Mi Salon Series Hair Product Review


I TRY to look after my hair relatively well. I rarely use heat tools and I’m in the process of growing out all my dyed hair so that all I have left is my natural ‘virgin’ hair. I have done really well so far and I would estimate that I only have around 4″ or so on the ends that are ‘old’ dyed hair. Which means that the vast majority of my hair is all ‘fresh’.

I have noticed a visible difference in my hair quality and strength since I have decided not to overload it with dyes and/or scorch it with heat tools regularly. To keep ontop of my quest for healthier hair I do use coconut oil on it from time to time. I simply take raw pressed coconut oil and coat all my hair, wrap it in some cling film, then put a towel over the top of that and then leave it to do its thing. Its recommended to leave it on for atleast 1 hour for it to do some good to your hair but I tend to put it on in the evening and then sleep with it in and wash it out in a morning shower. If you haven’t tried coconut oil then you’re missing out. I wont go on about it here as this post is about Mi Salon Series but I did want to mention that I was keen to try their products since it claims to be more beneficial to the hair.

Mi Salon Series Products I received

Who Are Mi Salon Series?

Mi Salon Series are a business who specialise in designing and providing products for the hair with a focus on what’s beneficial to both the hair and the user, in terms of products type, how its used and the end results.

What did Mi Salon Series Send me?

I was very lucky and received several items from Mi Salon Series. I received 3 packs of their MiTis and one of their barrel brushes.

I received 3 packs of the MiTi hair ties. These are priced at £3.75p and come in a range of colour options. The colours I received are ‘Sweet Lavender’ (I believe, though it could be neon pink but it doesn’t seem to ‘Neon’ hence why I assume its lavender). The colours aren’t listed on the packaging so I am trying to match mine to the list on the website. I also received clear aswell as ocean teal which is a limited edition colour, at the bottom of the list of colours on the website it does state that limited edition colours are available.

The MitTi claims to

  • Give perfect hold
  • Be gentle on the hair
  • Be ideal for during sleep
  • Be suitable for all hair types
  • Not leave any indent in the hair
  • Reduce head stress

Now, let me go through these points individually to confirm or disagree with them. I have had approx. 3 weeks or so of using the MiTi so I feel I have good enough experience with them to be able to agree or disagree with the companies claims.

Before I start with my experience with them I would like to point out that my hair is medium thickness, about mid way down my back in length.

  • Give perfect hold- The first few uses of the MiTi do give quite good hold. I wrapped it around my hair (in a standard pony tail) 2 times, and it felt strudy. After using the MiTi less than a handful of times I noticed that it didn’t maintain its ability to keep good hold, as the tie had stretched with use. As a result I was having to do an additional tie around my hair, making it 3 times around, which would then give me sturdy hold.
  • Be gentle on the hair- Yes. I agree with this statement. When I use normal elasticated hair I find that my hair can often get wrapped up and/or pulled out. And over time I end up with a bit of hair build up around my hair tie. With the MiTi this was significantly reduced with only a handful or hairs, sometimes none at all, on the tie after removed from my hair. I showed my hairdresser friend the MiTi and she said that she was surprised at how little hair was wrapped around it (after seeing my previous hair ties and what they were like).
  • Ideal during sleep- Yes. Another point I agree with, to an extent. Whilst the MiTi has good elasticity its great for sleeping. But once it looses its strength then it almost becomes pointless to use while sleeping as it just gets very very loose, If not comes out altogether.
  • Suitable for all hair types- I can only speak for myself and my own hair type as to how good it is for all kinds of hair. I would class my hair very much on the normal scale. Nothing fancy about it, no curls, no extreme thickness/thinness etc. Although I will say I did notice Abby Branning on EastEnders wearing one too and she appears to have very thick hair and it held her hair in fine, it seemed.
  • Leaves no indent in the hair- This one I have to severely disagree with. I was super excited about this claim too. As I didn’t see how it was possible for it to not leave an indent in the hair. Sadly It didn’t live up to the claim, for me atleast. Refering back to when I showed my hairdresser friend the MiTi I said to her that its supposed to not leave any indents I your hair. I took out the MiTi and she immediately said ‘well that’s not true because it has’, which I knew anyways from having had indents in my hair every time I had used the MiTi.
  • Reduced head stress- Yes, again to a degree. Whilst the MiTi has its elasticity it does offer significant less stress on the head. But as it got more loose I had to wrap it around the hair additional times to make it more secure. This resulted I it becoming just as tight and pulling on the hair/head just as much as other hair ties.


My thoughts on the MiTi hair tie.

Initially, I was very impressed but then as I used them more and more I began to get less impressed with them. Primarily because, for me, you only get a VERY limited amount of use out of them and not all they claim is factual (in my case). I found that after only 3 days use of a new MiTi that the elasticity was gone so much that I had to use a new one. After a few days I checked back on the loose MiTi to see if it shrunk back into shape and regained its elasticity that it had in the beginning. While it did shrink back some, it didn’t go back to how it was and would be good for only another 2 or so uses.

I feel that the MiTi offers some benefits for both user and hair but that overall I’m not sure that the lack of longevity of the ties make them worthwhile.

The other item that Mi Salon Series sent me was a 33mm ceramic barrel brush. I don’t use my hairdryer very often on my hair and one thing I am…was…missing from my tools was a barrel brush.

Mi Salons website description of their brushes.

The Mi Salon Series Barrel Brushes come in a variety of sizes to suit the need of any professional stylist.

The 4Twist technology means the bristles will not unravel when used whilst styling with heat.

The Ceramic coating enables frictionless styling whilst helping maintain healthy manageable hair.

The Ceramic coating also enables heat syling to last by retaining heat for longer.

Rounded bristle edges help the brush hold onto hair without damage whilst being soft and kind to the scalp.”

Using the barrel brush I focused it primarily at the root to give some lift and volume. Having longer hair I often find can weigh it down and results in a rather ‘flat’ look at the root.

The brush is light, very light and comes with a little amber coloured  jewel in the handle which I found to be a nice finishing touch to the brush. Each brush also has the size and brush type on too, another aspect I found helpful and would imagine much more helpful to those who have lots of brushes or use different brushes regularly (at a salon perhaps).

Despite having a barking bulldog at my side whilst trying to dry/style my hair I did manage to get a relatively decent end result. My hair felt smoother and most notable was that it was definitely more lifted at the root (which was my main aim). I didn’t do any fancy styling, just a general blow dry. I feel that if I was to have purchased a brush for myself then I would have opted for a bigger barrel size.

Prices for the brushes start at £13.95. P&P varies depending on your location. But for a rough guide, I check out how much it would be to get one set of MiTis posted to my location and the cheapest option/price was £5.50P. Now if I was a customer then I wouldn’t pay this amount, when the price of the product is less than p&p. However, I’m sure it would be worthwhile if you were ordering several items at once.

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on Mi Salon Series and based off my experience with their products is that I don’t think I would recommend them to an individual. A business, maybe. As I feel their brushes are significantly better than their MiTis.

I am sad that Mi Salon Series fell a little flat on their hair ties as I think its a product that would be highly welcomed on the market. A hair tie that doesn’t pull out your hair, hurt your head or leave indents…it sounds like a dream. And sadly not all claims were factual (for me).

My experience with Mi Salon Series products may be amongst the few that haven’t had the best experience of the items. But that’s not to say that other people wouldn’t have great success with them (the MiTis).

Try Mi Salon Series for yourself

If you want to give Mi Salon series products a go for yourself then you can find them here. You can also find them on Instagram @MiSalonSeries



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