food finishing powder but after some umming and ahhing I decided to just go for it.

It didn’t take too long for it to arrive at my door, maybe slightly over standard 3-5 days. It was parcelled in with another item I ordered from amazon so I cant comment on how well it is packaged when its posted solo.

The first thing I noticed was the packaging. I loved how oriental it was. Given Skin Food is Asian created I adored that they had incorporated this into their product design with a ‘wood/bamboo’ type package. The Eastern part of the world excels in skin care products! They are renowned globally for this. Likewise they are also avid believers in natural remedies. Skin Food have combined the two to develop products.

Once I opened the actual container which housed the powder I had to have a sniff to see what it smelled like. Sake? Peach?… cant be that nice surely. WRONG! The overall fragrance is that of peach. Its not overwhelming or sickly but it is present and makes using the product a delight to use.

It comes with a powder puff which I use to dot the product on my face but I would suggest using a fan brush as this will make sure the product applies more evenly. The only reason I remain using the powder puff is because I don’t like that the ‘sieve’ part of the container doesn’t have an open or close mechanism to it. So in effect its constantly open and unless the container remains upright at all times (and in my make up bag it wont) then the powder inside will just sieve out though the holes and cause a big mess. Especially because the upper lip also has a slight hole in it too (you can see the hole at the bottom of the lid on the first photo) which means that the powder would fully escape the entire container.

The powder itself is ultra-fine micro silica powder which will keep your skin soft.


As you can see from the photo above the dot areas are where the powder is. I simply put the powder puff ontop of the holes on the container and tipped it up. This is how I apply the powder daily. But again,  a brush would give better final results I feel.

Did it work for me and would I recommend it to others?

Comparing the Skin Food to that of other finishing powders that I have used I’m not sure I would recommend it over those. While the scent of this one is delightful I’m not convinced that it works better than others that I have tried.

If you don’t have problematic skin but want to try a finishing powder then I would recommend this one as I do believe that it does offer benefits to your skin due to the ingredients. And since you wont have problematic areas to contend with you may enjoy this product more.

If you do have problematic skin (oily, acne prone) then I would advise to try the Vichy dermablend setting powder. If I cant find the NYC loose setting powder again then I will continue on in using the Vichy dermablend setting powder instead of repurchasing the Skin Food peach sake silky finishing powder.

I truly wanted this to work for me, but unfortunately It just want meant to be. Ill continue using it until its ran out but sadly I do find that I reach to use it more for the scent than anything else.

If you use finishing powders then which do you use?


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