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A part of my life which I am passionate about is my pets. And although I am probably biased I have to say that my pooches are, to me, the crème de la crème! I am one of those people that has set up individual profiles on Instagram for each pooch. And so far, theyre doing rather grand with their follower count increasing daily.

Anyways, I know there are other avid animal lovers out there and so I decided to add a ‘dog blog’ into the mix here, and why not? 🙂

So, you can expect to see random photos, adventure stories, product reviews etc. I hope you like what I bring to this section of the blog site and enjoy my pooches as much as I.

Heres a some information about each dog.

Bane– Bane is a pug, and he is the eldest of the two. His name wasn’t supposed to be ‘Bane’, I had always vowed to call my pug ‘Nasa’ (after the space organisation because I’m a bit of a space nerd). Anyways, after seeing photos of him and thinking about calling him ‘Nasa’ it just didn’t feel right. So, he was nameless for a couple days and then myself and my husband went to see the new Batman film and afterwards I suggested the name ‘Bane’ after the villain. It was immediately welcomed and loved by my batman fanatic husband and it just seemed to fit since he (the pug) has a black mask on his muzzle. And so ‘Bane’ was his name. Bane is very clever, too clever at times! Hes a foodaholic his favourite foods (though he only has a bite or two as a treat) are toast (he sits and cries at you if you eat toast until you give him a little bit) and Yorkshire pudding (which he also cries at). He loves his chest rubbed and has a ticklish spot on his side. He can do many tricks from ‘sit’ to ‘play dead’. Hes a very affectionate dog, always wanting a lap to lay on. Hes a great cuddle buddy and can always make you smile.

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Rusev– Rusev is an English Bulldog and the newest to the ‘pack’. He is exceptionally stubborn but very very smart. Food is his life and driving force! His favourite food is any and all. He is very active when out and about but when hes indoors hes a big lazy! He snores like something out of this world and when you try to move him he grumbles. He actively seeks out hugs from us humans and is always resting his head on anything that will support it, hey…anything to make his life easier right?. His name came about because of WWE (wrestling, another thing that myself and my husband like). One of my husbands favourite wrestlers is/was called Rusev and so that became the name of our newest pooch (Bronson and Bowser were also in the running). Rusev doesn’t do many tricks, he gets too excited about the treat that follows and so lacks a bit of self control, although he can ‘wave’ and you can often find him sitting at the top of the stairs waving at you as you walk up (he thinks every time he waves he gets a treat). Rusev, like Bane, can always make you smile.

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