10% off at Olu


With spring/summer now in our lives its time to get fashion ready for when its time to strip down! Not entirely of course, but the amazing folks at Olu want you to FREE YOURSELF so much that they have gave me a personalised discount code to pass on to my glorious readers.

Shop their website here and have a browse of all their stunning swimwear!

Their simplistic designs are coupled with bold and beautiful colours, making these ideal for the fashion conscious. Furthermore you can even mix and match the tops with the bottoms…in effect getting more for your money, WIN!

And just to make you fall in love with them even more, heres a statement from their website..

‘Inspiring. Empathetic. Only OLU.At the heart of our brand beats a real and relatable reason to exist. Its you.We all have goals and each is as individual as you are but for all the differences that come with setting them, all goals share a common trait- effort!. Whether your goals take seconds off your lap, kilos from the scales or simply removes stress from your day, the effort you apply deserves recognition and more than that, it deserves to be rewarded. Look your best in your own skin, be unapologetic about it and feel great for it. Here, our mission is simple: ‘to reward the pursuit of individual greatness with confidence, comfort and innovative design’

Use the code ‘An1tasWorld10‘ at checkout on the Olu website and get yourself a 10% discount!