Woof Gorgeous Dog Soap review


If youre not already familiar with my blog then first let me put it out there that I’m a crazy pug and English bulldog mum and I know I’m not the only fur baby parent out there that loves to indulge their ‘children’ and so hopefully there is someone out there that will be interested in this blog post/review.

What is it?

In plain and simple terms its soap. For dogs. But its an all natural and handmade in the EUΒ soap. All the ingredients are carefully selected and combined together to produce a soap bar which benefits our four legged friends skin and coat.

Where can I get it?

I came across this product on InstagramΒ but the packaging shows a website address of www.thegoodmoodcosmetics.com but when I accessed that website address it just offered me links to places where I can purchase the many products that the company (the good mood cosmetics company) offers. I did however see that there is an Etsy shop which when I looked shows that ‘woof gorgeous’ is a side line of products for our dogs. So if your wanting something for yourself too then they cater for that and have many items. ‘Woof Gorgeous’ has its own specific Instagram page aswell as its own facebook page .

A direct link to the product on Etsy is here

About Woof Gorgeous

Here is what ‘The Good Mood Cosmetics’ company says about themselves

‘Hi there,

we are young, happy company who love all beautiful things, cool designs, exploring, adventures, music, dancing, photography, good food, friends, yoga, laughing, hiking, animals, mountains, woods, letters, black&white and the most important – we are always in a Good Mood πŸ˜‰ We also love everything comes from nature, therefore, we started to produce our own natural cosmetics for you and also for your dogs. Each product is formulated especially for a particular purpose and for different skin type and every ingredient is there for a specific reason. All of our products are made in a small batches in our little workshop, here in Slovenia. We don’t use nothing artificial, no synthetic colors, dyes, perfumes, preservatives…. no chemicals added. All of our formulas are tested by us and also security rated in lab. We believe that skin deserves the best and that we all need our little home spa every often. So put your Good Mood ON and enjoy :)’

The Product

The soap bar weighs 100g (3.5 oz)Β and is square in size with a cute addition of a paw print in the soap bar. The colour of the soap is the colour created naturally from all the ingredients and is a pale yellow/cream colour. The company is a Slovenian based company so it took a few weeks (approx. 2-3) to arrive to me (UK) and was very cutely addressed to Bane and Rusev.

The outer packaging of the product is clean and modern with all the information about the product and the company printed on the box. There is handwritten best before and ‘lot number’ (I assume this to be what I would refer to as a ‘batch’ number) on the exterior of the box also which further instills that this product comes from a small company, which I love and love to support.

The ingredients of the soap is as follows (taken from the exterior of the packaging)

Sodium olivate, aqua, sodium cocoate, sodium sunflowerseedate, sodium sheabutterate, glycerine, butyrospermum parkii butter unsaponifiables, Rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil, citrus lemon peel oil, clay, citral, geraniol, linalool, citronellol, limonene.


I wanted to pay particular attention to how quickly to soap lathered up. As I know for my own dogs…especially Rusev (the bulldog) he doesn’t like bath time so much as so I need to process to be as smooth and quick as possible for him and if I had to spend a considerable amount of time trying to get the soap to foam up then it would just cause him more stress as it would prolong the bath for him.

As you can see on the first photo (I used Bane the pug, as he just stands still in the bath) this is the point where I had literally just put the soap on his fur to start the ‘scrubbing’ process. The second photo was taken within seconds of the first one (and you can tell this as the bubbles are only on the one place that I set off with the soap). The fact that this soap produces lather within seconds of it being used is great news and I’m sure many other dogs would appreciate this quick acting soap.

The scent of this soap is definitely reflective of the fact that its a natural soap. Of course the scent would therefore be one that is natural. It has an earthy/herby fragrance to it which is very fragrant during the washing process. This scent, to me, once the dogs have been towel dried isn’t that nice. Its not disgusting but its not as nice as when the soap bar is being used. I did notice though that the scent didn’t linger much once the dogs had fully dried off. And a day later the scent is fully gone. Which for me, is a good thing. Would the scent put me off using the soap again, or recommending it? Not at all. And ill tell you why next.

During the bathing process I felt the soap was soft and smooth to use and I felt like the dogs were getting a good clean from it as their fur felt almost instantly more sleek which I just assumed was down to the fact there was a lot of bubbles from the soap. However, once the dogs had fully dried their fur was still soft and fluffy, especially on Bane (the pug). Rusev (the bulldog) has slightly more wirey fur but even his was noticeably more softer then usual.

A day later and their fur is still soft and smooth and they neither of them have shown any signs that the soap has irritated their skin in any way. I have used some on them in the past and they’ve been irritated by them and so had to have another bath to help.

I ADORE that this is in bar form. It makes storage and usage a lot more pleasing. With bottled shampoos I find that while I am squeezing the shampoo out onto my hand is the time that the dog attempts to get out the bath, causing a wave of water over the sides and a mess to contend with after wards. I have also found that when using the bar of soap it allows me to have one hand on the dog at all times which not only keeps them from jumping out the bath but I find helps calm them also. Making bath time more relaxing for them than normal.

The price of the bar of soap is Β£8.28 (exc shipping) which I believe is very good value for what you get when taking all aspects into account, furthermore you help supportΒ  small business! Which can only be a good thing.

I hope that this review has been of use to you in some way and that you decide to give Woof Gorgeous dog soap a go, aswell as treating yourself too to some of their products.

Until next time



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