The beauty section of my blog site is where I feel i hold alot of passion for and hope to bring a variety of posts under the beauty ‘umbrella’. Ranging from product reviews, tips & tricks to advice and more.

Please note that I am not a trained professional in any beauty aspect. Everything I have learned I have taught myself via research or the good old fashioned method of practice practice practice.

I have limited knowledge on all the product ingredient side of things and so with regards to that aspect I would encourage you to do your own research with regards to product specifics and if they will be suitable for you. As whats good/ok for me may not be the same for you.

MY CURRENT SKIN TYPE– I am exceptionally pale. I have problematic skin, suffering from moderate acne, rosacea, acne scaring aswell as my skin type being oily. I find it terribly difficult to find foundation shades which are light enough for me and its an ongoing search and struggle. I also have mild eczema, which I will note if this is affected by any products which I use (though it is relatively rare that my eczema presents itself).

MY CURRENT HAIR TYPE– I have long hair, which I am currently growing out all the old dyes from many many many years of colouring. I am a brunette (both dyed and natural, though naturally its more of a lighter brunette to that which I had it dyed which was more of a richer brown). I wash my hair once or twice a week to help maintain its health. Sometimes my hair can get greasier than other times, and I find that when I style my hair using hot tools (which I rarely do) that my hair gets greasier quicker. I use dry shampoo for days inbetween washing aswell as the trusty ‘messy bun’ approach (which I am still trying to perfect on getting it just right)

I will update my skin and hair information as and when necessary.

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