Woof Gorgeous Dog Soap review


If youre not already familiar with my blog then first let me put it out there that I’m a crazy pug and English bulldog mum and I know I’m not the only fur baby parent out there that loves to indulge their ‘children’ and so hopefully there is someone out there that will be interested in this blog post/review.

What is it?

In plain and simple terms its soap. For dogs. But its an all natural and handmade in the EU soap. All the ingredients are carefully selected and combined together to produce a soap bar which benefits our four legged friends skin and coat.

Where can I get it?

I came across this product on Instagram but the packaging shows a website address of www.thegoodmoodcosmetics.com but when I accessed that website address it just offered me links to places where I can purchase the many products that the company (the good mood cosmetics company) offers. I did however see that there is an Etsy shop which when I looked shows that ‘woof gorgeous’ is a side line of products for our dogs. So if your wanting something for yourself too then they cater for that and have many items. ‘Woof Gorgeous’ has its own specific Instagram page aswell as its own facebook page .

A direct link to the product on Etsy is here

About Woof Gorgeous

Here is what ‘The Good Mood Cosmetics’ company says about themselves

‘Hi there,

we are young, happy company who love all beautiful things, cool designs, exploring, adventures, music, dancing, photography, good food, friends, yoga, laughing, hiking, animals, mountains, woods, letters, black&white and the most important – we are always in a Good Mood 😉 We also love everything comes from nature, therefore, we started to produce our own natural cosmetics for you and also for your dogs. Each product is formulated especially for a particular purpose and for different skin type and every ingredient is there for a specific reason. All of our products are made in a small batches in our little workshop, here in Slovenia. We don’t use nothing artificial, no synthetic colors, dyes, perfumes, preservatives…. no chemicals added. All of our formulas are tested by us and also security rated in lab. We believe that skin deserves the best and that we all need our little home spa every often. So put your Good Mood ON and enjoy :)’

The Product

The soap bar weighs 100g (3.5 oz) and is square in size with a cute addition of a paw print in the soap bar. The colour of the soap is the colour created naturally from all the ingredients and is a pale yellow/cream colour. The company is a Slovenian based company so it took a few weeks (approx. 2-3) to arrive to me (UK) and was very cutely addressed to Bane and Rusev.

The outer packaging of the product is clean and modern with all the information about the product and the company printed on the box. There is handwritten best before and ‘lot number’ (I assume this to be what I would refer to as a ‘batch’ number) on the exterior of the box also which further instills that this product comes from a small company, which I love and love to support.

The ingredients of the soap is as follows (taken from the exterior of the packaging)

Sodium olivate, aqua, sodium cocoate, sodium sunflowerseedate, sodium sheabutterate, glycerine, butyrospermum parkii butter unsaponifiables, Rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil, citrus lemon peel oil, clay, citral, geraniol, linalool, citronellol, limonene.


I wanted to pay particular attention to how quickly to soap lathered up. As I know for my own dogs…especially Rusev (the bulldog) he doesn’t like bath time so much as so I need to process to be as smooth and quick as possible for him and if I had to spend a considerable amount of time trying to get the soap to foam up then it would just cause him more stress as it would prolong the bath for him.

As you can see on the first photo (I used Bane the pug, as he just stands still in the bath) this is the point where I had literally just put the soap on his fur to start the ‘scrubbing’ process. The second photo was taken within seconds of the first one (and you can tell this as the bubbles are only on the one place that I set off with the soap). The fact that this soap produces lather within seconds of it being used is great news and I’m sure many other dogs would appreciate this quick acting soap.

The scent of this soap is definitely reflective of the fact that its a natural soap. Of course the scent would therefore be one that is natural. It has an earthy/herby fragrance to it which is very fragrant during the washing process. This scent, to me, once the dogs have been towel dried isn’t that nice. Its not disgusting but its not as nice as when the soap bar is being used. I did notice though that the scent didn’t linger much once the dogs had fully dried off. And a day later the scent is fully gone. Which for me, is a good thing. Would the scent put me off using the soap again, or recommending it? Not at all. And ill tell you why next.

During the bathing process I felt the soap was soft and smooth to use and I felt like the dogs were getting a good clean from it as their fur felt almost instantly more sleek which I just assumed was down to the fact there was a lot of bubbles from the soap. However, once the dogs had fully dried their fur was still soft and fluffy, especially on Bane (the pug). Rusev (the bulldog) has slightly more wirey fur but even his was noticeably more softer then usual.

A day later and their fur is still soft and smooth and they neither of them have shown any signs that the soap has irritated their skin in any way. I have used some on them in the past and they’ve been irritated by them and so had to have another bath to help.

I ADORE that this is in bar form. It makes storage and usage a lot more pleasing. With bottled shampoos I find that while I am squeezing the shampoo out onto my hand is the time that the dog attempts to get out the bath, causing a wave of water over the sides and a mess to contend with after wards. I have also found that when using the bar of soap it allows me to have one hand on the dog at all times which not only keeps them from jumping out the bath but I find helps calm them also. Making bath time more relaxing for them than normal.

The price of the bar of soap is £8.28 (exc shipping) which I believe is very good value for what you get when taking all aspects into account, furthermore you help support  small business! Which can only be a good thing.

I hope that this review has been of use to you in some way and that you decide to give Woof Gorgeous dog soap a go, aswell as treating yourself too to some of their products.

Until next time



Wellybix Review




Bane and Rusev have been VERY lucky boys lately with getting to try lots of lovely yummy goodies from kind people with amazing businesses dedicated to providing great quality treats for dogs and Wellybix is no exception.

Wellybix state on their website

“WELLYBIX are healthy dog treats hand-made with LOVE in picturesque Teesdale (North East England)  They are full of natural, wholesome goodness and packed with my own garden herbs.  Unlike most commercial dog treats, all the ingredients are of human grade quality and have been tested and approved by WELLY, the Jack Russell!

They have NO artifical preservatives, colours, artificial flavour enhancers, added sugar or salt and are analytically tested and approved by a veterinary laboratory.”

Heres a little extra about Wellbix as a business, how it formed and its owner…

“After giving up my job as a pastry chef, initially to become a carer for my mother, I am now the proud owner of Wellybix, a thriving cottage industry making dog treats!  I hadn’t anticipated doing this at all, it just happened over night!

My business had its grounding  Christmas 2012 when I decided to bake some biscuits for my Jack Russell, Welly.  It wasn’t long before I began supplying the local hotel and holiday cottages with biscuits to give to clients who brought their pets on holiday.

Spurred on by the initial success, I set about formalising my business, coming up with the name Wellybix after my Jack Russell Welly-Bob and sending the biscuits off to a veterinary laboratory for complete nutritional analysis.

Two-year-old Welly does his bit by ensuring baking standards are met – he is my chief tester. He waits for each batch to come out of the oven and makes sure they are up to scratch!

Wellybix now supplies Pet Shops and Farm Shops in County Durham, Cumbria, North and West Yorkshire, Gloucestershie and further afield”

As you can see from the above statements Wellybix are committed to providing the best in dog treats as they can. I adore that I am increasingly coming across small businesses with such dedication to the wellbeing of our pets. I have said it before and I will continue to say it, I would much rather shop small, support the genuine passion of a person/people who are going above and beyond to ensure that their products are the best they can be for our pets and if this means paying more as a consumer then I am more than happy to do so. The larger businesses out there seem (to me) to lack a severe interest in what is and isn’t beneficial, nutritionally speaking, to our dogs. I know of a few big named brands out there that make sales from their name alone yet if you do some research into their products you will find that they provide minimal benefits to your dog, furthermore in some cases the price is on the larger side too, essentially people are paying for the name and its sad because there are so much more better businesses out there, and more often than not theyre the small businesses, the handmade dog treat businesses, the family run businesses…it just takes a little time into researching and youll come across some lovely treasures of businesses. Such as Wellybix!

What did Wellybix send for review?

Wellybix were super generous and sent bane and rusev 3 bags of their treats to review. You can find the full range to purchase but clicking here.

A little information about the products Bane and Rusev received.

The flavours that were sent were Beef with fresh parsley, Chicken with fresh thyme and Lamb with fresh rosemary. How snazzy do they sound?

Each bag weighs 110g and has a price of £3.25p each and there are currently 7 different flavours to choose from and I’m sure Wellybix will add more in the future as their business grows. The additional flavours are Peanut butter and spelt flour, Chocolate with carob, Carrot with fresh parlsey and Apple with fresh mint.

The Review

I know this isn’t taste related but its something which I seem to have a slight preference for is packaging. And Wellybix have opted for a rather rustic look to their packaging with the bag being of a kraft bag type with window to see contents and the simple placement of the flavour label which has the ingredients and best before date on the reverse is ideal and for me the overall ‘theme’ if you will is pleasing.

One aspect of the bags which I haven’t seen anywhere else before and utterly LOVED! is the way in which they are re-sealable.

The two tabs which are used to both open and secure the close of the bag is located on the rear of the bag. All you have to do is simply pull open each tab on either side and twist up in an action like turning a key. And the same for when you want to re-seal the bag you simple turn down and push back the tabs on the bag. I found this ingenious and I thoroughly applaud Wellybix on this little aspect as it makes a lovely feature. I say this with such gusto as we travelled with the treats and there was zero spillage of crumbs. (See a blooper video of this bag opening process in action at the end of the blog post….rusev makes an appearance)

The shape of the biscuit treat is bone shaped. The size is amazing! (roughly 6cm) so much so that each bone treat can be broken in half and still be a luxury sized treat as individual pieces.


The biscuits (not all) are on firm/very firm side (a couple I couldn’t snap in half) but for my dogs this is a good aspect as it forces them to chew up as opposed to immediately swallow. Being a pug and an English bulldog theyre rather ‘hoover like’ when it comes to food so I like it when I can give them something that I know they’ll chew up. They have a good crunch to them (from the sounds of it haha, I haven’t personally tried them!) and the dogs thoroughly love them (I got one out of the bag a moment ago to measure the size of it and Rusev came running over salivating! needless to say he and bane both got a half of the treat that was out, much to their delight).

Taste Test

Now for the juicy bit and Bane and Rusevs favourite bit….taste test time!

(please excuse the video editing skills, I’m not brilliant at it at all so please forgive me)

As you can see from the video the treat went down a hit! and I’m almost positive that since they got sight and smell of the bags that the treats were in that since then as soon as they see that bag out of the treat jar they get excited! (youll see what I mean when you watch the blooper video as Rusev immediately comes over as soon as I touch the treat bag)


Wellybix is, for me, and 100% the dogs a big fat success in ALL aspects. As a business and product. Furthermore they also offer other items on their website too….including packs to make your own treats at home! Aswell as also offering recipes to try too. Wellybix is very clearly a well thought out and perfectly formed business. I’m excited for Wellybix’ future and I hope that more people find it and give their products a whirl, whether that be treat based or not (as they also offer bathtime items too!!!!). I would and will 100% be back to Wellybix and im sure ill have nothing but encouragement from bane and rusev to do so too.

All factors taken into account I cant recommend Wellybix enough and again, I’m excited for their future. THANK YOU WELLYBIX!

Additional Photos


Here are some blooper photos and a video too. Enjoy

In the video food was being cooked in the background (hence all the noise) and I thought I would try to do a quick video of how the opening and closing function on the wellybix bags works incase I couldn’t describe it well in writing here on the blog…..as soon as I get going Rusev notices and comes over to get himself a treat…and that’s when there food being cooked in the kitchen, that’s how much he loves Wellybix treats, he left the kitchen area to come get a Wellybix treat.


Until next time, toodles


Wuffitmix review


I was recently sent a product for Bane and Rusev to try from a family run business in the UK specialising in producing high quality food and treats for our four legged friends. That business is Wuffitmix. You can find out all the history of the business, when and where it started and how its grown over the years by clicking here. You can truly feel that they have a deep passion for the industry they are in which has continued to grow from the day it was just an idea.

Wuffitmix says ‘A range of nutritionally complete feeds for puppies, working, sporting or domestic dogs since the 1960’s’

What was sent?

Bane and Rusev were sent a ‘Lick N Mix’ to try and to review. These, in my opinion, are super amazing! I haven’t came across anything like this before and the whole idea and look of it is very appealing.

The ‘Lick N Mix’ is a large ‘milkshake cup’ style container whereby YOU choose which products you want in it. Think ‘pick n mix’ but for dogs…hence ‘lick n mix’. There is a VERY good variety of options of treats to choose from and honestly you get ALOT for your money. You can choose 5 out of a possible 12 products and each product has its own benefits which are listed along side each treat (for example- ‘Peppermint Bones’ these aid to freshen breath). So I’m sure you can agree there is plenty to choose from with options to choose both sweet and/or savoury items which again is a great idea since it further adds variety into the mix.

The price of the ‘Lick N Mix’ I’m not 100% sure about as the website states ‘50% off £3.99 free delivery’. I’m not sure if I’m being exceptionally blank with understanding this but I’m not sure if it means £3.99 is the price WITH the 50% off or if you get 50% off the £3.99 price. I’m also not sure if the free delivery is always offered on this particular product. Their normal delivery/postage is calculated based off weight so I’m not sure the free delivery is always offered on the ‘Lick N Mix’ item. Meaning that as I type this I would rush on over there after you’ve finished reading this and grab one for your own pooches before the deal is finished.

The website says ‘The Lick N Mix range consists of soft treats, biscuits, training aids and dental sticks which all have their own purpose in the life of a happy healthy dog. The unique and fun pick n mix concept allows you to choose only the treats most suitable for your dog and their needs.’



What I got in Bane and Rusevs

In Bane and Rusevs ‘Lick N Mix’ they got ‘Doggy Mixtures’, ‘Puppy Love Hearts’, ‘Fishy Favourites’, ‘Swirlers’, ‘Poultry poppers’ topped with ‘Cookie Crunch’. (And I would like to point out I haven’t gotten to the bottom yet so there may be others in the mix that I haven’t mentioned…I say this as I was unaware until I got further down in the mix that there were some ‘Swirlers’ in there!)

Bane & Rusev Food Tasting….

Have a watch of Bane and Rusev tasting the Wuffitmix for the very first time. And then continue to have a read of the blog for a written evaluation aswell as staying to the very end and looking and laughing at the blooper photos.


As I’m sure you can see from the video they both enjoyed the ‘Lick N Mix’. Depite poor Bane taking a few seconds to realise there were treats on the floor to be had. Rusev, as you can see inhaled the Cookie Crunch treats first….are we to assume he has a sweet tooth? I think so! Don’t worry though, Bane did get more than the 1 cookie crunch that you seen him get in the video…they’ve both had more since this video and they both thoroughly love them and all the other treats in the Lick N Mix cup.

Watching and Waiting for the go ahead to start gobbling…


Its no shock that these two are little piggies when it comes to food. BUT I have to say that while they do generally eat almost everything and anything that they have no problems turning their nose up at something if they don’t like it….especially Bane.

I truly do love ALL aspects of the Wuffitmix ‘Lick N Mix’ cup. I haven’t came across anything like it before and I think its a rather fun and unique way for dog treats to be bought. I like that you can choose your treats, I like that you get your monies worth, I love that the dogs love them and I adore the nutritional factors. All in all this is, for me, a spectacular product which has thoroughly been thought out by wuffitmix to bring people and more importantly their dogs a versatile product which can cater to all types of dogs. I cant recommend it high enough. I had a teeny tiny concern…or more curiosity I would say as to how they would post such a thing and it not spill out everywhere but rest assured it comes VERY secure! (the two images shown below are how they come posted/packaged)

Extra photos

Here are some extra photos (not the blooper ones) for you to have a look at.


Because nothing with animals every goes as planned…. (I did have a video of bane crying at the Lick N Mix cup to have more but I seem to have lost it, BOO!)


I truly hope that this blog post has encouraged you to purchase your own ‘Lick N Mix’ cup because I really cant praise it highly enough.

Please do stop by Wuffitmix on their website, facebook, twitter and Instagram. As always, be sure to stop by Bane and Rusevs instgram too and also finally my own Instagram.

Toodles for now.

Lupin Loves- Taste Testing & Review


Its been one heck of a yummy week for Bane and Rusev! Receiving not one but TWO scrumptious parcels filled with treats to get their chops around. The second parcel came from a place called Lupin Loves and just like the one that came from Dizzy Dog Bakery it had both Bane and Rusevs name on the parcel….I found this to be just as enchanting second time around as it was the first. I wonder if other pet businesses do this? Ive not encountered it before and needless to say this little detail gets a huge thumbs up from me.

Lupin Loves has a website which you can find here. The website offers a variety of sections to browse spanning across a number of topics, such as health and behaviour. Of course they also have their shop located there too for you to purchase your pooch some treats.

They also have an Instagram and twitter too, should that be your preference, be sure to stop by and give them a follow.

In a statement by Lupin Loves they say

‘Lupin Loves’ dog treats are a healthy, wholesome way to reward your dog. Made with high quality, fresh ingredients these treats provide a tasty, healthy snack suitable for even the sensitive of stomachs’

In addition, its also important to note that Lupin Loves’ treats are lovingly handmade, have a gluten free option, have no additives, preservatives or other nasties. And Lupin Loves welcomes custom orders too.

Before getting into the taste testing I would like to point out a little about the packaging  side of things. Below is a photo of what the treats (or at least the ones that bane and rusev received) are packaged like. As you can see these are well presented, clearly labelled and the plastic packaging itself is completely sealed to retain freshness and have a washi tape decorative accent. The ingredients of each item is located on the reverse of the packaging too.A couple things to note is that once these are opened then they cant be resealed, so an air tight container would be preferred to store them in after opening and there is no ‘use by’ guidance that I could see.



Lupin Loves offers a variety of options for you to choose from when purchasing treats. You have control over ‘biscuit size’, ‘gluten free’ and ‘pack size’. Naturally the prices vary depending upon what you select but at the time of writing this blog the prices start from £1.50 and go to £5.75 on all the ‘standard’ website items. Custom orders may vary.

I do adore that the website offers so many choices for their items. It allows for customers to try taster size packs before committing to a full size purchase. This is something that I haven’t came across before on such a website. For that I applaud Lupin Loves for catering to MANY different aspects. If you have a teeny tiny dog, don’t worry Lupin Loves has you covered, simply opt for a small size biscuit. Your dog has a sensitive tummy I hear you say?, ahhh don’t stress, Lupin Loves has your furry friends best interest at heart..simply opt for a gluten free treat. For the snobby fussy pooches out there or for us humans who need to watch our purse strings, fear not, opt for the taster pack size.

Its clear from all the options and choices that customers have that Lupin Loves has put a lot of thought into more than just what flavour items they offer.

A selection of what Bane and Rusev received


Taste testers at the ready (don’t forget to check the end of the blog for blooper style photos)

CHEESY BONES-Cheese, Chicken stock, Egg, Flour (gluten free)


SUNDAY LUNCH BISCUITS-Chicken, Broccoli, Carrot, Egg, Flour (gluten free)


PEANUT BUTTER DOGGIEOREOS– Peanut Butter, Egg, Flour (gluten free)


TURKEY & CRANBERRY BONES- Turkey, cranberry, chicken stock, egg, flour (gluten free)




Here are some additional photos of the Lupin Loves treats that Bane and Rusev received.


As I’m sure you seen from the videos both Bane and Rusev enjoyed all the treats that they were sent. As was the case with the last taste test I feel that I am able to give a good assumption on which they liked since I am ‘the hand that feeds’.

I can say with a good degree of confidence that Bane preferred the cheesy bones while Rusev was an avid lover of the peanut butter doggioreos, licking his lips for many minutes afterwards.

Bane struggled a little on the consistency of the Sunday Lunch bites and the Peanut butter doggioreos especially, as they were on the hard side. He managed of course but it did take him a little longer…much to Rusevs distain as he was left watching and waiting with hope that he would get to swoop on in and hoover up the remainder. Unfortunately for him Bane is as much of a foodie as he is and seldom leaves much more than a crumb. Another interesting fact was that Bane demolished the ‘Turkey & cranberry bones’, I have tried him with other cranberry treats before and he has had none of it! Turning his nose up and huffing in protest. As soon as I seen the word cranberry I immediately said ‘Bane wont eat those’ and what do you know, he proved me wrong. You can always count on animals to make liars out of you huh?

Overall I would happily and comfortably say that Bane and Rusev give Lupin Loves a big thumbs up. The biscuit sizes (of the ones I received) are very very reasonable, infact I could half some of them and it still be a good treat size for each dog.

Would I return to Lupin Loves? YES!

Would I recommend Lupin Loves? ABSOLUTLEY!

Infact, if you want to go ahead and try some Lupin Loves for your own barking buddy then be sure to enter the code LUPIN10 at checkout and get 10% off your order and be sure to say Bane & Rusev sent you.


A collection of behind the scenes photos, showcasing the good, the bad,the ugly and darn right funny

As always, be sure to check out Bane and Rusev on Instagram.

Until next time. Toodles.


Dizzy Dog Bakery- Taste Testing


A short time ago Bane and Rusev were chosen by Nic (and mungo) at Dizzy Dog Bakery to be ‘Taste Testers’ for her brand spanking new business specifically catering for our pooches. And today saw the arrival of a very exciting and scrumptious parcel for them in the post, which was personally addressed to them both too, a rather sweet touch.

Its important to point out now that as I write this post Nic is in the final stages of finalising a few things for her business. This includes which products will be amongst the ones which make it to the website/store. As such please bear in mind that some I may mention here may not be available to purchase when Dizzy Dog Bakery opens its ‘doors’. But I hope to, via both my own views and the expert feedback from Bane and Rusev, be able to provide you with a good insight as to what you can expect from Dizzy Dogs Bakery.

You can view the Dizzy Dog Bakery here. There is also an Instagram page here and facebook page here. Please do stop by and give a follow or a like.

On a human side of things I utterly adore the theme of the business. From the retro pastel colour theme to the quirky cartoon logos and the inclusion of comedic wording throughout the website makes for pleasant viewing.

Another aspect which I, as a dog owner, like very much about Dizzy Dog Bakery items are the ingredients. Based off the products that Bane and Rusev got sent the items are very much designed and baked with nutrition AND portion size in mind. This is something very appealing to me and is ultimately of value to the dogs.


Testers at the ready with their treats laid out infront of them, complete with tablecloth, how posh.


BACON & APPLE BITES-Organic wholemeal, Organic bacon, unsweetened apple sauce, Baking powder, Skimmed Milk. (approx. 10 per bag)


PEANUT BUTTER ON RYE- Peanut butter with no adder no added sugar, Rye flour, baking powder, skimmed milk. (approx. 10 per bag)


FISH SUPPER- Organic oats, fish stock, Organic wholemeal flour, Organic unsalted butter, Organic cheese, polenta, Free range eggs, Parsley. (approx. 10 per bag)


MINI BLUEBERRY MUFFINS- Organic oat flour, Organic wholemeal flour, Organic blueberries, Honey, Free range eggs, Baking powder, vegetable oil. (3 per bag)





I think Bane and Rusev are firm fans of Dizzy Dog Bakery items. And from being ‘the hand that fed’ them I can tell that they both loved the mini blueberry muffins the best out of all the items, though they did thoroughly enjoy all of them. Bane surprised me with how much he enjoyed the ‘fish supper’ because out of the two of them he is the most fussy eater and I expected him to not eat this one.Im sure you heard him ‘crying’ for more in the peanut butter on rye videos too, this is a good indicator that he really likes something too (he does this when we eat toast). Another aspect which was evident when doing the taste test was that Rusev actually chewed his treats, usually things have a tendancy to go down whole or in a matter of seconds but I think the consistency of the hard treats made him chew up the treats, which is a good thing. The muffins went down relatively whole, though they were soft and I only gave half a muffin to each dog….since theyd already had a ‘tough time’ with all the other treats I was aware I was pushing it with the amount theyd already had.

I know ill be back for items from Dizzy Dog Bakery once its up and running. Unfortunately I cant give out or comment on any pricing etc as that is yet to be revealed upon the website opening.

All in all I would HIGHLY recommend you try Dizzy Dog Bakery for your pooches. The quality is amazing and from the reactions of both my dogs theyre yummy too! Infact theres nothing nasty in them so I suppose you could give them a try for yourself…..if you really wanted to. I’m not sure your dog/s would like you much for it though!!

I truly wish the very best for Nic (and mungo), she really has put a lot of thought, work, time and I’m sure money into creating Dizzy Dog Bakery. You can tell there is a genuine passion there and I’m hopeful she will succeed.


Because with animals, things don’t always go to plan.


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DukeLovesFergie review


Hi all,

I recently got sent some dog collars from a business called DukeLovesFergie to review. The kind folks at DukeLovesFergie generously sent items for both Bane and Rusev, which I thought was super generous!!!

The following is a statement which I have copied from their website

 ‘Duke loves Fergie  is a luxury pet brand offering stylish apparel for the urban dog.

Our products are handmade from genuine leather, built to the highest standards, enabling you to represent your best friend the way you represent yourself. We draw our inspiration from the sights and culture of the best city in the world, London, as well as our furry fans we meet in this amazing city. 

We love what we do, and our dedicated team of dog loving people are constantly striving to create more unique, stylish and trendy pieces – so keep an eye on our website as we add more essentials for the urban pooch…

Now, lets take a look at the collars.

IMG_3220.JPGBoth collars (and extra tags too) came in a thick drawstring bag bearing the DukeLovesFergie logo.

The collars which I received are from ‘The City’ collar collection. I got a ‘Rose gold & tan’ one and a ‘Midnight Blue’ one. The prices of these collars are £10.00 each and come in 3 sizes, ‘small’, ‘medium’ and ‘large’.

The first thing I noticed about these collars was the quality. For the price they truly are a fantastic collar!! I would easily have estimated the price of these collars upwards of £15 (had I not known the price already that is).So if you know of anyone with a pooch or two of their own then these would make perfect inexpensive yet high quality gifts which I promise look and feel luxurious, and you wont break the bank in getting them either.

(Top collar is ‘Rose gold & tan’ and bottom collar is ‘Midnight blue’)

The hardware on the each of the two collars differ to each other. The tan collar features rose gold hardware and mirror effect tag, which bears the DukeLovesFergie logo. I haven’t came across a collar with rose gold before and I was taken with it as soon as I seen it. The tan and rose gold compliment each other perfectly. Furthermore, despite the rose gold being somewhat of a feminine colour/tone I don’t feel that this collar is only suitable for female dogs as the tan and overall leather feel brings masculinity back into the piece creating a perfect balance and making the piece unisex. Much to mine and my husbands delight….and no doubt the dogs if they understood, the fact that they retain their masculinity and ‘street cred’ while wearing something which has a feminine aspect to it is one which is welcomed.


The ‘Midnight Blue’ collar is an almost black looking collar. Which, like the rose gold and tan features its own stunning hardware, however in a different effect. Almost like a brushed metal and my own personal favourite out of the two (though I do LOVE the rose gold colour, if you could get a rose gold brushed metal effect then WOW!). The ‘midnight blue’ collar has a more ‘classic’ feel to it due to its deep near black appearance and will suit dogs of all colours/markings.


The underside of the collars are soft and free from any harsh edges which may rub and/or irritate the neck. The collars aren’t stiff like some leather items you come across and so are great to put on immediately without any softening up or ‘breaking in’. Theyre literally good to go. As was the case with my two! On they went and off they went looking dapper.

The underside of the collar shown top, compared to the ‘top side’ of the collar, shown bottom.

Along side the collars I also received extra tags, so all in all I have 6 tags (including the 2 that came already attached to the collars). I got 2 extra in each metal effect and also 2 extra in each metal effect and smaller in size. So I can pick and choose which it best suited to my dog aswell as replace ones that may suffer damage over time (though I suspect this may be a while as they have a really good thickness- about the same as a £1 coin. I would also suspect that the rose gold would show any scratches or dents more due to the effect) The tags are all blank on the reverse so you could, if you wanted, get them engraved which is an additional bonus.



Each collar has 5 holes but there is a significant amount of space should you need to add additional holes. I had to add an extra hole for Rusev, but it was no problem and easily done and hasn’t ruined the look of the collar in any way. I personally find the fact there is extra space left on the collar to be a good aspect as I have in the past purchased collars which have needed a hole placed in an alternative position but I haven’t been able to due to there being insufficient space.

Now, lets take a look at the collars ‘in action’. Scroll to the very end to see some blooper style photos from our photoshoot. 🙂


I’m sure (or hope) youll agree that my boys look very dashing in their DukeLovesFergie collars. I don’t have the best camera (I just used my phone infact) so please forgive me if you think the photo quality isn’t up to scratch. But I do hope I have been able to provide you with enough information and photos for you to decide for yourself if DukeLovesFergie is going to get your support and/or custom. I know its a big thumbs up from me, and from Bane and Rusev too! I’m sure they adored having a photoshoot….afterall it involved LOTS of treats, whats not to love.

Overall- I would HIGHLY recommend DukeLovesFergie for your pet accessories. Whether it be for your own pets or for someone elses as a gift. They truly are amazing in all aspects of style, quality, price and service. I am exceptionally privileged to have been given this opportunity to review such amazing items and my dogs aren’t displeased in the slightest ether.

Now, for some blooper photos….as we all know, not everything goes as it should…but sharing those mishaps is all part of the fun too…