Chaaboo Handmade Tea Soap REVIEW

A true sign of an England dweller is their love of tea. We use the word ‘tea’ for a variety of things…such as; Cup of tea, Iced tea, tea cake, tea time…we have a biscuit called ‘rich tea’….im sure you get the idea. US BRITS LOVE TEA!

Now, as Chaaboo rightly point out on their website ‘tea is not just for drinking’ .One thing which tea is possibly less known for but chances are youll have atleast heard of before is that tea has health properties. Tea can be used in beauty products in a variety of ways to offer different things. For example, it may be used for natural colouring, it may be used as an exfoliant etc. I am no soap maker, but I can only assume that the process of using tea in soap isn’t as simple as cutting open a tea bag and pouring it into a soap mixture. Much rather that it involves a process of grinding up the raw tea leaves and then drying it out .

When I came across a lovely handmade soap business called Chaaboo and seen that they specialise in tea infused soap I was immediately heart eyed and intrigued as I have honestly never used a tea soap before.

Who is Chaaboo?

I found Chaaboo on Instagram but you can also check out their website and facebook page.

Founded in 2012 and based in Herefordshire, England Siri uses the traditional cold process method of soap making and combines all natural ingredients to produce a product that will moisturise and nourish the skin. And to further add stars to this business all their products are palm oil free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans and not tested on animals! YIPPEE!!!

The Product

This review is for the best selling soap that Chaaboo make. The ‘Lemon & Lemongrass Tea Soap’

Lemon & Lemongrass Tea Soap £4.50


This soap contains: Olive oil, Coconut oil, Rice bran oil, Shea butter, Tea water & tea leaves, Fragrance oil 

Size/Weight: 85g

Fragrance Description: This beautiful fruity tea soap is an absolute classic, and currently our bestselling soap. Lemon & Lemongrass Tea Soap offers a combination of a crisp. sparkling, herbaceous lemon fragrance with a clear, bright citrus scent.


The Review


As far as my personal review goes I can only comment on the soap that I have used and the service that I have received from Siri. But I will expand more on Chaaboo as a whole in my ‘conclusion’ below.

Ill start off by talking about the fragrance as quite honestly more often than not when we purchase products that are fragrance based ie- perfume, body lotion, soaps and even things such as washing up liquid or fabric softener the fragrance has the majority deciding factor on if we buy it or not. And for the soap that I tried ‘lemon & lemongrass tea soap’ the scent is very much (for me) a winner. There is nothing hidden about it, theres nothing ‘just not right’ about it, it is very much what you want and would expect from a natural ingredient lemon & lemongrass soap. The citrus aspect of it isn’t overpowering one bit, some lemon (or other citrus fragrances) can be too much and border on the ‘floor cleaner’ scent type. But Chaaboo have got it just right. Its a lemon that’s very much present but almost smooth to inhale. It leaves you skin smelling clean and fresh for sure!

The packaging of Chaaboo soap is simplistic. Colourful tissue wrapped and adorned with the company logo and clear to read ingredients on the reverse. What I am about to say I say in a positive aspect. You can tell that the focus is on the product and not the packaging. Let me expand to explain. Sometimes you can purchase something and when it arrives it has oodles of fancy packaging and you can be left a bit let down by the actual product, and in a sense feel like you’ve paid more for the packaging than the product itself. With Chaboo you can see and feel that their priority is the product, which is reassuring as a consumer.

The appearance of the soap is natural with the tea elements being visible and an indented Chaaboo logo in the centre.

When I used the soap I noticed 2 things almost instantaneously. 1) that the size and shape of the bar was comfortable to use. Some handmade soaps, especially ones which have been cut into random shapes and have a more rustic type feel can often be too large and awkward to hold and use. And 2) the lather. Which produced within seconds of being used. Which I love given that it doesn’t contain any Sodium Lauryl Sulphate which more larger companies and well known brands use in their soaps as it causes the soap to lather more, thus using up the product more quickly which will inturn mean you have to repurchase sooner, ultimately meaning that you have to spend your money more often with them.

The tea. I thought I would be able to feel the tea on my skin, I expected it to be rough, almost scratchy. But it wasn’t. I didn’t feel a thing! The Lemon & Lemongrass fragrance further enhanced as I was using the soap and the lather was very generous. My skin whilst using the soap felt instantly softer once my skin was dry it remained just as soft! The lemon & lemongrass fragrance lingered on the skin a short time but may have been longer had I not have used perfume over top (my bad).


My final conclusion on Chaaboo soap both as a product and as a business is a very positive one.

Chaaboo specialise in making natural tea infused soaps and gosh do they have a lot!! 16 full size soaps to be exact and a variety of fragrances too. From ‘unscented’ to the more traditional ‘rose’ with a few adventurous ones like ‘chocolate’ or ‘apple and walnut’ thrown in there too. So there is sure to be something for everyone. They also offer hampers, gift sets, minis and more and all have the chaaboo charm and style.

I feel that Chaaboo/Siri offers an excellent quality product which you can use with confidence that your skin is going to gain from beneficially. The use of tea in their soap is an ideal way to incorporate something which some people may not have thought about being suitable but actually provides a use.

When speaking with Siri I got a vibe that she was friendly, approachable and had a genuine care and passion for what she does.

I would highly highly recommend Chaaboo to you and everyone else. If you haven’t tried a tea beauty product then give these a go and see what you think. With Christmas coming up why not include some as stocking fillers (actually, I might do that myself!) or go all out and get a hamper!

I’m excited for Chaaboo’s future and hope with all my heart that they gain great success.

One thing I have a passion for, and I think that’s evident by my reviews, is I adore handmade businesses (having one myself) and I can truly appreciate such businesses and feel that the time for handcrafters to gain power over the mass chain stores is nearing closer and closer and we should all support as best we can as you can be guaranteed that your custom will be more appreciated than could ever be described.

Thank you Chaaboo for allowing me to review your soap. I’m sure ill be back!!! Until then, keep up the fabulous work.



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