Bella Vida Lipstick Review


Autumn is here!!!! And with it comes the change of fashion and beauty…as with every season. From the bright and fresh trends of the Summer to the dark, warm and rich trends of Autumn. I know I, for one, am excited.

For many many many years lip colour of all kinds has always been a product that women consider an essential. It can often be the product that brings an entire look together. Making the difference between a good look and a great look. Take the classic pin up look, lets say Marilyn Monroe for example, without the bright red lip (which was actually many different shades of red and a variety of products used to create) it just wouldnt have been as finished….and certainly not as glamorous. Her iconic winged eye and bold red lip has lasted a time and will undoubtedly last for some time yet, if not eternity.

No matter your skin tone or personal preference there is always a lip product that is for you. You don’t have to smother your lip in a bold and daring colour….sometimes just a tint is more than enough. Its all about experimenting! And I’m excited to introduce to you a small handmade cosmetics company for you to try.

Who is Bella Vida Lipstick?

Bella Vida Lipstick is a company I came across on Instagram. As I believe is evident already I am a HUGE fan of small independent businesses . I personally feel that they provide a more personal and friendly service AND they ship internationally. Not to mention that any custom they get is HIGHLY appreciated, and with Bella Vida Lipstick there is no exception.

Specialising in handmade lip products Bella Vida should be a business and product that you take a look at.

In Bella Vidas own words, here is a statement from their website.

BellaVida Lipstick Company produces handmade vegan/cruelty free lip cosmetics that contain high quality, carefully selected ingredients. These lip products do not contain harsh additives/chemicals such as parabens, animal based products or any of the lake dyes (ie Red 30). All products are professionally handmade. 

Where to find Bella Vida Lipstick

You can find Bella Vida Lipstick on Instagram, on their website and also on facebook

As I type this blog there website doesn’t currently house any products for sale, this is due to the website being new and under construction. But please do keep an eye on it for future purchases. You can use the Instagram account to place your order in the meantime.

What I received

I was lucky enough to receive a colour which is highly suitable for Autumn. I’m not sure entirely of the shade as unfortunately it isn’t listed on the product packaging. I’m not sure if this is how all the lipsticks are or if it is/was just the one in which I received. Based off the shade and comparing to their Instagram photos I am going to assume that the shade is called ‘FORBIDDEN’.

‘BellaVida Lipstick in the shade Forbidden’ priced at $10.00


Product Review

The product arrived to me from the USA to the UK in under 2 weeks. This is around average shipping time for the distance.

It arrived in a jiffy bag and so had relatively good protection for the shipping journey.

When I opened the parcel i initially noticed the colour, as it is visible from the base via a clear section on the lipstick casing. This is something i like and prefer when dealing with lipsticks as you can see the exact shade the product is as opposed to there just being a name or a sticker printed in the ‘shade’ which the product is….which in most cases isn’t accurate. Bella Vidas choice to have a clear section to display the lipstick shade is a wise and welcomed decision in my opinion.

As mentioned earlier, sadly there isn’t any mention of the product shade/name. Whilst i can see the shade i would also like to know the name and have that on the packaging somewhere too.

Bella vida has a label with their logo stuck on the side of the lipstick. Using stickers in such a way is more than fine with me (i do it myself in my own business) however i did find that i had to really look to work out the logo and what it said due to the size and design of the logo. This isn’t a major issue for me, but like with the shade name being ommitted mentioned above i feel that it detracts away from the product as a whole.

‘Forbidden’ lipstick by Bella Vida Lipstick

Now, onto the lipstick itself.

Sadly when i opened mine the bullet fell out also, i guess it broke during transit. I’m not mentioning this to be negative as for me I’m not bothered that it happened and Bella Vida were more than happy to advise me on how to fix it (which i have tried but failed to do…im not confident i wont break it more trying to fix it). I had to mention it however as there is a photo later on which you can clearly see theres a breakage.

The shade ‘fobidden’ i LOVE. I don’t have a shade like it and i think its perfect for Autumn. I will say that i have very fair skin and so when i use this to its full opacity it can lean towards a more gothic type look. Which isn’t a problem for me but its something to bear in mind if your pale like me.

It can however be worn less intense by smudging the colour into your lips to mute it a bit. As you can see from the swatches below it makes a difference wearing it ‘full on’ or by sheering it out, which is a great aspect to this lipstick as it gives you multiple options on how intense you want the shade to be.

On the left is full opacity and on the right is smudged in.

The shade itself i would describe as a deep burgundy brown with an almost rich wine appearance.


The bullet tip is a straight edge (though mine has rounded out considerably due to me trying to fix it). And you can get a good crisp line if using this lipstick alone without a lipliner. In the photos you will see of me wearing it i didn’t use a lip liner or a lip brush. In actual fact i just used the bullet as is…and it was wobbly due to being broken in the packaging and i still managed to get a decent line! I can only imagine how much better it works when using a non broken one.

You get approx. 1 inch of lipstick in the tube. So you get a good amount.


There is little fragrance to this lipstick, just a general cosmetic smell. Nothing bad or offensive and for me undetectable when wearing or using.

The longevity of this lipstick is medium. I tend to bite my lips (tut tut) and i have really dry lips also, and i got a good amount of wearing out of this before needing to reapply. you cant eat and drink and the lipstick still be perfect, it will need touching up. Its not kiss proof or smudge proof either. So its definitely a product that you have to be mindful of when wearing, especially with it being such a noticeable colour.

The finish of this lipstick i would class as a satin. Its moisturising to wear and doesn’t feel heavy or sticky on the lips.

This colour will make a great colour to do an ombre lip with and I’m excited to use this throughout Autumn and Winter.



Wearing ‘Forbidden’

For me personally since i am so pale i cant get away with wearing a heavy eye and dark lip unless i want to venture into the goth style….which I’m a little old for now, hehe. But that’s not to say you wont see that look on my Instagram one time. But for the majority of the time i wear a dark lip i keep the eyes relatively simple. Today i opted for a simple and subtle winged eyeliner, with accent dots (i don’t like to wear full water line eyeliner much) with ‘forbidden’ as the lip colour and i think it works gloriously.




Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the Bella Vida Lipstick shade ‘forbidden’ is that i love it. I love the colour, i like the product, i like how it feels on the lip and i adore that its a small business that’s created it and that its animal/cruelty free!

I feel that Bella Vida are still figuring things out (finishing touches wise). They have the product itself down. But there are other aspects which could be improved, but its nothing major and certainly wouldn’t deter me from recommending them to anyone else. Bella Vida is a new and upcoming business and like any and all businesses, there is a learning curve. Which I’m sure Bella Vida are well underway with figuring things out and perfecting things along the way.

As always, i wish bella vida the best of success and thank them for allowing me to review their product.




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